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Friday, September 24, 2004

yo! slack abit. finshed chemistry and physics laio! yeah chear for the invincible junnie! aiming to finish doin SS tomolo! :D and hopefully A maths. wanna look thru my bio again don think i exactly remember. but not so worry cuz bio paper on the third week. yeps and bio can crap stuff. ;) wagaga. was studyin at woodlands lib this afternoon with sinyu and waiyee. i need to scream out loud.. I WAITED FER THEM FOR HALF AND HOUR! never never try to be punctual when u are meetin sinyu, try to go about 1/2 hr to 45 mins later than the fixed timing cuz she very suay one b4 come out will defintely have something crop up. today gotta go and bring some stuff to her bro. :S bleah. pity her bf next time, better be a patient guy. hmph yeah now it feels better.

alright studyin at the lib. did some stuff. but still cant get log right. shall try harder later on to get log right. hm seems like quite a impt topic for the xams. yeah. haha. i think after the xmas i will go get maroon five's cd. yepz take me quite long to decide to buy their disc a not. u see, i only buy compilation disc cuz i think is more worth it ( cept for mayday and sun yan zi yeah i only buy compilation discs) haha. lol. have losta plans after the xams... lalala. dreamin away. hopin for the exams quickly be over and done and at the same time wishin i had more time to study. lol. contradict myself.

lala. feelin happy today dont know why! hahaha. i m goin bonkers. nuts. seriously. shall go pia math now! tata!

we're hot. 9:17 PM

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

hey! take a short break from studyin! i think i m finally makin a teeny progress. yes. i must MUST by hook or by crook finish up Bio by today. lalala. tomolo would be a super crappy day. cause teachers are all on course, no teachers would be in school, we were are havin instead council elections ( major crap) then spring cleanin( can u imagine!) then a talk ( nice finishin touch to the day) gah!!!! hahaha.

today me and me sis were in "mission impossible" hahaha. wacky larz. we were hungry ( naturally becuz of the extensive usage of the brain) then we went down stairs to buy food! ya. guess what we bought.. ruffles and wang wang! omg. seriously i m dieting straight after the xams, go on super exercise plan. swim, jog and gym. i m morphin into a pig soon larz. oya back to the topic, we din wanted our great grand ma to know we went dwn to buy junk, so we had to conceal ourselves from her! so yeah first challenge was what if she was seatin at the hall, so i silently creep out of the lift to check if the coast's clear. yeah first hurdle over. then i beckoned my sis out of the lift and tried to sleathly creep up to our house to open the gate. after lettin myself in i quickly check the surroundin and tadah! i saw the heater light on tht means to say she was bathin!!! lady luck was shinning on us! woo! as quiet as Rhinos we rushed into the room. hahaha mission completed man! hahaha. we took all in all abt 30s to transport ourselves from the lift landin safely into our rooms! WE ROCK! hahaha.

been slackin for past hour. so should be about time to start crackin! lalala. in a crazy phase right now. stress phase is over. soon to come in the heck care phase. xams are driving me nuts.

we're hot. 5:22 PM

Saturday, September 18, 2004

its the weekend! yeah i love da weekends! gives me more time for studyin! yeah! aim to finish all the physics today and then all the chemistry stuff tomolo! haha i got to finish all scieces this week. yeah then clear bio and math up during the week itself. cuz next week i must mug all the way for history and ss. yeah cram all the info in2 my brain. hiax.

yesterday was mid autmn celebrations. yesh i now is a wee bit early though, hahah moon wasnt exactly round. :S lol had a small perfomance before the the celebrations started. yeah heh din exactly enjoy this years one found it very lame shivers, the class dances were soso,( 202's one was better *winks*) haha yeah the peak of the whole performance was supposed to be chang e flyin down, lol i had high hopes for tht but lol damn lame its was this lame lookin dummy it had a very white face... a bit creepy lol. haha. after the emcees say can go eat da moon cake already everybdy go rush for the moon cake lol :S stuff their faces. din get to eat any. hmph. we decided to go play first then come back later to eat moon cakes. haha was rather fun larz we took a lot of pictures of cuz all the pics look good naturally becuase there was me in almost everyone of them :S:S i made them look good larz :S:S::!! haha. went back must thank singying for helpin me pass my history assignment to Mrs tieh. thanks ya.

