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Monday, February 28, 2005

haha. ok. i feel like doing everything except work now. i feel like watching oscars, surfing net, reading newspapers, reading my book, eat, i even feel like dancing my nicenice dance!! yay. got back at eightsomething feeling totally high, and i did something really weird. theres this girl i see every morning when i go to school who lives on the ninth floor i think, im quite sure she sees me every morning too. but really i dunno her at all, just that shes sec 4 like me and goes to bukit panjang govt high school. so today when i came back i met her in the lift, and hahahhhhh i smiled at her! more like grinned at her heheh. her first reaction was to raise her eyebrows then she smiled a really faint smile. and right after that i realised what i did and i got really embarassed so i kinda kept coughing. lol she took out her hp probably to sms her friend about this weird nanyang girl she met in the lift. oh darn i realise im going to see her every other morning too. man. i dunno what i'll do. if im in a good mood i'll smile at her again. :] oh and the lift sounded like it was going to explode at anytime. really scary. yay im feeling goooooood baby im gonna go slp now i need energy for dance assessment tmr! btw. i have absolutely no idea where that baby came from. oh well. byebye pple heheheheheheh oh yeah my parents promised me a new phone cos of my recent results!!!!! yayayyayayay. they think my results are good now. for my standard im satisfied and they're satisfied so yay. i feel like going wheeeeeeeeee but ive got really bad muscle aches. haha byebye! be happy people! if you think im talking crap ahahha well. i am. aiyah i just felt like blogging lah. yadaddaddaa.

we're hot. 11:26 PM

Thursday, February 24, 2005

oh my tian. lit. lit. lit. almost half the lit pple is online pia-ing lit. hahahaah.

we're hot. 12:07 AM

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hehe...thats good...prom's coming...haha...you will get there soon =D...hehe...must take a lot of pictures on that day k...then I can see all of you in gowns =P hehe...today went to order the shirt with wen ting...its quite an exciting trip =D haha...wen ting can bring those who are interested to go there =D...we will be collecting the shirts on 7 March...then each shirt is $19...pay $10 this week $9 this is to lighten everyone's load =D hehe...see ya tmr...must take care k...lots of people getting sick recently due to weather =[ ...good night

we're hot. 11:42 PM

hey people. haha just came back frm swimming. haha tryin hard to like lose weight jian fei. but sadly no matter how much i work out, i eat ti balance tht off. wah. die havent got prom. bah. i think i shall go buy this weekend. yeah. haha today's assembly was funneh. fang xuan was funneh! she was so different larz. lol. gettin cold. shall go bath tata.

we're hot. 5:04 PM

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

i'm back again. i think this thingy is fun. i like blogging. it gives me a golden opportunity to CRAP.. ahahah. i'm still working on my lit assignment. and after staring at microsoft word document for 2 hours. i only got one sentence - literature assignment 1. omg. lit kills. neways..i got pheesicks test soon. n i love mr one coulomb. but dun be jealous cause i love u guys more more and much more. always always and always always!

we're hot. 11:59 PM

hahahaha. you know, everytime i come and i see new entries i'll get really excited and i'll start reading straight away happily. in the past was like quite dead, with one new entry every week, so i used to feel quite sian whenever i come lah. but! BUT NOW! its so active! which means! i'll be excited and happy everyday!!! lol:))))))))) eunice's here AND BLOGGING(yay!) cindy's here even kristy's here and and they're TAGGING!!! yepp we're happy enough but still must go blogggggggggggggggggg. oh and and now i come i see like five six new entries per day then i start being very excited again! yay yay oooh yeah. i realise i dont like the letter g. it doesnt look nice and it doesnt sound nice. i think i like j and k. these two got style yeah. haha the pics are HUGEE. duncha think it kinda makes us loook disgusting. esp me. seeing my own face so blown up on the monitor is really, erm, weird yeah. its not just the complexion problems that you'll see, but.. aiYAH. its just plain weird lah heh. ok! im done blogging i'll go sleeeeeeeeeeep now. maybe i'll get those funny dreams that huiyu has hahhaahhahhah. ookaye byebyeeee loves.

we're hot. 11:38 PM

we're hot. 7:19 PM

hallo hallo. i'm back again. i dunno how to use this thing.. pls dun laugh at me. I AM TRYING OK..... thanks to aye who has been helping me... thankew thankew. can u see my name now?!?

