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Wednesday, December 29, 2004

hi! havent blogged in a long while. and i finally got my username right! yay so june dont hafta invite me back anymore yeah. its a wednesday! woke up with really bad body aches. probably due to yesterday, tho its weird that i got muscle aches considering we din run nor did we do any drills. haha feeling rather lightheaded. should sleep more. mmm i gotta run. hafta go visit my grandpa at the hospital.so byee guys. girls i mean. see yall when sch reopens. but blog blog blog more!! lol stay happy everyone.

we're hot. 4:58 PM

Saturday, December 04, 2004

heya babes. its 2 more days till you all leave for m'sia, or rather 1++. will miss you all when y'all are gone. bah. cries. haha. i'll try to get presents for you guys in thailand, though no promises. hmmm. you all must sms me once per night k? haha. i don't know whose phone cannot sms so you all must sms me first :) haha. i will reply! 1 weeeek soooo long. hm. never mind. when you all come back must go sentosa k? as a FULL team. cos always got people never go one. haha. and the christmas thingy....... haha. k lahz. just wanted to stop by and say hii! haha. you all should be having the phone conference in like 20 min. hope you guys enjoy yourselves loads there! :) all the best in beating the people there! tee hee.

we're hot. 8:28 PM


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