i tell u i was damn suay larz, i did my history assignment like ages before friday ( ok not ages i did it on wednesday) ya i finished it! then... i left my foolscape at hme on friday and din tear out my history assingment!!!! *SCREAMS* this is god suay could not get Mrs tieh ard in sch. bet she will just bite off my head on monday. must be prepared. haha.

tired from studyin. mum going to the hair salon later. she keep askin us if she should go do her hair. lol i think she should is gettin limp again and the colour is runnin off from it. lol most imptly she would be at hme! and we can eat in our room! wagagaga. hooked on to pokey( is tht how u spell it?) haha just love the strawberry falovoured one! yummy! tata!

we're hot. 1:58 PM

Monday, September 13, 2004

hmmm... erm... nothing much... just that sin yu very bahoohoo :P... lol... study hard ppl! and hmm... sin yu, show u sumthing during recess tmr... and i must remember to bring wenting's cards... lol... man... look at the time...

special thanks to vegetable dragon wide (lol... relive p4 memories... hahaha! :P) thanks! :)... laughter was reallie wad i needed today man... thanks ah!

and thanks sin yu for tagging on my board... lol... i think she's the one that tag the most one lorz... then always zi zi dian dian... hahaha... but appreciate your tag lah... thanks ah! :D

(my blog got some probs.. so this entry will only appear on nybt's one... argh... my new blog so problematic...)

we're hot. 11:23 PM

Saturday, September 11, 2004

The centre of the universe

Pushing my trolley about the supermarket,

I am the center of the universe;
Up and down the aisles of beans and juices,
I am the center of the universe;
It does not matter that I live alone;
It does not matter that I am a jilted lover;
It does not matter that I am a misfit in my job;
I am the center of the universe.
But I’m always here, if you want me-For I am the centre of the universe.
I enjoyed being the center of the universe.
It is not easy being the center of the universeBut I enjoy it.
I take pleasure in,I delight in,Being the center of the universe.
At six o’ clock in the morning I had a phone call;
It was from a friend, a man in Los Angeles:
‘Paul, I don’t know what time is it in Dublin but I simply had to call you;
I cannot stand LA so I thought I’d call you.’
I calm him down as best as I could.
But I’m always here, if you want me-For I am the centre of the universe
I had barely put the phone down when it rang again,
This time from a friend in Sao Paulo in Brazil‘Paul-
do you know what is the population of Sao Paulo?I will tell you:
it is twelve million skullsTwelve million pairs of feet in the one footbath
Twelve million pairs of eyes in the one fishbowlIt is unspeakable, I tell you, unspeakable.’
I calm him down. But I’m always here,
if you want me-For I am the centre of the universe.
But then when the phone rang a third time and it was not yet 6.30am.
The petals of my own hysteria began to wake up and unfurl.
This time it was a woman I know in New York City:‘Paul- New York City is a Cage’
,and she began to cry a little over the phone,to sob over the phone,
and from five thousand miles away I mopped up her tears.
I dabbed each tears from her cheek
With just a word or two or three from my calm voice.
But I’m always here, if you want me-For I am the centre of the universe.
But now tonight it is myself;
Sitting at my aluminum double-glazed window in Dublin city;
Crying just a little bit into my black tee shirt
If only there was just one human being out there
With whom I could make a home? Share a home?
Just one creature out there in the night-
In Helsinki, perhaps? Or in Reykjavik?
Or in Chapelizod? Or in Malahide?
So you see, I have to calm myself down also
If I am to remain the center of the universe;
It is by no mean an exclusively self-centred automatic thing
Being the center of the universe.
But I’m always here, if you want me-For I am the centre of the universe.

