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Monday, November 29, 2004

my doggie is barkin like mad. bah, there's someone outside donno who. neighbours are goin to complain again. bah. haha in the bloggin mood today! feelin happy, not madly happy but just happy. one whole quiet day to myself, no piano, no badminton( not tht i hate badminton larz), no sister( she's at camp) just me myself and i. wow peaceful yeah. haha.

i was watchin empire strikes back just now. have i ever proclaimed tht i love star wars tonnes? I LOVE STAR WARS! haha. i m mad. mabbe i will watch return of the jedi and a new hope later on. i missed the first part of return of the jedi yesterday. bah. tht's my fave part, the jabba the hutt part. haha cuz princess leia dressed untill very sexy *drools* haha i m mad. i m staright though. haha.

marcus, daryl ivan weiquan went off to play pool at cine laizo. bah leave me alone. gah. i m still waitin fer carol to finish her piano then she call me. should i go with them? bah but me and carol also donno how to play later nth to do there. and moreover i have no money. no cash i m broke. usually is my sister with the bugs now tht she's at camp, i m at a loss. haha lol.

feelin crappy today. shall blog a extra long blog. this week i must cherish. cuz is my only free week durin the hols. for the pass 1 month i had been busy with wep and badminton stuff. hiax. did i blog abt my wep xperience? actually it could be summurised into one sentence. it sux. 2 wrds. haha lol yeah basically i did loads of brainless admin work, so borin and monotonous tht i would rather my studyin physics ( can u imagine!) hiax. but ppl there are very nice on the whole ( other than we have yet to receive our pay larz) haha sinyu had a crush on one of the staff there. actually 2 crushes, haha she's funny. lol.

nth much to do. mabbe i will get a new blog skin. this one is gettin too pale and pinky fer me. wagaga. yeah, and i'll go surf the net laizo. for pictures of leechong wei! LEE CHONG WEI ROCKS MAN! haha, he is a badminton player, very handsome and very good too. haha i was so sad when he lost to the denmark guy ( which i have no special likin) haha i feel like goin back to aviva open. haha hafiz rocks too! he is a great player larz! he will have a very bright future! haha if i got time i will upload the picture i took with him here. haha!!

we're hot. 1:49 PM

Sunday, November 28, 2004

heyyy. its really getting quite dead here. heeelllllllloooo. its the hols it shouldnt be like that!! lol. i feel like some feather duster sweeping the dust away from some dusty unused shelf. hahhahah. oh well. was a bit sick now a bit better in fact much better i think. slept like most of yesterday away and was out most of today. dunno about tmr tho shall see what happens. are we gonna watch polar express??? i dunno it sounds quite boring right. whhahahah staying up for soccer match later at midnight ARSENAL VS LIVERPOOL big match man it'll be like me vs huiyu. lol. ok. im lost for words thinking of what else to say. alright. msia trip's coming up real soon i dont really feel up to it. and everybody who's seen the itinery(i bet the spelling is wrong) agrees with me that its more of sightseeing than badminton. lol i dont really care. hhhhhaaaahhhhahahahhahhahahah and i really want a movie marathon!! go rent vcds or sth and watch the whole day away!!!! okok??! i really like louis koo and miriam yeung. funny pple!! not bad looking too yeah. ok is this considered a long entry?? ahhh. waiyee's in beijing now i think shes going to buy more presents for us hhahhha. we must thank her yeah?? then in dec she'll go off to thailand again and she'll buy presents again LOL. dunno abt that lah. im still quite awake now quite rare for days like these. been kinda raining the whole day oooh i love the rain. and i hate it when my parents keep telling me to close window. then the cold cold wind wont be able to come in and i'll feel stuffy and all in my room and dont u all get the feeling the im really babbling my time away. haha ok shall go now half an hr more to the match rmb to blog or tag pple seeya soon byeee.

we're hot. 11:08 PM

Monday, November 22, 2004

hello people... this is the day before the chalet!!! whoo. looking forward to late night movies and mad stuff with you people. =) i haven't packed yet, and it's about 5pm. hmmmmzors.... -yawn- sleepy sleepy, yet totally muscle-aching crap. and tmr there'll be training! eeps we'd probably all limp thru chalet. :) anyways, uploading photos, and the comp's taking a darned long time. xp welllz gotta run, BLOG people! - sing ying.

we're hot. 5:02 PM

Tuesday, November 16, 2004

yayyyyyyyyyyy. nobody's blogging whywhywhy. at the pines once again. veryvery slacky. pangsingying's blasting her gooooo goooooo dolls at the top of her headphones heheheheh. really qte bored. oh yeah. we discovered a fun exercise everybody go try man. go to yahoo or google or whatever and type your name down!!!!!!!! you'll laugh till you die simply hilarious. go try for both webs and images. HAHAHAHA. ok i dunno what to say. qte hungry can feel my stomach rumbling. making these really loud sounds. dont feel like reading, tho i really like sidney sheldon. the phone is ringing im just ignoring it steven shall come from afar to pick it up for all i know it might be some really impt client. hahahahahahahhaha. going for break taking hot milo byebyebyeee.

we're hot. 4:26 PM

Friday, November 05, 2004

yooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hi me and sinyu are here at the pines using our boss' comp. x.x man its very boring. can sleeep loh. aiyo. nothinng to do then the bigger boss, brian came and asked us a bit of stuff so the smaller boss got flustered. WAHAHAHAHA serves him right he's quite scary. sinyu says he's really nice tho. protesting loudly. another like one hour and ten mins to waste away before we actaully have something to do. which is some job shift at the ladies changing room handing out towels. and and and and. pooooor wenting is doing like.some accounting crap x.x junnie's sick. went home. yah scared he be back. anyway is sy's turn to blog seeya. but she's shaking her head profusely byebyebyebye

we're hot. 4:16 PM


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