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Sunday, July 31, 2005

ladeedum. like my quote? *points up at window bar* i think it's adorable. wheeeeeeeeeebob. melons! :]

- just flying by!


the spontaneity of it all!

live life like you've never done before!
live for the present, never take for granted what's around you.
don't look back when it's gone, unless with a smile.
notice how pretty the flowers are,
notice the outrageous blue-ness of the sky.
and of course, notice that i love you.


- sing ying.

we're hot. 8:56 AM

Thursday, July 28, 2005

wheeeeeeeeee!! rofl. hey ladies! nono this shouldn't really be it. our blog - isn't meant much for these sad things. instead, look what we DO have in life, and be thankful for them. basically, it is to count your blessings. you guys are definitely one enormous gargantuan blessing in my life. and i mean it! -laugh.- look at all the laughter you brought into my life. -sloppy grin.-

ladies. what's past, is IN the past. live for the present. the future. the precious 4 months we have left. carpe diem!!!

it never helps to mourn over what's lost. live through it, pick yourselves up, and learn from it. but that's all to your stumbles in life. life IS kinda made of stumbles, ain't it? =] learn. the reason why there're always stumbles, is because they shape your character. so HELP yourself as these challenges shape you. help them to shape yourself too! be positive. stay healthy. LOVE your life. your friends.

=] love always.

- sing ying.

i love you.

we're hot. 8:48 PM

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

well, the badminton farewell's come and gone. pardon the cliche, but it does feel surreal. it didn't feel as much a farewell as a normal badminton bbq. for the past couple of years, it was us who had been preparing to wave the seniors off. it just seems weird now it's our turn.

if you ask me whether i've had any regrets? i would say yes.

if i could turn back the clock, i would have been more sensitive. (like IF i can manage that). i know sometimes, well, more than sometimes, i do go overboard. but i am inexplicably always so clumsy in those situations. :( why? i'm trying. thank you dearies, for putting up with me. i know it's hard.

the good ol' days. i would define that as the period in sec 2. i was mad over training. i miss that warmth that would spread over my whole body. i lived for training. it was my heart and soul! but i wonder what happened between then and now. sigh.

i miss the days when we were a team, when the esprit de corps was still running strong. where we could confidently stake out our place in nybt. but then we were wrenched apart, it seems. looking back, it sure gives me a feeling of melancholy. and nostalgia. i wish we could go back.


luckily, there's still time. 4 months, or what's left of it. let's make the most out of it.

wai yee

we're hot. 9:39 PM

Sunday, July 17, 2005

wah... after so long, i FINALLY played badminton again......

when i reached yio chu kang cc, my cousin was already there, stoking with his dad. i arrived with my aunt. lol! the first match that we played was a mixed doubles match... "young" vs "old"... :P:P:P... heehee... and it's super funny... coz it's like, GAN-GAN (SIN) vs GAN-GAN (SIN)... heehee... :P... ok, that's quite lame... :P... anyway, we only played one set and my GAN pair consisting of my cousin zhang quan and myself lost to the other GAN pair consisting if his dad and my aunt... bleahx... :P... but it was very fun :)...

ok... and erm... man... my weak spot is like, so obvious today... bleahx... haven't been able to change... must like, start some training after O levels man... and correct my weak spot... :P...

shoulder problem still persisting... rah... damn painful... i was thinking maybe badminton in a way, is the wrong sport for me becoz of my shoulder my reallie bad-looking posture and actions on court... but i reallie dun have the kind of passion i have for badminton for any other kind of sports... so if i'm wrong to be on this sports path, i'll remain wrong for now... :P... i think i'll have to change cca next yr though... dun think my shoulder can take it... reallie... oh well... nvm... i shall not think about it so much first...