this poem is causin me a headache. captain tryin to help, theme of isolation and alienation? this poet is one weirdo. he contradicts himself a lot. Paul's a weirdo. *bangs head on the wall*haha. just finish my mole concept. quite confident now. though i did not do very well for my test. i feelin very cheemo after singying provided me with the deep insight to da poem. lalala. i think i would be able to crap some stuff out. yeah. thank ya. right right yesterday i my papa brought us to eat a fabulous japanese dinner! much better then the last time teppanyaki one. haha it was at coporthorne waterfront hotel. donno how to spell the restraunt name but *drools* the food is just ohlalalala. cant describe. we din know what to order so we asked for recommendations from da boss. haha he was a japanese and knows minimal english only haha and we know almost zero jap, all i know how to say in jap is "bra" and how to introduce myself. so much for learning half a year of jap. haha. i m a failure. yaya so heh, he ordered for us cheese toufu, chicken, pork, mix vege salad, some kinda fish that eat with chopped up radish and a creamy chicken soup or something. yepz. oh man the food is just great, even the mix vege salad is yummy. the dressing is out of the world, and the cheese toufu omg, you would never believe the taste. haha. we din eat enuff yet so we ordered somemore, we ordered oyster & bacon and a kind of vege dish, i donno how to describe but is done on a teppanyaki like the pork, eh the first add in the vege then thy would make the vege into some sort of circle, then they pour the sauce inthe centre of it all its called heh monjayaki somefink like tht. yeah then is left to cook on the teppanyaki, then we would scrap it off from the teppanyaki. yepz. is rather nice and interesting. something new larz! haha. best jap food i ever had. and the staff there were very friendly, although most were japs and din exactly know how to speak english they still greated us and smile. woo. haha. i feel like eating it again. hiax. *licks lips* haha. today celebratin my small cousin wen zhe birthday! haha he is weibo jr. cause he looks like him! and he's very cute and adorable! haha. just like me. like cousin like cousin. haha. shall go crap stuff about my poem laizo. tata!

we're hot. 1:05 PM

hello people. feeling real attitude now. :) so shall put some minuscule writing for you to see. :):) lala. time reli flies... 2 more days and we'll be back in school. sian. supposed to be doing my lit, but after a while i realised we just need to annotate and write in point form. haha. who cares? shall just annotate and go to school. anyway i finished the first question liao. now left physics. i've decided to study history today, and physics and chem tomorrow. that would levae me with lit and chinese and french haven started. oh well. i'm like thinking i'm werid lahz. cos the only subject i'm taking for os' is hcl and french. oh well. who cares.lalala. oh well. i reli feel like a nerd now can. studying and studying and studying. anyway. bonesetter's daughter yesterday was reli nice. one comment though: those who haven read the book won be able to understand. i was kinda taken abck when i saw the no of guys there. like this is the only nu porduction that 30% of the crowd are guys. oh well. then after that went with zuo jin, wei wen and xiao wei to kap to have dinner. all my fault. cos i din eat dinner, then i influenced them, or rather their hungry stomachs to go kap with me. haha. then we had a lot of laughs there lahz. i think we can go on just for laughs or sth. haha. rite eh? nudge nudge. so after all the laughing and eating, (i realised that i don burp if i laugh) lala. i saw sonny there. with her bro and some other guy. then i was like. that guy looks familiar. maybe because of his fair complexion or wat lahz. (wait its not shaun) haha. oh well. then went home. reached at around 11 i guess. i realised that the older u get, the more responsibilities you get. that's bad. reli bad. i just feel like taking a break, and slack away these 2 days before going back to school. but everyone knows its not gonna happen. i feel like playing some comp games, board games, any games. sigh. :( oh well. wonder if this entry is considered long. cos its so tiny that it isn't occupying any significant place. oh well. just trying out the bold font. justtrying out both together. :) lalala.oh well. wat can i say? normal text looks better .hey! how to change back. oh well. stupid wai yee. lalala. i realised that i've pretty much wasted the holidays away, even with all the studying and stuff. its just like i envisionsed spending my time elsewhere, more meaningfully. its like this hols hold no meaning to me. and i suddenly feel like going out to do voluntary work. cindy.... where are you. i remember in the past it wasn't lik ethis, it wasn't so bad. we could have fun and yet be serious at the same time, its just that all the burdens are weighing down on me, i can't find myself anymore. lost in the deep dark abyss of insanity. oh well. enough of the depressing stuff. not going to get anyone down, and definitely not gonna let myself get down. well. wat can i say people? jia you and enjoy these last 2 days of freedom. :)

