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Monday, April 18, 2005

sinyu is back!

i am back.

hoho. (((:

crap im in the lovey dovey mood. maybe its the result of watching loveydovey tv shows like dolphin, watching movies like kate and leopold and revisiting my love songs collection all at once. somebody said she might kill me and i wouldnt even be mad cos i would love her all the same. ok. i bet no one understood that. madness everybody's turning so weird.

ooh i really really wanted to go for rugby sevens. too bad its over and i wouldnt be able to go anw. i heard it was amazing the atmosphere was great the crowd was all high and crazy man it sounds so exciting! apparently there were guys and gals with hot bods everywhere wearing bikinis and stuff walking around the national stadium. haha. i stayed home and watched shows like csi and spiderman. what a spoiler. couldnt stop laughing at tobey tho.

exams coming in three wks! lol did i sound excited there. im not exactly caught up in the exam rush mmm. i will i will yes i WILL build up my studying momentum. and actually i shouldnt go around asking everybody to relax BECAUSE we shouldnt be relaxing! and i believe people do well under pressure. in most circumstances that is. and yeah everybody has their own studying methods and all so yeah i should keep my mouth shut. i dont give constructive comments most of the time anw heh. so there.

ohoh! did i tell you. im absolutely DISTRAUGHT. i cant find my obs photo! its somewhere in a small dark corner of my room im so scared i'll lose it for real. oh and. i watched allan wu on fearfactor today. hes not bad you know! just that he missed out on the fiftythousand by TWO seconds. poor guy.

ok. just random blogging actually. enjoy. byebyee. (:

we're hot. 11:28 PM

Thursday, April 14, 2005

heyheyheyheyhey hope everyone's still alive tho we're definitely not kicking. hah i cant say i got much things to blog about but im trying to revive our dear theadorables.blogspot.com ahhhhh i wonder who still comes!!!! lol. i know everyone's busy studying and stuff lah so its ok. does anybody watch survivor there is this guy called bobby jon he is so hot!!! like whoa he's got a nice voice as well! he's a waiter. but im saddd cos hes OUT. sulks. will everybody please boycott survivor theres no more bobby jon!! no lar. im gonna continue watchin and support the girl. right now im feeling quite peaceful other than the fact that ive got rather bad body aches which got a bit better after body combat lessons today. hhahhahha speaking of which, it was sooooo exciting dunch you agree! it was probably the mass dance that i participated in most actively this year lah. even the taiji part was nice and soothing mmmmmm. the instructor's a bit erm lah heh but i think he really knows boxing. i think i should start to really really appreciate nanyang. its already mid april!! year end will probably come in no time yeah. oh yeah. i should tell all of you this. another person told me today she thinks im smart. hheheheh. aiyah im not getting bigheaded or what ok im just feeling a little bit weird hearing that. maybe if other people say it more often i wont feel weird anymore grinnn. allright see yall tmr byebyeee. drop by more often everyone type a word or two!! =) chill my dearest teammates dont stress yourself out. play more badminton! or visit archives more often. hahahhhha ok byes.

we're hot. 9:36 PM

Sunday, April 03, 2005

ooh lala. hey people start blogging can? :)) c'mon. though i know mid-years are hovering on your subconscious. sigh. in a state of tedium now. i just feel so bored of life. eeks. so much so that i have nothing to blog bah. but i'm still here eh? :)) anyway how many of you want to go for the camp? i want to!!! and our farewell present too...

we're hot. 11:12 AM


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