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Monday, December 26, 2005

hello hello! i'm finally back from china! :) bought presents for you guys can't wait to see you all again! before the next year. (:

belated xmas to all! (: thank you junnie for the uber nice card and ADVISING me to get more good-looking boyfriends. (i wish i could too.) cackles. =X oh man. anyway. hope you all had a great xmas cos i had a very boring one flying from china to singapore then watching desperate housewives on video. not to mention getting a sore throat along the way. dang. :(

haven't been blogging for ages, i'm ashamed to say! dang i really should spank myself for this. hey let's have a cny reunion like every other year! :) it'd be so great. heh. 1 more week till school. let's PARTAYY like madness till then!

love you guys, wai yee.

we're hot. 8:10 PM

Sunday, December 18, 2005


havent been bloggin!

so sorry.

betcha all miss me right.

come on, don hide it. SHOW IT.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

we dint take much photos at prom.


anyway everbdy look extremely sexeh that day. ( although we always look sexy)



exciting stuff.

we havent been out much huh?

we should really get together before the holidays ends.

okay lets go out! movie or something.

everybdy reply me asap, when you are free.




we're hot. 7:26 PM

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

omg. :O captain. went. skinny. dipping. BLINK. BLINKBLINKBLINKBLINK.

nice to hear you're having loads of fun. still i don't think i'll ever ever go skinny dipping. put up some pics also!! i wanna see the mud bath where the mud CAKES ON YOUR BUTTCHEEKS. muaha.

meanwhile, nothing much's happening in sunny old singapore. s'pore had a great sea games outing, our badminton team bombed, sinyu fell in love with this drooliciously handsome s'pore water polo player and of course GRAD NIGHT IS TMR. i got nothing exotic, nothing at all. i'm wearing back my sexy red dress, bought new heels that my mom deems is safe for me, and am ready than ever to prance around in the middle of orchard in my supposedly EXOTIC WEAR. it'll be fun, though. wenting orders me and everyone else to take lots of pretty pictures for her to see while she goes miao-ing all the shuaiges in china.

so now i'm resting my feet at home before they withstand the ultimate torture tmr night. and oh, i found a copy of maxim here at home while sweeping the floor. wonder WHO brought it home. i flipped through it, and guess what. it's not so bad la. just full of tips for men on women, full of bikini-clad models. but i said it's not so bad right. cos it has special stories like child boxing which people bet on that's taking place on thai-burmese territory, which of cos has nothing to do with porn or whatever but touches on the cruelties in the world. as well as normal stuff like car, music and movie reviews. and according to the magazine, 23% of its readers are actually women. so there. one of the world's largest circulating men's magazines for you.

it's a nice, relaxing day and now i got to go cook some lunch for meself. see most of you tmr, bring your cameras, i can't wait. and those who're overseas(THE captain and THE wenting), see you SOON! right that's all.

good day mates. :) -sinyu.

we're hot. 2:07 PM

Monday, December 05, 2005

hi everyone!!!

hehe...feel so bad for not blogging and visiting the blog for so long..sorry...just don't seem to make this a habit =P...so now i am here again...thanks to captain who gave me a shock to see her on msn ;)...oh ya...it's been quite some time since we last went back to training...anyone wants to go back soon??? hehe...oh ya...i found a dress for graduation night yesterday night...hehe...finally =P...my bag is really cute...haha...its a must see bag...looking forward to meeting all of you on thursday night...that's about it...bye! =D


we're hot. 11:54 PM

now music: zhou jie lun - wo de di pan

eating yam ice cream right now. and the last time i checked the temperature, it was a spiffing nine degrees celsius. hoo. and now that the weather's comfortably cold enough, EVERYTHING'S GOING GREAT.

you see, there are six of us who came for this trip - all girls. so we split up into pairs to bunk in with our darling hosts. so there are three households playing host. yup. for day two, the six of us didn't meet up, but just went about with our hosts in those pairs. day two was fun, full of EATING. honestly the two sisters wendy and tina just went about feeding us with loads of stuff. but that's alright cos the food's all GOOD. except for dinner, cos we had smelly tofu. :d. not good.

i had fun today. the six of us met up and spent the day together. some photo taking, shopping, and walking, and eating.

