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Thursday, January 20, 2005

heyy behbehhs~!! i lubbb AIR-VER-RIE one of yooo to bits bits bits~~!!!! [yes even kristy too] hahhhaaah.

mmm. sth is wrong with me today. *looks up looks down* before i continue. GO LISTEN TO MOONSHADOW BY MANDY MOORE I THINK ITS NICEEE. if u have this song i BEG you preeety pls send it to me!! wahaha. and. and and. soar by christina is isnt too bad either. ok. let us continue. its been a long time since i moved my mouse, so im here now *grinns* im in a preety good mood today because! just because. yesterday was depressing tho. and im listening to happy songs ooooh. happy songs make me real happy yay. im even willing to forgo american idol just to blog. guess what guess what!! (say "what!") i feel hardworking! other than blogging i feel like, gasp! doing homework! alright alright close up your mouths. oh and bring your jaw back up i totally understand why it dropped. heheheh. i feel retarded. there are so many things i feel like doing right now!! this kind of mood seldom comes so i shall cherish it and spread my fun and laughter, peace and joy to allll you preety sweeties. [it rhymes] mmm. i'll even sleep late tonight so it'll last longer! enjoy it while it lasts right! yeppp. so. EVERYBODY MUST JIAYOU FOR TOURNAMENT OK!! whether we're on court or off court, we'll be together as ONE TEAM!! sounds corny but we will!! lol. im like currently expressing my love for the team. that sounds cornier right. heh. wont change it anw. just wanna say we CAN beat bukit batok, if i've time i'll make a little something for u guys ok?? yay so stay cheery pple dont think the worst of things yeah! im gonna get off the comp now. cos my happy songs just ended. lol. that made me quite sad actually. but im still happy! and waiyee will say im not making sense again. okok byebyee ppl rmb we rock! just felt like i hadta add that. hahaha. byee peeps.

we're hot. 11:09 PM

Monday, January 17, 2005

hey pretty babes... its getting late, i'm getting tired, i'm getting sleepy, i should be getting to bed. but i have homework. daRn. lol yeaaaaaap people play hard for tomorrow, it's crucial. i doubt anyone will read this in time, but anyhow!!! who cares... i shall blog dutifully from now onwards. i visit the blog everyday though.. just never quite occured to me to blog down anything. the crap aside..., luRrrrrrVe ya guys. cheers... - sing ying. x]

we're hot. 11:10 PM

Sunday, January 16, 2005

whow. this blog has been stale for a track record of 16 days. everyone tells everyone else to blog more often, yet there really isnt much to say. and it's true, i guess. there are always the awkward moments with each other too. oh well, i won't say much, i think we're still pretty fine together as a team yeah guys? the season's coming up, let's give off our absolute best as a finale. work hard, play hard. all the best guys! i really wanna see us succeeding as a team this year. let's get over our last year in NY and the 'O's strong as a team! we could meet to study lots after the season yup? i absolutely need help in my chem. i'd FAIL or sth. yeah there HONESTLY isn't anything else i can say, but i'd offer my listening ear to anyone who'll abuse it. =] cheers.. - sing ying.

we're hot. 6:43 PM

Saturday, January 01, 2005

its the first day of 2005. it feels weird. :S i donno why. i spent a very quiet xmas and new year last year. din celebrate with anyone. was at hme with me sis watchin tv doin homework piggin away that's all. i it feels good. to have a peaceful new year's eve.

2004 passed very fast for me. i spend my days loookin forward to a better day. i count in weeks lookin forward to saturdays and sundays, then when monday comes i would be thinkin of friday. u get what i mean. tht's why it passed so fast. i must change this and cherish everyday of 2005. its a important year for me. i must really stop slackin ard. and pia for os.

2004 was not such a tumultnous year as compared to 2003, but is sad to end the year on sucha lousy note. the tsunami tragedy. it makes one realise that we are all like pawns on a chessboard, at the mercy of the forces of nature. sometimes i wonder if this is punishment for us puny humans who think we re so great, i wonder if this is nature's warning to stop our killin among ourselves. to stop terrorism. is heartwrenchin to see a southeast asia who just started to pick herself up after the spade of terroirst activity, devestated once again by the tsunami. wad the people of southasia has work hard to put in place wiped away by waves. they have to start all over from zero again. seein all this i feel immensely lucky and fortunante to be stayin a s'pore. i must learn to count my blessings cuz i have indeed been showered with many.

i think we should not just morn for the tsunamin victims but also realise that life is unpredictable. and we must cherish wad little or many we have now.

we're hot. 1:23 PM


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