oh yes.... guess what? i can still hit today!!! and receive the shuttles!!! lol... lame... yup... but then, i did not lose as much skills as i thought i had... so i'm quite happy about that... and it was a great game... nice games, nice matches, nice opponents... whoa... and u know wad? my cousin is quite talented in badminton... lol... considering he DOES NOT even train or practice!

oh yes... and my smaller cousins -- xun xun and jiaying came too... but they nv play badminton, they went outside of the hall to play their own games... lol! and then after the whole thing, xun xun gave me a lollipop and a packet of smarties! lol! so CUTE lah! then jiaying offered me oreo... then actuallie i dun want... coz oreo will make teeth black mah... :P... then she grab my hand, and put an oreo in my palm! so CUTE lah!!! heehee :D...

ok... i had a reallie great day today playing badminton... i feel so much lighter, like i had smashed out a lot of my stress within me... :)... heehee... nybt sec 4s must be damn jealous now... :P:P:P... heehee!


we're hot. 11:03 PM

Friday, July 15, 2005

lol... i think i can't NOT blog about aviva open... so here i am... :P...

ok... aviva open has come and gone le... and i am sure every enjoyed themselves TREMENDOUSLY!!! =)... i'll put down the more memorable part of this aviva open...

my gosh!!! i saw my sato shoji!!! lol!!! he seems to have grew taller and shuaier!!! woo~... and u know wad? i thought i won't be able to see he since he lost his first match in the morning on the first day to xia xuanze... but then... i caught sight of this outline of a person who look a bit like sato when i was watching the matches in the afternoon... then as the person was sitting like, with the legs damn wide... i thought: "hmm... does sato sit this way?" then i thought.. maybe it's not sato after all... then eunice said she didn't think it was sati either... so when the guy stood up and went out of the restricted area to go to the food stall to buy food, i didn't follow... yup... but when the person stood up to leave the indoor stadium, somehow i got a very strong feeling that it is INDEED sato! so i went outaside... then sato was sitting there like a small boy boy!!! ahhh... so cute! then i aske dhim to take photo with me.. he agreed... then ater i took finish i gave a quarter-bow and said thank you to him... and then... he actuallie said something in jap, quite softly though... SO CUTE!!! then i watche dhim get into the shuttle bus... saw the shuttle bus leave... then waved to him... then he WAVED BACK!!! lol... actuallie, i think he was reallie quite amused by me... heehee :P:P:P... yup... subsequent days i managed to catch sight of him and managed to take another photo with him in friday... sing ying asked him if he can speak english... and u know wad?!! he said: "ya... a bit..." MY GOSH! so cute leh... then i asked him... "do u remember me? last yr...... SATO GANBATTE!" lol... i dunno if he understood me... but he sort of gave a very cute laugh... :P... WOO! SATO SHOJI!!!

2. Taufik Hidayat
ok... i am like, SUPER IMPRESSED and have SO MUCH respect for taufik now... he like, actuallie danced a bit with the music?!! my gosh! OLYPIC CHAMPION! dancing so freely in public! MY GOSH! then something damm funny happened when i asked him if he could take a picture with me... his reply was... "NO!" in an acending pitch... i as like SHOCKED! then he gave me a BIG SMILE, laughed, and took picture with me. my gosh! the olympic champion pulled a joke on me... man... he's so much nicer than that lin danwho liek, always got this super dao look on his face... woo! :D

3. Saralee and sudket
AHHHHHH!!! all i can say is... MY GOSH!!! they are like, damn cool... whoa... and sudket is like, deaf lah... i had to call him like, ten times before he heard me... :P... i managed to take pic with both of them!!! WOO! SARALEE IS SO SO SO FUNKY!!!