we're hot. 7:12 PM

hi hi. can anyone see me?!? i absolutely have no idea where i am now..or what i am doing...

we're hot. 7:00 PM

hi all...hehe...just look through the archives and realise that we are not considered very lame now...haha...cause i think we are as lame in the past =D yea! juniors won today's match and they will win on thursday too! but poor thing got to go for training still =P...hehe...really had fun laming today =D...oh ya...btw...bring $10 for the shirt tmr =D...

looking at the blog...makes me think back about past two years...really enjoyed the times that we spend together [though many times I'm sorry I'm not there! =(] ...all the nice bbqs...camps and trips...meals together...movies and encouragement and support all these years...it made my life in NY so much more fun and interesting =D...I love all of you! Thanks for everything!

hehe...shall continue to blog later or tmr =D

we're hot. 6:58 PM

Monday, February 21, 2005

heya all babes. don't keep complimenting me lidat my head become big already. haha. blushes. quite proud of the template! and i realised that my class blog says the same thing as the team blog too. "that's what friends are for".. :D:D eeks! so fast a term is passing... and we haven't had a single team outing. tsk tsk. haha. see you all tomorrow! :)

we're hot. 10:49 PM

WHooooooooYEAH. my god the blog looks great. lol. never was good at these things. anyway now.. my dearriies.... hope the flowers were great. i shall splurge on you people this year. i cant be bothered with my money saving plan liaoz. lol. going broke. =] but happppppaeeee. whooooooo!!!! hey are we going obs after sec 4? are we going shopping? PROM!!! hehehehhe. BEACH... let's. -laugh...- hey anyways its kinda late. look at the time. and i've got work to dooo ayyy.... LuRRRRvE is in the AIR lolz. =muah=. great knowing you ppl. friends for life. =] - zwing.

we're hot. 12:59 AM

Sunday, February 20, 2005

hey waiyee you are one big babe! you changed the template! i think its so pretty now! you rock the blog! :) hahahahaha. the rest of us are undeniably babes too of cos, but waiyee deserves to be singled out cos she sacrificed time from mugging math to do it. tho i really resent you calling me a dumbo bimbo many entries back. bish. you are so gonna get it from me waha. yepp archives do bring back so much fond memories, everybody must go read! mmm blogged cos i cant find the tagboard lol. so its good cos the absence of the board will make us blog. tho visitors like soul and other secret admirers of cindy will be missed dearly. what happened to him/her??? gosh cindy's 'news reports' from her own www.chanelyou.com was really hilarious man. she actually called herself 'cute bomb'. ... laughlikemad. CINDY. yes cindy. must remind her not to take so much of her anti-malaria pills or she'll be as mad as she was and lose more control of herself than she did ytd. hah i felt totally stupid ytd as well. lol. seeya all in sch tmr.

we're hot. 9:31 PM

HAD to blog again after readin the archives of our blogg. gah i really missed tht period of time when losta people were bloggin, and how care free we were larz. we werent even talkin abt homework. we were mostly talkin abt play. bah! it was so different the way we blogged. i am like more serious now wheni blogg, last time i was so hm, fun? immature. wagaga, i really miss how close we were last time. gah. now i feel sad, wth.

we're hot. 4:44 PM

yo, nice skin! woo, still got song! haha. takin a break from math, (i seem to be taking losta breaks from math =x) haha i hate displacement thinghy. is driving me seriously nuts. i think my mind is seriously too soaked. i cant absorb anything, mabbe will take a LONG break at 5. haha. watch tv. wagaga. i m mad.

feelin restless today, like whatever i do cant last too long. feelin extremely restless. felt like swimming just now, now i feel like sleepin, but i m still stuck on studying math. gah. i have no idea what i m talkin abt.

haha. tata!

we're hot. 4:28 PM

Saturday, February 19, 2005

heya all! new template. nice right? grins. purposely went to surf blogskins for this template :)) hope you guys like it. been surfing the archives, really interesting to see how we thought and felt years ago.. we're soo oldddddddddddd oh well. we just sent hui fen off today.... bon voyage! by now she's probably settled down. woke up late. I DIDN"T BRUSH MY TEETH TODAY! blushes. haha. and i told everyone. luckily after i ate the roti prata the smell went away. eeks! so embarrassing. sorry sin yu and cindy for making you guys wait for me.

