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Friday, May 27, 2005

hey yo. haha yeah. i dint go to school today. no i dint pon hokay. i m sick. gah. quick some one pity me.

:P was in the kitchen just now, a deejay on the radio was just commenting. she said something i felt was really true. she said:

why is it that beautiful songs have sad lyrics?

come to think about it, dont u think is very true. the irony in life. why do we have such heartwrenching lyrics to accompany beautiful melodies. ( i always feel that it is the lyrics that accompany the melody, not the other way round. cause i feel music conveys much more emotions then words can ever convey)

wanted to post pictures of how screwed my hair was yesterday. but my wonderful powerful computer sadly screwed up. haha so here. illustrate my screwness through pictures:

first, the shortness of it.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
my long hair!!!

then the stupid fringe, that makes me look stupid! ( okay mabbe i already do look a wittle stupid already, but still!)
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

okay unhappy stuff aside.

haha i bought bangles! :D so happy! thanks to singying! love ya babe! haha. now bangles are off my birthday wishlist, since i already got 2 pairs. hee. wanna see?

show u! first green ones! this one abit small. hm.
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

then red ones! so nice huh?
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

erm, those hands aint mine. abit hard to take pictures of my wonderful bangles if they are on me. lol. model is my sister. please give her a round of applause. haha. i m mad. my leakin nose is drivin me mad.

:P you know, gstrings are really out of fashion. haha. wad's in now is.....
Image hosted by Photobucket.com


haha. sexeh eh. no more slutty lookin gstrings. move over. the queen of sexeh lingerie, is boxers!
lol. haha, not just gal's boxers, guy's boxers are also hot. lol. may is a great fan of guys who wear boxers, singying said she prefer guys in boxers too. ( as for me, i cant make up my mind) lol so all the guys out there! discard all ur horrible underwear go get boxers! wahahaha. come on even the world's sexiest guy is wear boxers larz. spongebox square pants!

wahaha. lol. okay on a serious note. is true and better( for health reasons) to wear boxers. yeah. erm i dont think i would like to elaborate on why, ( is rather heh... disturbing? lol we are still a conservative society come on). haha. enough of this madness.

g2g. tata.


we're hot. 2:07 PM

Saturday, May 21, 2005

hey ladies. lol :)

Seemed the appropriate time to blog, at any rate. I'm currently CLEAN, sitting at the computer after having dinner(and yes, still sniffling away). Right.

Oh I just completed watching Star Wars episode II and sigh. admit it! Everything's getting depressing! Oh I just can't take it how Anakin went over to the dark side. Anyway, enough of that for the non-fans.

Yay!!! Thank you all for today. The turn out was good; in the end, the weather wasn't too bad either; and everything went rather well. True, it was purely lazing around, but wasn't it fun??! Watching sinyu being lame(ohhohoho), wenting being absolutely, adorably slow(tsktsktsk), huiyu being blur(haha nothing!), junnie being MAD(and embarassing), waiyee being sexeh(mmhmmm...) And hey. Who guessed? I just can't BOWL for nuts. -chucklez.- Well, I enjoy being around you people. Can't help it! I feel perfectly comfortable, at ease, and just contented around you. I no longer really care what we do anymore - everything seems funnnn! Haha excuse my reaction for today, though, being the invalid.

My mother believes I shouldn't have gone out today. Haha but whatever! I shall recover by tomorrow yes I will! Despite still not being anywhere near healthy right now. ANYWAY. My mother just upgraded my connection and router and all that so I have connection! HAH beat that. lol just RANDOM rambling(yes junnie, random...)

so well, i guess i'll see you guys round school! :)

- sing ying.

we're hot. 9:54 PM

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

before i start.


oh ya. and waiyee, ur entry nearly made me cried. write until so touchin. tsk tsk (i made it sound like something bad.)

finished bio paper. screwed it duh. techinically speakin i no need to study animore cause tomolo is math p1 and i took paper 2 already. ( just finding excuses for myself :P)

fell in love with a new word: random. beautiful huh.


life is random.

almost anything u can think of happens randomly.

my blog is a whole bunch of random ramblings.

u came to read my blog at random.

we make friends randomly.

i m just another random gal.

babies are made randomly. ( as in the genes larz)

we meet random people everyday.

randomly you hear favourite song on radio.

u fall in love with this random handsome dude on the bus.

u walk a random path everyday.

u chose ur underwear at random.

lol. gave enough examples of random stuff. even the examples i gave are at random.

randomness( yes quite sure there's sucha word) made our lives beautiful. because we can never predict what's going to happen the very next moment. tht's the beauty of it all. :)

( but of cuz me failin my mid years is not some random happening. i failed it cause i dint study. now that's not something random. mabbe i could blame it on randomness. tell my mum tht stuff happens randomly. and it so happened that i randomly failed my mid years. do you think she will buy my story? )

junnie ;)

we're hot. 3:35 PM

Saturday, May 14, 2005

hello dears.. i know it's maybe a widdle late.. but still, all the best for the rest of mid years! :) i miss you guys a lot you know. one week never see you all liao. sorry junnie i'll have to take a rain check on earthquake because i have third lang. you know? the usual. :( awww. stomach growls. you all have loads of fun for me k? unless we go the swensens at j8. hmm. anyway my lessons start at 430. wells. at least we're going mulan together right? :) guys make the effort ok? ;)

your faces are all embedded in my heart. i wonder what'll happen next year when we all 'split'. sigh. not being able to sit with you all at the same table for lunch anymore, not having to wait for slow sin yu and see june's green panties. hear captain singing and huiyu salivating and raving over her badminton idols, kristy being semo and perverted, eunice and her craziness, cindy flitting from place to place and wen ting silently looking at good looking guys. hmm. bleah. i really am not looking forward to that. :(

i really wonder. will we keep in touch?