4. Cai yun/ Fu Haifeng
absolute dao gias... that's all i can say... dun believe then go ask june... :P... our encounters proved tat they are two dao gias :P

5. Boonsak
Nothing much.. except his englsih bu2 lai4 ah... :P:P:P

6. Woon fui
bahoohoo-ed... he lost his first matchj and i didn;t even manage to see him this yr

7. Lee Chong Wei
aiyoh... alamak... how can he lose? i thought he would be in the finals or sumthing!!!

8. lee hyun il
man... he got a bad draw, and he got so far! wad the...... he beat 4 seeded players lor

9. bao chunlai
MY GOSH!!! CHIO AH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10. Gong Weijie
alamak! he's only 18. he also reinforces the fact that a lot of china players have attotude prob... wah lau... he is like, so damm dao too lah... but quite pretty also lah :P

11. Peter Gade
Funny... he lost to taufik... but at leats sin yu got to tak epic with him... heeheehee :P... you ppl should his her display pic and my display pic...

to sum up, we had a great time at aviva open... heehee... :P i might have missed out many things coz i'm currently in a rush, which explains why my first para so long then after that all teh para so short... k lah, i gtg... :P


we're hot. 9:13 PM

Thursday, July 14, 2005


yo go check out cai yun fhf photos.


esp those taken of them of court.



we're hot. 6:46 PM

Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

enjoy =)


we're hot. 7:27 PM

Thursday, July 07, 2005

hey yo! haha finally have the time to blog.

2 weeks is over liao! do u all realise. oh my gosh. hence is only 8 weeks now to prelims. ting dong man. time is passsssing so fast.

s'pore open is over. feelin rather sad tht is over. haha i m lookin forward to next year's. i think is huiyu's influenece. lol.

but i think this year was rather fun. everybdy was happy. haha.

huiyu got to take photo with her sato :S ( yucks)

singying's taufik won. she got to see lee hyun il NAKED.

sinyu had the chance to oogle non-stop at peter gade.

cindee got the denmark doubles guy's shirt.

i got to STAND BESIDE FU HAI FENG. okay only if it was a while. while he was unwillingly signing autograph for me. okay i admit, he's super dao in person. hello i pass him my book and pen ( with the cap still on) hastily cause i was super nervous larz. then he, gave me the KP look and pointed the pen back at me to take out the cap. OH MAN. haha. don care still like him. till he dao me until i buay tahan. lol. i still think he plays well. :P

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

look full team! ( except eunice, she dunno go where after the match. i think she was in a rush to go back)

funny huh, is s'pore open tht brings the whole team together. if not it is IMPOSSIBLE to get a full team. the power of s'pore open. ;)

some funny stuff from s'pore open.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

horny kristy, poor singying. tsk.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

sinyu's HUGE pimple. mwhahaha. everytime she turn to talk to me, i wont be able to control my self and look at her HUGE pimple. =) not tht i want to. wahaha.

u know, i really pity sinyu's boyfriend next time. how the hell is he goin to eat, without feelin digusted, next time? is rather impossible. unless of course he adopts the same eating method as her. a word of caution to everybdy out there. NEVER NEVER sit in front of her when u eat with her. u would be too grossed out to continue eating.

*the following graphics is highly explicit*

brace urself.

the start:
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

do u notice tht the chicken drumlet blurring up.

guess why.

cause she was violently flinging it about. can u picture tht sence.

feel like pukin yet.

i WAS seatin in front of her.

lucky there was no chicken bits flyin ard.

kay now take a look at what's left of the poor chicken.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

okay this is too gross.

cant continue. haha. the rest of the photos are in my gallery! =)

oh ya any one know how to upload video clips? then i can host the vids we took =)

haha and ya i must say. SIN YU IS A VERY NICE GAL LARZ. don judge her by her eatin habits tht all. haha.



we're hot. 5:38 PM

Monday, July 04, 2005

haha hey guys! a crazy week just ended. of mad things from screaming, shouting, cheering, jumping, to running madly after our idols. hohoho... well. i guess it's kinda a happy, satisfying ending for me, eh? with Taufik winning everything. lolz. whoo yeah. it's now my turn to say i just can't wait for next year. :)

we're hot. 10:13 AM


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