we're hot. 11:29 AM

heyy! i just watched blue crush. the surfing movie. its very very cool. and of cos the girls and guys are hot. esp kate bosworth wooohoo. actually all sportspeople should watch it. not just surfers (if its for surfers theres not much reason for pple in spore to watch it. considering the waves in spore are erm. pretty tame lol). mmm its just about this girl overcoming her fear to excel in the sport she loves, which is, well, surfing. and it shows that sport's not just about winning. tho 60% of the movie shows the surf action and most of the movie takes place on the beach!! man the surfing is really really nice to watch and theres real skill in there too(and many hot bods). heh so i was practically going woww most of the time. my bro watched too hes interested in kate bosworth hahahahha. yepp nice moviee. go watch!! lol. watched my big fat obnoxious fiance earlier on. hey the bride is quite pretty leh!! i like her eyes omg. but the show producers are so cruel to her. make her marry that guy and give her 250000 bucks if she manages to convince her family of her marriage??? god how absurd reality tv is turning out to be. survivor, amazing race that kind still ok. and theres this new one, i think its called who wants to marry my dad or sth. its abt a dad's children who go onto the streets to find a woman to marry their dad. -silence- NO COMMENTS you know what im thinking. they can actually make a show out of it. *clapclap* oh yeah for the obnoxious fiance show the girl and her family got one million at the end. tho her family took a long while to forget her. ok. i realised this whole entry is about tv and movies. i guess you all can see iM REALLY SLACKING AHHHH. but. wait. BUT. i did 3 whole hours of a math earlier on. plus a 2-hour tuition. then it became tv time and here i am online. oh well my parents not around this is what happens when they disappear for 3 days sigh. even my bro took a serious break for his a levels revision. oh yeah u know what my tuition tchr said to me today? she went,"sinyu. you look and you sound very drowsy today leh what happened ah? tired ah? nono must be menstruation come right? nvm(!!!) just rmb you must really buck up for your math ok." and she went on and on. i almost died there. hahahahha. oh well its been a really slackish day and its been a really long entry i think tata pple. mug hard!:)
p.s: i did not have my mens. today i was just tired and i just couldnt rmb anything abt log and my tchr started her erm advice. lol.

p.p.s: huiyu. i can just imagine u going, HUIYU JIAYOU!! you can do it!! ni zuo de dao de!! HOOgaSHAgaHOOgaSHAgaHOOO!!! everybody, picture that. hahahhah laughs to death. self-motivation indeed.

we're hot. 1:02 AM

Thursday, September 09, 2004

today... nothing much except that i went out with rui rong... (sorry lah sin yu, couldn't go out movie with you all... next time lah... After exams... :D) ok... so me and rui rong went to safra to play badminton... with her guy friend called lester who booked the courts... erm... my first thought when i saw that guy: "OH MY GOSH! HE LOOKS LIKE MY COUSIN!"... man.. i think i keep seeing a lot of ppl who look like someone i know... erm... ok lah... rui rong seems to be able to converese better with guys thena me... (the advantage of being in mixed school?) hahaha.. but all girls school is fun! at least if you pass notes or sumthing in class... ther won't be any boys who will disrupt it halfway by raising his hand and telling the teacher... (that was wad happened to one of my friends when i was on pri sch)... lol! and we can talk about some things more openly... hahaha... and wondering if a certain person is les... (oops... that is lame... ok... ignore the last one... just being crappy...) ok... then after the badminton thingy, rui rong and i went to eat (minus the guy ah) and when we boarded the bus to toa payoh central, i saw this guy... and my first thought was: "OH MY GOSH! HE LOOKS LIKE KRISTY!" hahaha... seriously man! i thought kristy changed school to st andrew's.. HAHAHA! :P...