HIGHLIGHT: SKINNY DIPPING [not sure if i used the term right]
had an interesting day. the highlight of the day was the three hours or so spent in yang2 ming2 shan1, which is, uh, a mountain. we visited the hot springs there. and if you're wondering, yes we all went skinny dipping. YES STARK NAKED. but hey - there'll be a first for everything. :]

there were three pools. the pools, by the way, are all open-air, up in the mountains. cool. one was a comfortable 40 degrees celsius or so, where i spent most of my time in. it was also my first pool. after getting used to the water, it felt really relaxing. but if you stay a little longer, you start getting hot. so we troop over for a dip in the cold water pool. COLD. if the temperature outside can be nine degrees, you can try thinking about the weather up in the mountain top. and taking a dip in a cold water pool will be, well, exhilarating. :]

speaking of yang2 ming2 shan1, we devoted a few minutes to thinking of where jay actually filmed initial D. was it really in japan? XD

that aside, after you decide that you're cool enough, you can soak back into the 40 deg C pool. next can come your mud bath. i don't remember asking where the mud comes from, so nevermind. yes, you skip over to a tank thing, scoop out your mud, and start applying it to your beautiful body. and you hang around a while, letting the cold mountain winds whip your buttcheeks - it's for the mud to harden and cake on. then you wash it all off, and back to the 40 deg C pool.

now, there's a third pool. that one's hot. it's about 45 deg C. madness. i couldn't handle it. honestly, i tried! but i felt like i was gonna get cooked, so i went back and stayed in the 40 deg C pool. :]

so after all that, we got up, dried off and hmmm... munched on some tidbits. yay! then dinner and shopping and home.

bit tired, so i'm going to shower and stuff. no one else is blogging! hope you can enjoy reading my entries tho. sorry if they're boring. you know i'm not a fantastic blogger or speaker. incoherentness rampant.

right. signing off for day03.

- zwing.

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Sunday, December 04, 2005

blogging from taiwan.
now music: zhou jie lun - wai po

it's now the morning of day02! and weather's nice and cool. my first day seems to have been used up on travel, which is pretty weird since taiwan isn't all that far. reason being the flight transfer at hong kong before i could get to taiwan. added with the fact that both flights were delayed. -.-

here, i'm living with two sisters, wendy and tina. they're both in their twenties. everyone's very nice and friendly, so we call them by the surname plus papa or mama, accordingly. so as my 'official' host's surname is peng2, i call him peng2 papa. =] therefore if you can understand what i've been ranting about, i'm living with peng2 papa's two daughters. oh and there's another member of the family. ah bu! wendy and tina's pet dog. he's 12 years old! i'll show a photo some day.

the food is tasty and great, the weather is cool and great[though not as cool as i would like it to be] the house i'm living in is great, the people are friendly and great. and hey - even if they're all the old enough to be our parents, they're so hip! great sense of humour. so as far as i can see, i'm enjoying myself here. two weeks. i think i'll like it.

guys, tell me if you want anything from taiwan, i'll try my best to see if i can do anything about it. signing off for today.

- zwing.

we're hot. 9:21 AM

Thursday, December 01, 2005

hey... i tried various harry potter quiz... and here are my results...

Congratulations, you're a Ravenclaw! Intelligent, level-headed, and mysterious, you can often be found in the library, studying. You are smart and get the best grades in your class. In fa
Rock on, you're a Ravenclaw! Intelligent,
level-headed, and mysterious, you can often be
found in the library, studying. You are smart and
get the best grades in your class. In fact,
you probably got all Outstandings on your O.W.L.s!
Your house is respectable and has a good
Quidditch team. The founder of your house was
Rowena Ravenclaw. Go Eagles!
(Art courtesy of Ayne Greensleeves)

An Intelligent Harry Potter House Sorting Quiz
brought to you by Quizilla
i'm in hufflepuff!

be sorted @ nimbo.net

You're im Gryffindor!
You're in Gryffindor!

Harry Potter:: Which House Calls You? - with pictures! (for girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

Which Hogwarts house will you be sorted into?

i then tried yet another harry potter house sorting test and i ended up in ravenclaw.

And then i tried a quiz on quidditch position....
For 40 % you are: You are a Beater! Beaters are known for their physical strength and defensive strategy. Congratulations!

You could also get this result:
For 30 % you are: You are a Keeper! Keepers are known for their quick reflexes and ability to perform under pressure. Congratulations!

Or even this one:
For 30 % you are: You are a Chaser! Chasers are known for their teamwork and knack for offensive strategy. Congratulations!

Or even this one:
For 0 % you are:

i think the last onw is supposed to be the seeker lah... hahaha... so if i ever be on quidditch, dun ask me to be the seeker... :P

LOL! interesting indeed!

we're hot. 9:01 PM


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