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Sunday, August 21, 2005

my solitaire kaki! lol. it's 2.17 now and i'm wondering where you are. so i can play solitaire with you. heh. set 630-7! haha. but i reach home at 745 on mondays and weds. how? haha. you have to send me heaven knows! yay. i realized that people only blog on weekends, for some reason. anyway, ciao!

we're hot. 2:17 PM

Saturday, August 20, 2005

i am gettin hooked onto solitaire!!

whose fault?

whose BAD influence?

who i ask u.

all my solitaire kaki's fault.


solitaire kaki, where are u??

i miss u!!!!

i m freakin scared and bored now.


eh waiyee we shld fix a time to play solitaire.

haha everyday....
say 630?




we play till 7 larz.

then i will not suffer from solitaire withdrawal syntopms.


i wanna watch taufik and leechongwei's match


it is at freaking at 3 am in the morning.

like hello *plus waves*




tell me. must be i m not there to support them.

poor things.

weehee. i m high.

no idea why.

mabbe i shld go bath.

teeehee tata!


we're hot. 9:31 PM

hey ladies!

just in case anyone at all is interested, and cannot be bothered to check the timings... here goes

21 aug saturday, channel 24

03.00 am - XD - daniel a shirley, sara runesten-petersen vs xie zhongbo, zhang yawen
03.30 am - WS - zhang ning vs xu huaiwen
04.00 am - MS - lee chong wei vs taufik hidayat
04.40 am - XD - nova widianto, lilyana natsir vs sudket prapakamol, saralee thungthongkam
05.20 am - MS - lin dan vs peter gade
09.30 am - WD - yang wei, zhang jiewen vs gao ling, huang sui
10.20 am - MD - chan chong ming, koo kien keat vs candra wijaya, sigit budiarto
10.50 am - WS - cheng shao-chieh vs xie xingfang
11.30 am - MD - tony gunawan, howard bach vs luluk hadiyanto, yulianto alven

love. zwing.

we're hot. 7:00 PM

yoohooo. check this out.

i looked at it, spent a few million seconds guffawing away. some part of my brain's still laughing at it now. hoho.

anw. gonna make this snappy, work calls. i've been quite stupid the past few days, doing things that make me cringe now that i think of it. seriously. it's not doing wonders to my morale. my horoscope's not going too well either boohoo. im supposed to watch my finances. and sth unexpected and drastic's going to happen to me. haha! i can hardly wait.

oh speaking of muuusic! i can't stop listening to this song, what's up by four non blondes (or sth like that.) that's their name mind you. i can't sing it for nuts, maybe captain can. its a great great song really nice, if you're interested get me to send you! [wenting: its the song kelly sang. erhs. do you even come here in the first place! -.-]

owells. im so tired, cross country's taken a huge physical toll on me. i'm going to sleep straight, no work for me tonight! i can't believe kristy said that at the end of her last post. really funny tho. sniggers. signing off-


Maybe my love will come back some dayOnly heaven knows

And maybe our hearts will find their way
Only heaven knows
And all I can do is hope and pray
'Cause heaven knows

we're hot. 12:48 AM

Friday, August 19, 2005

... hey ladies.

Beautiful day.

Or night, should i say. =]

-into jazzy things and oldies- *and lionel richie continues in the background*

[lol waitee quit being communist. sigh it's unattainable utopian. sadly so, but guess we have to face that. ]

-an elaborate sighhhhhhhhhh...-

what is music becoming to these days? I turn on the radio and some odd, incongruent tuneless mess fills the air, very apparently unwelcome. It is savagely switched off in a moment, by yours truly, of course. sometimes i wonder what artistes these days are thinking of. are they looking to produce music that will last centuries? or are they just looking to produce stuff that sells, whatever the market demands right now, at any rate.

i mean, just look at ... ABBA, Lionel Richie, Bryan Adams. Not at all forgetting ROOSTER, grin. Ahhhh that's music. Laughs… okay just one of my grumbles about life.