ok... i think that's about all... jiayou ppl! work hard and study!!! :D

we're hot. 9:24 PM

stupid blogger. it made me sit down here like a sitting duck just waiting for it to publish my damn entry which was perfect longish and in hot pink. now i'm so mad i can't remember wat i wanted to say. oh well. it made me spend an hour just trying to publish 2 entries. if this doesn't work, i'm going to bed. so there. happy bdae kristy!

we're hot. 1:02 AM

Wednesday, September 08, 2004

one hour ago, i was happily typing away trying to blog a new entry. but until now, it still doesn't respond. i don feel like repeating the long crap that i wrote just now, so just the main points. 1. HAPPIE BDAE KRISTY! too bad u're not in s'pore, else can ka jiao u. oh well. its like 12 now. better get going. tata. shall blog some other day. still very mad at blogger for deleting my perfect longish entry in hot pink! gah. no mood to poot colour now. sigh. ciao!

we're hot. 11:51 PM

blinks. hello. back from my reprieve from the comp. din mean for it to happen. just that i haven been in the mood to come online. anyway. blogging here before i pop over to my own blog. else i'll forget. :) i feel like such a nerd! i've never studied so much in my entire life. its like i'm hooked. for once i'm not playing hooky. i just keep studying and studying and studying. and taking a helluva time to do it. i studied 3 wks before eoys! i think i deserve some award or sth. anyway. tues back at ny wasn't that fun. well. lousier then i expected. haha. but saw a lot of ppl who kinda surprised me. haha. from the 6j group, moses/muhammad or watever his name was. haha. he looks darker and diiferent-er. and huang zhong yuan. haha. darker and skinnier. looks like someone i know. =X. then rachel was like asking me what cca he in. shrugs. i used to see his bro around my house bus stop for the past 2 yrs, but thankfully its stopped. rachel said that's cos he was sending his gf home. =X hah. carmen is a baddie. she abandoned us to go town with dunno who. yucks. eew carmen. u suck. hmmph. then rachel was being a meanie and refused to lend us her cards. can u imagine? hiding cards from a gambling addict. sigh. but in the end she still succumbed to peer pressure. smirks. oh well. that day i got pissed at 2 people. which like ruined my day. dunno whether should say out here. cos its like public. oh well. take the risk. i was pissed at xin wei's sister. *face turns red. reli sorry xin weil. but i don like her. eeks. geper then think she v great. no offence capt. oh well. shall not elaborate. then the other one was yijie. though it wasn't reli her fault lahz i guess. petty me. oh well. i realised that no one ever puts breaks in their entries. so i shall!

haha. :) so i din watch the concert. kinda sad. and who is clemen fang? shrugs. chs water polo team. eeks. haha.. no particular meaning. oh. and i'm thinking about sin yu's bbq now. can imagine the smell wafting around. hmm. and picturing sinyu with a bbq u naturally assume its at the beach. dunno why also. and tomorrow is kristy's bdae! HAPPY BDAE KRISTY! too bad u in m'sia. and too baaaaaaaaad ur phone is m'sia line. else i'll call u or sms u or disturb u at 12 midnite. haha. just ur luck. pouts. hmm. i still can't believe i'm studying so much. god pls forgive me for turning into a conscientious student. all becuase of dunno who. haha. cannot remember. so nybters are we going out tom? cos i have a project at 1. in teh afternoon. sigh. but must sacrifice i guess...... hmm. oh well. guess its time to pop over to my blog now. cya. :) happy studying people. its about time.

we're hot. 10:59 PM

lalala... came home for a while to use my com.. then going back to my grandparents' house... ok... i promised thati will copy and paste this entry into my team's blog too... so hmm... i guess i have to...

ok... the last few days...

we had sudden training at barker... BAHOOHOO MOLIPHIBELACEDO! alamak ah! very the wad one lorz... IT HAPPENED THAT THAT PARTICULAR MORNING, NYBT-ERS ARE SUPPOSED TO COME TO MY HOUSE TO STUDY! wah... pro ah... almost three yrs in the same team and no one in the team came to my house before... lol... :P... haiz... always like that... when plans are made to come to my house... then sumthing will crop up... RAHHHHH!!! ok.. guess wad? i sprained my leg on this day... and now it is currently erm... recovering... yup... oh... and i played against one of the acs primary boys.... and well... i lost... rah.... nvm.. shall work hard... oh... i also studied geo today...

