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Saturday, October 30, 2004

yo! haha slackin abit from chinese right now, feelin a corny today donno why mabbe its the rain. have i mentioned tht i love the rain? I LOVE THE RAIN! haha i m mad. lol. may and carol ditched me for guitars. never mind. i dont feel hurt man i m so totally loved and cared for. hmph!! i feel unloved! my mum is going to a weddin dinner later tonight, dad's goin fishin! i'll be all alone at hme with my chi, man aint tht romantic? nothin happened much for the past few days, just loads of studyin. feelin a little afraid of next yr. sec 4. i dont wanna be sec 4, i dont wanna mug for o's yet. not ready. i wanna play!! feel tht this hols would be very short. yeps, i got a lot od stuff goin on, after my O's would be work xperince programme, than badminton chalet!! and also SINGAPORE OPEN! also got our m'sia trip! wow. and on top of all tht i will have trg. haha i think my holidays would zooooom past. heh, seems like the whole holidays is centered ard badminton, haha, lol the looove of my life. (wad crap haha but yeah i love it still) my sis will not be very happy, she would say tht i donlove her. crap. more like she don love me larz leave me all alone at home! junnie starts singing:"All by myself.. don't wanna be all by myself. anymore." sniffs. haha lol so drama. i got loads of movie i wanna watch! sharks tale, ladder 49, princess diaries 2, the incredibles. haha funneh. cant wait fer the o levels to be over! yeah! haha shall go be a good gal and study! ta!

we're hot. 5:56 PM

Friday, October 29, 2004

hey ladies. how was the last day of school? heard it was quite interesting. lol YO man. everyone's so dead nowadays. just wanna say i REALLY appreciate EVERY single one of the eight of you!!!! okaY?!!!! i'm really sorry that we wished waiyee a belated birthday. i think its not right yah. we will make it up to you!! lousy Os. i'm so darn unprepared. but logged on all the same to wish everyone all the best. :) meanwhile dear waiyee can gloat. oh well. i think our team must build teamspirit again YAH!!!! i'm CAPTAIN, yo listen up. i will organise stuff during the hols but you must play your part by WANTING to turn up! every single one of you. we're not over! i want our team to be close! all the sense of togetherness. and i know who are the more unenthu ones. tsktsk. i AM going to hold a patching up session as soon as i can. we must thrash it out; i think thats the only way. but all the same for it to be successful, on that day everyone must open their ears and hearts okay! not close everything and only look at each other's bad points. i want it to work out! and i want all nine of us to be able to look back and say with pride and confidence that one of the best things that happened to me in my four years in NY was NYBT. :) DUDES! loveya. :)

we're hot. 6:19 PM

Friday, October 08, 2004

heya babes. its been a long time. thought it would be favouritism if i blogged on my blog and din here, so here i am. actually i wrote something before this, its just that blogger apparently detests me. along with quite a lot of other people, i may add. oh well. just wanna say i miss you guys (its been eons since i've seen you people!) and good luck! hang in there till the fun dawns! :) ciao!

we're hot. 10:54 PM


gaga. sorry. couldnt help it. i really think he sings well and he's so cute! yeah! :D haha. lol david got kicked out!! how could this be happening! ah!! why??!! hiax. i think he is a power singer too. hm. i really think the judges on the show should really tone dwn you know. they are there to judge them not bring the person dwn totally. though i don like jerry, i think tht people should have voted for him to be out base on his performance. really think so. but i don think tht it is his fault tht the rest of the better idol wannabes got kick out. its because ppl voted tht way. so judges pls stop sayin it like it is his fault. really. yeah. there's no need to be so cool and givin those all so snide remarks abt the contestant. they should really come true frm their heart and give CONSTRUCTIVE comments. and not degrading ( or pervectic) remarks. gah. but anyway. ya jia you for the rest! :D i still like s'pore idol though. :)

haha. today is friday tht means i got ant 5 more days of pure torture of the xams. i think i'm seriously crackin up cause of the xams lets take for example today my phy mcq paper. out of 40 qn i was ensure of 35 qn.. don talk abt p2... hiax. if i flunk this and a or e math i gotta retain!! i don want!!!! NO!!! i m goin to work hard for my bio and e math paper. left with those two and i can start breathin once more. :P

i want the maroon 5 cd!! I WANT! argh. and i want loads od other stuff like a green racer, new pencil box, new wallet new shoes. yes. all this will go in2 my xmas wish list tht will be comin up soon. so watch out yeah ;) haha. carol is mad me may and carol went to amk central to eat! haha. we ate pizza hut, then we like sit dwn there for damn long. haha. and then we went to her house to watch cinderella story, ( chad murray IS handsome , but not my cup of tea! i like usher! ;) ) haha then we went to the gym hopin to shed the pizza hut we ate earlier on. LOL. haha. dosent sound like i very stress ya. lol. gimme a break. haha i promise i will plung right back to muggin tomolo ;)

i found out a gross fact today! my mum and dad share the same tooth brush!! haha. so sick!! ah!!. lol. and my dad says tht he is just takin precautions. haha he said there was a man, he and his wife the relationship not very good larz. then one day he found out tht everyday his wife take his toothbrush to scrub toilet bowl! haha!my dad say he share with my mum will ensure tht she wont do such things. gagag! funny. haha.

sis wanna use comp to blog too, tata!

we're hot. 9:51 PM

Sunday, October 03, 2004

heyyys. broke my promise to stay off my comp for 3 weeks. ahhh but its justified u see im just here to download the various documents for preparation of my english exam tmr. trying to speak in ahem full sentences. hahhahha shant try. in downloading process now so shall just add a quick blog. listening to noisy music woohoo this is fun. shant talk about exams its what everbody seems to be talking and stressing about nowadays. hmmm lets talk about sg idol instead. OMG how on earth did jeassea get eliminated. i VOTED FOR HER ahhh. shes pretty and shes talented god did u see how sad she looked??!! shakeshead. june u rmb how i said she'll win? i dont believe this man. seems like whoever i support wont win. and my left eye kept twitching really badly the day before and yesterday. oh wells. downloading done. grey sky morning heh. afternoon rather. yayyyyyyyy its raining!! which i just realised isnt really a good thing cos im supposed to go jog. nvm shall go tmr lalalaa. k shall get off the comp. *on the wings of love~~* hahhahah. shall send some of my lovee to yall! muaaacks. byee.
p.s: please dont watch extreme gourmet before eating. and i dont see how showing that shuaige and chiobu gagging and wincing on their food on trailers will attract people to watch the show. makes sense yeah. lol bye ppl all the best for xams.

we're hot. 4:59 PM


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