oh yes. interesting happenings today. dearest sin yu thinks that it's possible to take a bus to phuket from changi airport. a round of applause for her everyone! :) and cindy has a weird affinity with the dustbin next to row 5 T1 qantas airline's counter. hmmm. and we all found out that hui fen has a lot of guy friends. mr wee was really sad when hui fen left. cheer up mr. wee! we love you! oh and cindy is hyper when she is tired. weird right. lalala. everyone's offline now. i bet pia-ing math. and here i am changing the blogskin. haha. slackeeeeer. anyway. take care guys! may the force be with you.

we're hot. 9:54 PM

Thursday, February 10, 2005

heya babes. :) happy chinese new year to all! have a great year ahead of you. with all the many important stuff happening, i won't be surprised. it's the final year. and i don't know... i wanted to do a reevaluation of my life. and guess what? i found that there wasn't anything to reevaluate. ok. enough crap. just received news from dear cindy that no more tuan bai tomorrow! wails. sigh. the juniors. well maybe not them. but anyway. it's cancelled. wails. nvm. we'll spend a happy day together tomorrow. lalala. supposed to be studying for my chem test on vday given by that unscrupulous nah, as i'll be out everyday from tomorrow onwards. but as you can see, procrastinating is a BIG word in my vocabulary. no hurry lah. it's only 1230. and i woke up 15 min ago. lalala. so far i have 26 angbaos and counting, but all the fun seems to have gone out of cny. those in agreement with me say aye! bah. anyway. hope you guys are having great chinese new years though. :)))

take care! don't eat too much and fall sick!

we're hot. 1:19 PM

Saturday, February 05, 2005

helloo. thought i needed to post a new entry cos frankly im quite embarrassed by my previous entry. wahahha. i cringe everytime i read it again. yeah so. here i am! watching mtv asia aid now. and listening to linjunie's first album and i think the last track is really really wonderful! hes really good at crooning i realise. alright back to mtv. i cant believe it aliciakeys is actually the host. its so weird i guess they din want a too crazy host since its supp to have a sombre mood this year. mmm i think im talking crap. i shall talk about more, erm, serious stuff.

trng has stopped so i guess we'll see each other even less now. butbutbutbutBUT!! we must still meet up ok?? maybe once a week or even twice we can go play and exercise. i dont think one hr of pe per week will do much to our fast declining fitness yeah. then on other days we can always study or sth. i reckon stress of sch life's gonna increase by a lot, but dont burn yourself out yeah? mmm. recently theres been a few problems too lets hope its all ironed out by now. life is short esp the time we have left together as teammates and on a less personal level, schoolmates. tho u all will always be my most treasured teammates. :) yepp so dont brood too much over any problems u might have tho i know u cant help it and normal ppl want to be able to be happy as well. for anyone who needs a listening ear or a shoulder, there's always me ok? and im sure the rest of the team as well. i know some(in fact most) of us dont feel as good with the team as we did before, myself included, but lets try not to think about the problems we had but try to make the time we have left as a team enjoyable and memorable ok? just to tell u all, most of my best memories in nanyang were with u guys. and really i hope to add to that. of course there were a few not so good memories but theres no point dwelling upon them when we have a choice between those and happy ones right? and rmb, we had a few not so good memories but we have more than many wonderful experiences together as well! rmb too, other than the seemingly horrible side of people we see, theres always a good side as well. so lets believe in each other and finish the year with a bang as a team, with everybody able to say in utmost confidence, yes, nybt's been one of the best things that happened to me in nanyang. for me, im already convinced that it has.

wow. i've said all i wanted to say. its actually what i wanted to say for a longlong time. theres more but well, i guess ive summarised it here. hope all of u can understand the message im trying to get across. i dont wish for anyone to do sth that u regret later on in life. mmm i'll end off by saying: i love all of u! waiyee, singying, june, wenting, huiyu, eunice, cindy, kristy! sinyu loves u! in no particular order please. :) hope every one of u will be able to read this. if u're feeling down just rmb we'll be there for u. ok? smileeees.

with love and from the bottom of my heart,

sinyu :)

we're hot. 10:22 PM


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