oh yah... and sumthing cropped up tonight... erm... shall not mention too much abt it... but erm... long kuan, reallie reallie reallie thanks for calling during that depressing time even though it was erm... 1am? thanks a million! reallie reallie thanks! :)

hmm... that was yesterday... my grandfather and i went to orchard... then i ate xiao wan mian at taka.... and i want to announce that... THE XIAO WAN MIAN AT TAKA IS NOT BAD!!! but i think not as good as world trade's one... maybe i can become a food expert next time? =daydreams= hahaha... :P... then my grandfather and i walked around for quite some time... then after that went far east to buy turkish ice cream... then i forced my grandfather to take the ice cream for me... hahaha... then so fun... then my grandfather was very amused by the man... hahaha... :P... SO FUN!!! laughed like mad! :P... it was a fun day! oh... i also studied geo today... oh... then at night went for jap class... earliest again... lol... jap class rocks lorz! today we learnt abt numbers and days of the week... i'll have to go and practice and memorize them again before next week's lesson...

Which is today! well... today was a bad hair day... cannot get my hair neat no matter how hard i tried... then went to ntuc with my grandfather to buy some stuff... then after that called maid to come to ntuc to take the stuff and go home while me and my grandfather went to eat... then i was walling waling... still trying to calm my hair down... coz it was reallie pong today... reallie bad hair day lorz... then i was hoping i dun see anyone i know... and the next minute... who did i see but that stupid CHOP ONE BEAT!!! RAHHHH!!! out of all the days to run into ppl... why today? out of all the pl to run into... why him?!! :S:S:S... BAHOOHOO ONE LAH! nvm... anyway... when my grandfather and i reached koufu, bought our food,,, and were eating... i was a channel u artiste! ben or sumthing... the guy in the "mall and more" besides huang nu jiang one... yup... but he looks quite dao in real life lehz... hmmmmmm...

yup... that's abt all... work hard ppl! and JIAYOU HUI YU!!! :D:D:D... go go go... i'm all behind u hui yu... study hard study hard! and try not to be so paranoid k... ok i'll try my best! HUI YU... JIAYOU JIAYOU! HOO GA SHA GA HOO GA SHA GA HOO GA SHA GA HOO!!! :D

we're hot. 9:07 PM

today i did a thing no one can ever imagine me doin it. yes i actually did it. yes yes. may i m no more a coward. but what actually shocked me was my own response. it was as if i had known it would turn out this way. i din cry for one thing. i feel positively calm and happy in fact. like a great load off me. hm. mabbe i should have admitted a long time ago. i was rather inferior actually before. right now i m free! :) cheers. lol havent been studyin the whole day. have been slackin. never mind shant sleep tonight finish up bio and chem. yeah then do physics as planned tomolo and then friday shall mug on homework then weekends dedicate to studying history and ss. got a test when school reopens can u believe it. hiax, i got 3 essay to write next week again. and ontop of tht one SBQ!. yucks today was a bad start. i woke up at 945 and i hate piano at 1000. haha i rock right. din even brush teeth i rush there laizo. wagaga. xplain why my teacher sat a distance from me. wagaga. yeah. then came home and slack nth much. haha unless u count tht my sister actually overslept on the bus and miss her stop! wagaga. dies laughin! i think i may have to go back to sch tomolo. left my poem book there, shucks. tata shall go help jess blog!

