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Wednesday, November 30, 2005




leaving in 5 min time.



btw, photos are at my blog www.thepowerfuljunnie.blogspot.com in the third photo album.



we're hot. 11:46 AM

Tuesday, November 29, 2005

i m so so so so sorry.

my comp aint cooperating with me.

so until now i cant upload the pics.


esp waiyee.

i try to get it up tomolo.



we're hot. 7:57 PM

Monday, November 28, 2005

First off, sorry i couldn't make it today. I woke up around lunchtime then i had to accompany my mum around her many business trips. Which for some reason ALWAYS involves me carrying boxes of STUFF for her. Nvm. I'll be positive and take it as an opportunity to 'work out' (yeah yeah rolll your eyes why don't u)

Anyway the shittiest thing that occurred was i had to phone the moe person to erm..ask(more like plead) for them to (pretty)please help me register for a jc. Urgh. She said she'll try her best. Hope she does. If not i'll most probably be stuck with a)doing odd jobs for my parents b)stoning at home c) ......... Not particularly a feasible way to spend the first 3 months of '06. But i digress. The thing is after that particularly nauseous phone call i had a really bad headache n my hands were kinda shaking. It's been happening to me pretty often n i dunno y. I'm obviously not cut out to handle stress. Bleh. SO. Today was a VERY disastrous day. And i haven't heard the last of it cos Dad hasn't been able to personally give a piece of his mind. SIGH. Whoopi-do.


we're hot. 6:12 PM

Thanks muchly, all you babes. Genting trip was fun! =]



love, zwing.

we're hot. 8:49 AM

Sunday, November 13, 2005

i m so so so so so so so looking forward to the end of os.

not because os is so terrible. ( it is very terrible btw.)

but because there are so many EXCITING activities after os!!

see straight after os i get to watch HARRY POTTER.

oh man i cant wait seriously.

i've watched the trailer of goblet of fire for about a thousand times, but each time it shows again in between commercials on tv, i would drop everything i m doing to watch it! ( WOO! KRUM IS HANDSOME=) )

haha then i would spend the weekend helping xinwei prepare for class chalet on MONDAY TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY!


class chalet lez!

haha i cant wait, i cant even sit still thinking about it!

then following that i would be going up to GENTING WITH MY TEAMATES ON THURSDAY, FRIDAY AND SATURDAY!


i cant wait too!!

haha my mummy say she would be giving me 550 riggit ( is it spelled like tht huh) ( i had to let her pluck TWO of my white hairs for that extra 50 riggit kay. piang eh, she pluck somemore never pluck full white one, pluck half white one only. =( )

yeah! i can shop there tooo!


so exciting right, life after os.

you cant blame me for wanting the os to end earlier can you. i bet you are jealous of me already!



but right now i still have to bully myself into studying chemistry.

actually i positively more afraid of the chem paper than physics or amath paper.

i dunno why.


maybe it is because of her, you knowww her? ( ahhhh!! i can imagine what she will say if i m the only ass in the class who doesent score an A. i can totally imagine her face!)

my mummy is claiming that my daddy doesent love her.


because he never buy her present for her birthday and he ate up the cheng ting and never leave any for her.

but cannot blame him for not buying anything for her, cause is she say she dont want anything for her birthday one.

hai, BUT word of advice for all the dumbass male species out there: when a gal tells you something to that effect, never NEVER believe a word of what she says.

see, if you get her a gift, all she would do is exclaim how sweet you are and then chide you for a while saying that you shouldnt waste such money because birthday gifts are not necessary really.

ha, but really, trust me, birthday gifts ARE NECESSARY.

but if you believe her and get her nothing. *shakes head and sniggers*

yesterday i was out with my parents eating at Dino.

and i saw this pouchy old man who had rings, yes rings, BIG HUGE GOLDEN rings on ALL, all his fingers.

i dint mean to be rude, but he was the one who invited me to stare and gwap at his horrendous sense of style.

after much observation( staring, i mean), i realise that he had some kind of pattern.

on one hand he wore all gem and precious stone rings. ( all of them were ugly)

and on the other he wore crude thick golden rings ( again all of them were UGLY.)


no, but what made the whole scene revolting was the fact that his wife sitting in front of him, had zero ZERO rings on her fingers.


selfish, self centred, crude, egoistic paunchy ah pek.

hmph, males.

mei you yi ge hao dong xi.

ha, back to chem tooodles.

p.s( i bet singying's previous post was dedicated to me=), i just know it.)


we're hot. 2:11 PM

Friday, November 11, 2005

All About You.

you're there for me unconditionally.

you find me, love me and guide me when i'm lost.

you never need explanations.

you bring me back to my senses when i most need it.

you know all about my weirdest habits, but love me anyway.

you are my fun, my joy, my tears, my laughter, my heart and my soul. and you've touched my heart.

you're impossible to forget.

you light up my world when someone blows the candles out.

you didn't give up on me even when I already did.

you make up four years of my life. [this far, anyway. and i hope you'll stay for more.]

meanwhile, i'll continue loving the footprints you've made in my heart.

with all the love, zwing.

we're hot. 9:36 PM

Broadway is dark tonight
A little bit weaker than you used to be
Broadway is dark tonight
See the young man sitting in the old man's bar
Waiting for his turn to die

Forgotten but not gone
You drink it off your mind
You talk about the world
Like it's someplace that you've been

You see you'd love to run home
But you know you ain't got one
Cos you're living in a world that you're best forgotten around here..

Broadway is dark tonight
A little bit weaker than you use to be
Broadway is dark tonight
See the young man sitting in the old man's bar
Waiting for his turn to die

we're hot. 9:14 PM

Sunday, November 06, 2005

hey babes!

tomolo is SS!! weee.

tht means two weeks from now we're free! =)

jian chi!

haha go see this site,




we're hot. 7:00 PM

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

feeling restless from all that studying.

so i decided to blog.

wonder what would happen to our blog once we graduate.


its already so dead when we are together, what will happen if we are apart.

but of course we should live up to our title isnt it, friends for life.

so i say we keep running this blog till one day it turns old and musty ( heh, not exactly but you know what i mean)

till one day we are so old that we cant even remb our own blog address.





p.s( i've decided to give it some colour see our blog so boring. all black. ha.)

we're hot. 3:42 PM


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