Ta now.
~ love. As always.

we're hot. 12:22 AM

Saturday, August 13, 2005

lol. kristy is such a 'foooool'. heheh. she wrote an entry but didn't publish it. she saved it as a draft. so being the kind beautiful soul that i am, i decided to publish it for her! (many apologies if it wasn't meant to be published, but i saw no reason not to.)

next time you want to post something, it's the orange button. lol.

haven't been blogging here for a while now :( aww. i feel swamped over by the math test. and over at my class blog, we were actually nostalgic that this would be our last ever test in ny. :( come to think of it, it is very depressing. throughout four years, we thought those dreaded drats of tests would never end, but now that the last one is coming up... shrug. i don't know.

i hope tomorrow won't be a leng chang, even though we're just the student helpers and such. and let's 'hope/pray' together for huiyu to be able to miao her darling. then june must remember to bring shades for me! :D yay. the movie tomorrow's cancelled --- it's really too troublesome to meet i guess. what with cinemas being filled to the brim. i'm just scared it ends up a replica of monday. boo!

hmm. in the book talk that wen ting deluded herself to be interesting (actually it was not bad just that i was feeling fidgety and restless on the top step in lt1), the taiwan writer touched on the issue of world poverty. though he didn't force-feed us with solutions like donate donate donate! or even embed guilt in us, i felt that he should have. because, many people especially the youths in singapore are too sheltered for their own good. it really takes something of immense magnitude to make us sit up and stare. the less fortunate -- which interpreted simply means we are where we are, who we are just because we were lucky and born into the right homes, met the right people, established the right connections. basically, struck gold.

it seems funny how people preach for social equality and yet have double standards for it. what does it mean? does it mean that all the neighbours down your row of houses or in your hdb block earn the same amount every month? social equality is not a faraway ideal, it is a non-existent ideal. as long as humans continue to be greedy (it's in human nature), there will never come a day where there is social equality and no world poverty.

the rich are getting richer, the poor are getting poorer.

when i grow up, i'm going to fix that.

-wai yee-

we're hot. 5:18 PM

First off, just wondering about sth since this is like , the 2nd time i'm blogging...y are we using center alignment? Not that i have a problem with it, just....WHY? Anyway, i can't believe i actually added 4 TOTAL strangers on this SMS.ac thingy( ok, actually it's because i'm new n the no. of friends i have is pathetic n one of the peeps i added has like over a 100 friends. N yeah, i know i 'm a genius)
Oh n btw, happy totally belated b'dae sin yu! I knew i forgot sth n everytime i see u i felt weird. Being naturally *cough*sensitive to such stuff i thought my hormones were acting up but then i remembered=)

we're hot. 12:50 AM

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

eh capt ur discovery abeit slowww lez.

haha but never mind, u have always been slow.


oh ya came to blog.

just to say...



i forgot to wish her happy birthday.


our team would have been very VERY diff without this dundderhead.

wonder if she realised it a not.


kay shall go watch tong xin yuan already.


p.s. ( kristy, i did nth during these 2days too. ^5)


we're hot. 7:21 PM

Whew......finally blogging for the first time(thx Wai Yee) Anw, i cant believe Zwing fell for my prank!!! Hah now i know all ur secrets!! muahahahaha!!!
Anyways...i have like close to 3 hrs of chem lab tmr lar. Walaoye..grossed out. Hope i dont break another test tube n i hope the experiment's not gonna be totally mafan if not i'll like DIE. I'm still pissed i failed Chem. But like wadeva. I bet Chiam did it onpurpose to get me in trouble. Ass.
Hmm....2 days of hol n i did nth useful. As in, i did a few qns of math but it's not enough to gurantee an A. I'm in such deep shit now cos i have like 3 years of...STUFF to catch up on so i've just been in this relli bad mood these days. SIGH. i'm such a loser sometimes i cant believe i'm me.

we're hot. 4:22 PM

huhhhhhhhh?! discovery:

khabie kushie, khabie gham = sometimes happy, sometimes sad?!?!?!

oh and btw sometimes also known as K3G. :] interesting.


we're hot. 12:26 AM


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