we're hot. 5:10 PM

Tuesday, September 07, 2004

today i actually studied a lot! went to woodlands lib with my sister today! ate mos then bought a BIG packet of m&ms. then we made our way to the lib! we reached there at abt 1215. and gosh there was no space already. no place for us to sit at all! argh! this sucks. then we were walking abt *not talkin to my sis and jess right now makin me feel confused and givin me a headache* shall elaborate on tht a little later. yeah we were walkin ard scouting for a place to sit and study. lol lame we saw these two gals sitting at a round sofa piggin out on old chang kee! gosh right in the lib! like there is no aircon and they really never ever heard of something called diffusion before larz. we finally got a place to sit though it was on the floor and we hand to sit cross legged most of the time. i could really concentrate much better mabbe is the environment everybody else were muggin really hard. we left abt 4 plus cause we found our thoughts drifting off to other stuff like fishballs yeah. we went to causeway, grab old chang kee! fishball! then went up to popular. had to but 3sci tys. cause guess what i lost all three of them! woo! i rock man. yeah but populat was out of stock for phy and bio only got chem. we decided to head back hme cause our baggies were heavy! gosh u would nv believe this larz i actually took the wrong side mrt. to malu. when we reacher marsling the we realised we were on the wrong side! : sheeshed. haha and the bus smelled of salted fish when we were coming back hme.

was talkin to jess on the phone just now. feelin highly disturbed and confused now. hm. but never mind is not tht i never faced such a situation b4. shall not get distracted. i must be focused. yeah. tata!

we're hot. 7:07 PM

Monday, September 06, 2004

today started very abruptly. singying woke me up again. she did it consecutively. bah. ya. was still dreamin of my handsome prince, he was abt to kiss me and i heard " twinkle twinkle little star.." argh. singying take this *bish!* haha right. last mintue had to go barker for trg. actually don mind. kinda miss trg. lol. at least i wont gain weight when i have trg. u know. junk plus trg balance everything out. lost my eZLINK on the way. mum got pissed. i got pissed. cuz its impossible tht i would lose it again! i just top up concession pass! i was wearing green socks and green hair tie today! argh. and i m still so suay. shucks. anyway. our phy lesson was cancelled due to our teacher ( mr.chan)'s sudden memory loss. bleagh. which was lucky cuz i wasnt exactly "feelin well"(u dont want to know the details). bah bah. haha had was fun having they all over. though all we did was actually playin cards. hiax. but i actually doubt that i would have done any work even u all werent ard. i would have been reading. hm. actually it sounds better then playin cards rite. gah! who cares! shall mug later on! tata!

we're hot. 8:37 PM

mmm hey pple. its 12.32 am now. yawnn. i should sleep but cant get my butt of my chair. lol weird. going to huiyu's house tmr hope it's productive! btw shes feeling horribly lame today beware of her. her meaning gan hui yu. hahhahahha. she actually did the flame/fire test thing on me and her ahem(s). LOL. idols concert on october 5th!!!!! *whines* grr. i knew this would happen. it HAD TO clash with eoys. man. ooh yes did yall see the newspapers today?? about ronald and jiawei?? so funny!! hes a catholic and shes a protestant!!! wahahhhah. they should never got to northern ireland lol. in a relatively good mood today dunno why. watched quite a lot of tv and love actually. hugh grant is so adorable. heh. watched [xi3 yuan1 lu4(witness to a prosecution)] for 2 hours too. great show man!! very lame very nice!! and the way they test the body during the autopsies are worth watching. yepyep. was laughing like hell during the show. oh wells with bobby auyong as lead actor what else would u expect the show to be like. its a great show highly recommended!! every sat and sun at seven!! channel u. heh am hyper today shall read a little then go to sleep yay. cheerios pple dont stress yourself out!! mug hard but rmb to slip in that little time for playing too yeah! byeee :)

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Sunday, September 05, 2004

i like da rain,
i like the smell of rain
i like the sound of rain
i like the touch of rain
i like how the rain cheers me up
i like it before the rain
i like the serenity before the rain
i like the way the sun dims its rays to make way for the rain
its going to rain soon here.
dont know why dont feel happy like i should be.

Feelin weird today. You know those sort of feeling that u just wanna do nothing at all and just sit and stone. but u know u have gotta get going on your work if not u feel guilty. hiax. i think after i blog i would go and do math. matt damon is very handsome. gah. surfin for pictures of him to put as my wall paper.