i'll really miss the bbqs at captain's house, silly sin yu calling tisa 'boy', playing mahjong, bidding farewell to hui fen, the bdaes we've celebrated there, outings to sentosa, the training sessions for the past 3 years!! the lunch hours.. the m'sia trip for most of you guys, the annual chalets and the training camps.. maf.. so many memories of all of us together. lifeskills camp with all of us looking like royalty...

i WILL miss ALL of you. SERIOUSLY.

it doesn't take much to make someone smile, but it takes a lot to erase it from that someone's mind.

i'll never be able to forget all of you guys. no matter how far we venture in life, how far we are from each other, how long we haven't kept in touch, i will never forget you people. :)

i love you. each and everyone of you. for who you are, what you are, and thank you for being my friend. :)

that's what friends are for...

-wai yee

we're hot. 8:42 PM

Have you ever heard Lobo's songs? go listen, songs like Stoney, Don't Expect me to be your friend, How can i tell her etc.

i was eatin lunch with singying kristy and cindy yesterday. haha slack while, in celebration tht we only have 3 more days of torture. donno how did we went on to talk about shark fins, but pple who know me well enough should know tht i feel very strongly against eatin shark fins yes.

shall do a little preachin, have u ever wondered how shark fins are obtained? Do you know how they slaughter the sharks to just get those fins. its terrible, its heart wrenchin, they will not kill those poor sharks, no, they just want those fins. they chop and slice off those fins, and they dump the sharks back into the ocean.

those sharks die drowning. ironic huh. fishes die drowning, they dont have fins to balance them, they cant swim without their fins and so they sink to the botttom of the ocean, drowning in their very own habitat.

i have no idea how those heartless fishermen sleep at night. i really hope that they die beause some sharks bit of their limbs and leave them drown.

we should all boycott eatin sharkfins. i know it may seem alittle impossible how could we save those sharks just by not eatin one bowl of shark fin, the rest of your family would be eatin the whole pot! but really these things start small. we could make a difference if we want to. stop eating shark fins. if there is no demand, there will not be a supply.

we can make a difference. trust me.

we're hot. 11:17 AM

"No matter what obstacles we'll face, we'll always stay together as a team."

I was just clicking through the options of settings, and that was what I saw. Our 'description'. I can't very well say that it's true, because as we all know, we're kinda broken now. Something doesn't feel right somewhere guys, and we've got to do something about it. Well, it obviously doesn't feel like a MUST for some of you guys I'm sure, still bitter about things that I truly believe were mistakes of another member of our family. Yes, we ARE a family. Four years spent through thick and thin, guys and I really won't be able to take it if we leave each other with these feelings; is it resentment?


Wouldn't it be nice if we were TOGETHER? Truly together, like in the past? RIGHT. THAT's cliche. Sometimes, that's not possible. So how about getting to know each other all over again? Give people second chances! I'm sure no one ever PLANNEd for things to turn out this way. That's just evil. Hahaa... :)

No matter what anyone did, no matter if it caused great problems, or little problems. No matter what anyone said, no matter if it caused great hurt, or little hurt. I'm sure no one ever does or says anything with the purpose of hurting anyone. Have a forgiving heart, people, and sometimes, that might just be what it needs. And don't you feel good when you forgive people? Isn't it better than storing up all that resentment in your heart? Haha it causes stress, ladies, and you'll explode one day.

Also, be NICE. Hah, weird - I know. Well, isn't it true? Sometimes, just pamper each other. It makes people feel GOOd OHOHOHO. :)

And hey! NO MATTER! I don't know what everyone else feels, but we're a family, and I DO love you guys, whatever you think. (being sincere here... -mutter-)

Well ladies, this is just the tip of the iceberg. It's just a teeny weeny bit you're seeing of my emotions; of which another 90% is below surface, hah! :) I'm not about to pour out my heart on the net...! -_-

Haha ever thought why I started calling you ladies? That's what we are isn't it? We've come a long way these 4 years, and in the process, blossomed from 'ickle-firsties' into Ladies(Ooh more cliches). Graciousness, ladies...

And hey again. You know what would be the funkkiest birthday present? Full attendance of the team ladies, that's all I ask. Haha gimme that and I'll treat you all. SERIOUS. :)

Well ladies, seeya round school. Next time you think of any member of our family, why not just scribble a note haha! Like 'I MISS YOU WOMAN!!!' And chuck it somewhere round their class... :D

- sing ying.

we're hot. 6:10 AM

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

i was coming into bullion park through the side gate today. then i saw this lady with the sexiest pair of leggs with jeans. i was just admiring her beautiful long slim slender legs till i came up close to her then i noticed she had a half smoken cigarette in between her fingers. poof, her sexy leg image was totally gone. she suddenly seemed ten times uglier. :S

the power of cigarettes.

there are many things tht are powerful in this world. take for example pandas. to me they are the worlds most powerful animals. yeah and china is quick to exploit their power. sexeh yeah. panda power. wagaga. lets hope taiwan can find a nice way to get themselve out of this hot soup w/o lookin clumsy. anw, i have the least respect for ahbian out of all the politicians in the world. hm. lets hope his DPP party pple could give him some really sound advice.

the next most powerful thing on earth gotta be women. face it guys, we're indeed on of the most powerful creatures to walk this earth cept for pandas and cigarettes( not sure if they can walk; smoke mabbe) there are just too many powerful things we could do to mention, just qoute u one we can give birth u cant HAHA. and there are too many powerful women to mention, qoute u one example. june tan. she's classic. powerful woman.

the powerful junnie. haha.

g2g tata.

we're hot. 9:59 PM


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