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Monday, March 21, 2005

lol... i was looking at wai yee's post... did not know wad she as talking about... then i asked her... then she told me... ok lah... that was during my very weird year of sec 2... but how i wrote the entry is really funny.. even i laughed at it myself when i saw it... hahaha... it's the seoul garden one on 15th september 2003... LOL! damn funny i tell you... i sound so wu ke nai he and frustrated in there over the bad experience in seoul garden (if your still rmb. it's the one i made your waste money one :P)... heeheehee... SO CARTOON LAH

ok lah... so i'm weird lah... IN A GOOD SENSE LAH HOR... ppl agree with me hor... yah lor yah lor... :P...

yup... nybt 4eva!

we're hot. 11:08 PM

Sunday, March 20, 2005

i had another nightmare last night! i dreamt tt i was visiting my auntie. n she stayed at some atas area HIGH HIGH up on a hill. so i climbed ALL the way up and the road was especially STEEP. and when i rang the door bell. the door opened OUTWARDS. so i was so frightened i rolled all the way down hill. then yeah i woke up.

we're hot. 3:53 PM

Saturday, March 19, 2005

remember the old days? captain just came and tickled me with the archives. aha. people go to edit posts and put shaun in the search engine see what you get. the huiyu one is super funny! it made me cry. ahaha. :)) anyway. busy pia-ing work now. goodness wonder if anyone is as slack as me. well be back soon ciao! :)

we're hot. 11:45 PM

oh.my.god. i had a nightmare. n u guys won't believe it. i dreamt tt a WHOLE PILE of homework came to my house to look for me. then i hid under my bed, which is beside the window. then the HOMEWORK which is in human form, broke all the windows and came in. then i hid under my bed not daring to breathe. then the homework bent down and pulled me out. so i ran and i ran. then it said "run! go on! run! let's see how far u can run". omg. when i woke up. i almost fainted forever. this is BAD. i haven done chemistry n literature n the whatever-you-call-it portfolioS. i think i'm gonna have another nightmare tonight. someone help! is this what happens to everyone taking o levels? i think i can't run far frm the pile of homework. i shall just succumb to the weight i'm piled under. faster go do work liao. if not tonight will have some more nightmares.

we're hot. 8:36 PM

was readin archives, chance upon the peroid of the "shuan- huiyu saga!" haha. almost like readin some romance novel. hilarious, haha. madness. huiyu will scream her head off if she sees this. haha but everyone has their moments of folly. so chill babe. ahaha, just found it funneh, how immature we were;) k tata!

we're hot. 6:12 PM

Thursday, March 17, 2005

hohoho..got the sudden urge to blog.. i finally get the meaning of 'time flies'. yeah. time has really been FLYING past me. i rmb i was looking forward to the lifeskills camp. it came. and it went. then i was looking forward to the march holidays. and soon, they will go by. then i will look forward to the june holidays. n just like before they will come and go. i just realised tt i'm terrified of the o levels. what if i dun do well? what will become of me?? maybe i should start planning for my own future. if god created man to make the world a better place. then why didn't HE rid them of all their greed and materialistic desires? so that there wld not be any crime arnd. and people can all live in harmony. live in houses with doors that have no locks. and windows that have no grills.

we're hot. 8:44 PM

Tuesday, March 15, 2005

i feel so afraid suddenly. can everything just slow down. why is everything slipping past me so quickly. things don't seem to be the same anymore.

we're hot. 1:28 PM

Sunday, March 13, 2005


anyway, :)) had a great formal dinner. look at us!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

anyway we are such a funny bunch. agree to go out and never ask for bdae girl's consent. haha. tsk tsk. oh this is a short entry! WHEEEEEEEEEEEEE.

we're hot. 10:45 AM

Saturday, March 12, 2005

hey yo! haha back fromcamp! lol. is like pass midnight and i m not yet asleep, goes to show i aint cinderalla:S ( i know i make no sense:S losing my screws) haha. slept the whole afternoon away. too tired. camp was fun! haha i hooked onto bollywood movies once again, watched khabie khusi until i fell asleep in the after noon. madness huh. haha uploading pics now. like got loads of them haha. shall blog to pass time waiting for it to upload. lalala. kk shall go blog in my own bloggie now! tata ppl.

we're hot. 12:19 AM

Monday, March 07, 2005

ahahaha. this is becoming MY OWN PERSONAL BLOG soon. whee. i have a blog! haha. we did our class mascot today. n we decided on mr. coulomb. so i was cutting the styrofoam. and OUCH. the penknife miraculously found its way into my LEG. so the wound REFUSED to stop bleeding. [everyone pls faint]. ahha. then after sch i went down to cineleisure with fx to pierce her ears. ahahahaha. the woman at bits n pieces is SERIOUSLY UNPROFESSIONAL. she gimme the pen and ask me to draw the dots for fx. i'm like excuse me?!? she pays YOU. not ME. so WHY am i drawing, NOT YOU?!?? but nvm. for the sake of fx's ears. n fx CRIED when the studs went into her ears. so funny. i dun mean to sound mean. but really! the whole scenario was HILARIOUS. and after tt i decided not to risk my ears cause the woman was LOUSY. otherwise i wld have pierced my ears with fx. but nvm. theres always next time. so. i love blogging. hehe. i wanna go shopping. someone come with me..........

we're hot. 10:57 PM

Sunday, March 06, 2005

today i went to town with my mummy to buy heels. then mummy pluck her molar teeth nerve cause the nerve keeps on causing her toothache. then she cannot talk cause very painful. HAHA. then throughout the day she DIDN'T NAG AT OR SCOLD ME. whee! then we went to famous amos. bought nice nice butterscotch cookies. tmr is the start of a slack week. haha. so fun yeah? i miss the chiang mai pple n OUR CINDY. i wish she was going for the formal dinner. then we can all see her in a GOWN. ahahahaa. so evil. but can't help it ;) btw i think i'm putting on weight at the rate i am eating.. so i'm gonna be hardworking n go run soon. otherwise i will be twice my size the next time u guys see me. ahahahaha.

we're hot. 9:07 PM

Friday, March 04, 2005

whee. today was so fun. i woke up at 4++ to go to the airport to send the chiang mai pple off.. n see OUR CINDY. yeah. she went to mcdonalds to eat breakfast with her mum. after breakfast at the airport then like quite late already. cause we drag drag here n drag drag there.. so drag drag everywhere. so we chiong-ed off to school. i slept in the car until like pig like tt n heng heng reach sch at 7.24am. ahahahaha. walk into the quadrangle then the music start already.. so fun. then lessons were UBER SLACK. but throughout the day, i was missing the chiang mai pple loadsss. yesterday went to far east to TRY TO get a hair cut. but the auntie REFUSED to cut my hair for me cause she said rebonded hair screws up when u cut it. so i went there IN VAIN. but nvm. i shall go else where :) past few days keep on going town to search for prom shoes to match my gown. but CANNOT FIND. can i just turn up barefooted?? i mean anyway we will be having DINNER. so footwear doesn't really MATTER since ur feet are under the table most of the time n no one will stick their face under the table to look at ur pretty shoes. din manage to get haircut. din manage to get shoes. but i coincidentally saw my ou xiang in town n saw her cut her and oso bought some pretty pretty earrings! whee! anyway.. next week got deportment classes. we WILL BE YOUNG BEAUTIFUL LADIES!

we're hot. 11:52 PM


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