Captain said something weird yesterday. out of the blue she said she would like to get a boyfren. hm. i can understand. sometimes u really feel like having someone to be there for u. to be nice to u. to belong to. someone to pamper, someone whom u know loves u and u love him. but most of the time i enjoy my freedom more. i would like to be able to oogle at handsome guys wifout feelin guilty :P donno how would it feel if i really do have a bf. would i be happy? just da same? or would i feel confused. hmph. don dare to go xperiment how it would feel. pple ard ( tht means jessie and sis) the love story hasnt exactly ended wif a happily ever after. hm. a little afraid? curious? nah. i think i would just wait larz. not exactly the time to think of this . got many other stuff to think abt. haha.

we're hot. 2:28 PM

Saturday, September 04, 2004

hmm. hello people. actually today's study session wasn't all that bad lahz. i think it wasn't v conducive due to the noise and bustle. oh well. we shall try another time at june's house. :) can't think of anything to blog. just feel like sleeping. don feel like studying. i feel so kan chiong. :( haha. seems like once u get to sec 3 everyone is mad about studying. madness. i wan a break! oh well. will be back. jia you people!

we're hot. 11:22 PM

hey, just came back from studying.. heh heh if u can consider that studying. but ya. capt, (hui+sin) yu, wai yee, wenting and me. were studyin at KAP. yepz. okie larz i can consider that i finish stuying math. though i would like to do it again. haha. yea who cares. i still haf physics chem and bio that i m supposed to do today?! don need to sleep nemore. haha. i'm i taking it to seriously? donno. gah. nvm. 3 more weeks then i would be happy again. just 3 more weeks jia you junnie! :P slack awhile. saw mani ppl at kap including some i would rather not see, cuz they would cause me a serious sore eye. saw wen hui amelia haha mad. wen hui is as mad as ever. though wen hui u should really stop dieting. no need to liao. u are really skin and bones. darlin u know it pain my heart to see u skin and bones. gosh. so les. haha. saw losta seniors, Lim and Huang jie ying wif their friends. and Ailing! haha. we were crapin a lot with them. have got the urge to watch zhen qing all of a sudden. should i??!! yes. haha. crap. don care. don sleep tonight. :P tata!

we're hot. 5:50 PM

Wednesday, September 01, 2004

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh. i typed this LOOOONNG entry and when i clicked publish post it went poof and disappeared!!!!!!!!!!! man. am getting irritated with blogger. *spewsalonglineofvulgarities* and my speakers just fell from my table and disintegrated. it gave this loud *PIIANNNNGGGGG* and i just rescued it. and put it in safe territory where it would never fall again. oh well. was saying that i woke up at 11(!!!) today. horribly late. watched windstruck (teared quiet a bit hahahhha) and went out. came home at around 8. from then on studied geog till about before my speakers crashed. gosh i could so kill the person who invented coastal geog. tho its like mmm quite fascinating and pretty BUT its a whole darn lot of memorising and understanding. both of which i have failed to achieve in the past two hours. god help me pass my test tmr sigh. am feeling destructive today. why, u ask. things i destroyed today: my friend's pillow case, her sis's set of markers, my worksheet. teh above mentioned speakers and my mum's favourite pan. dunno whats happening. and i feel like killing somebody. have cooled down tho lol. oh yeah. who watched this week's episode of friends?? i heard sth happened btwn ross and rachel! and yes next week's the last episode. of the final season. ross's going to send off rachel!! another airport scene. will be horribly tear-jerking i think. so watchwatchwatch!! oh yeah speaking of watching. lol we watched face yesterday!! its not so bad lah actually. tho everybody was totally shrieking away during the freak scenes. hahhahhaha. wenting started covering her eyes and ears even before the movie started, during the trailers of two other horror shows coming up. eunice was scolding the cashier guy who gave us lousy seats. hhehhe. i was like covering both my ears so tightly when THE FACE appeared. almost screamed but was too tensed up. but the plot isnt too bad, quite nice infact. not as complicating as acacia. hahahahha. nodnod. oh well two more sch days to hols and piaing! jiayou everyone do well for eoys this year!! tis quite a long entry shall go study geog now sigh byee pple. will copy my whole entry before it disappears again. grr.

we're hot. 10:59 PM


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