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Tuesday, August 24, 2004

waiting for my cd to burn finsh. just finailse my chi presentation really hope tht this would be the final amendment. presenting tomolo. want to get it over and odne with. just cleared two test today math and chinese. haha. really sincerely pray tht i will pass! woo! i think from now onwards i would be rather busy with school work. want to score well for end of years. hiax. cannot take the pressure to do well in my class. haha i have to repeat have to do well. lalala. don worry i wont go mad. ;) lalala. have a history sbq to finish up. 3 killer type question. haha. madness. i realise recently i actually enjoy piaing for homework, mabbe i turned psycotic but i like the feelin of doind work and getting them done even if it is physics and math. gosh i really guess i turned psycotic. dots. haha. hooked on to harry potter again, is really addictive is like drugs. lol. i know i have to do work but i always end up reading, and i would tell myself righto nect chapter must stop. but u kow is never true. wagaga. right right i must stop now really hafta finish SBQ tata! p.s( copied entirely from my own blog to keep this side going, haha lazy to rewrite the same entry coz my day is going to be the same anyway. ahah sounds illogical. goons. haha madness. going insane wif the insane amt of work lalalala! )

we're hot. 10:04 PM

Monday, August 23, 2004

Hey people. I'm feeling so tired of school and all that drilling. Classes might be interesting, but they all loop back to the same old routine, about assignments and tests. Teachers just drone. I just presented my IRS today, so there's definitely some relief, after working on it the entire year. Well, it happens every year, I guess we're used to it. I'm beginning to feel so *null* about work. I used to be lazy but still feel the panic when tests near, but as for now I'm not really putting in effort when I know I should be, and I get my just desserts when I see my marks. Hmm. There's just a little more than five weeks left to the end-of-years... I believe I should be doing something about it. Our work schedules are actually much tighter this year. Lots more to study and recover lost pieces, pieces... pieces of ME. whoo. junnie you keep singing that song. And no one's blogging as usual. TA~

we're hot. 4:35 PM

Monday, August 16, 2004

yoooo. people. hm blogger's upgraded, i see. oh well, no difference, anyway! i've decided to stop being lazy and upload the pics for sinyu's bday at sentosa, so just visit. yeah. well it takes a long time to load every time i WANT to upload so i became lazy. anyway for today my class brain drained cause had bio test right after recess and right after the test and the teacher collected the paper and walked out of our classroom, our darling maths teacher stepped in with the A maths papers. both were killers oh SIGH. okay.. theres Emath tmr, and then later on geog. i'm going to die. oh yeah what you people wanna do for cross country ah, im totally not in shape this year so i've decided actually to slack.... can?????? sigh too bad i already told the lower sec to like must get below 50 or something. i forgot what i told them infact. yeap thats all umm. ciao. - sing ying.

we're hot. 10:30 PM

Saturday, August 14, 2004

heyo people! i'm back. anyway. wat's the webbie for the pic galleries? i forgot. anyway. people muz come here more often ok? :):) lala. dunno wat to post. so. well. nvm. :) buhbye! oh ya. june quickly come online so i can send u sway! i've been waiting the whole night.

we're hot. 10:06 PM

Monday, August 09, 2004

hey hey! my comp is up and workin already! so happy! hahaha havent blog for a loon loong time. lol my face hurts. mum back! blog later!

we're hot. 11:53 AM

Monday, August 02, 2004

mmm helloooo. waiting for my friend to send me stuff so just gonna blog sth. math test tmr mygod. and bio's postponed to thurs. joy whined her way through. hahhahahahh. mrs wong, u know my bio tchr, shes damn funny todayy. funny as in amusing humorous that kind. yepp. we were like saying, mrs wong!! your tummy shrank leh!! she was like, WHAT??!!! dont scare me. lol yeah. and after that she was smiling thru the whole lesson. hahahhahh. what a great tchr. one of my fave tchrs this yr. though i think shes always disappointed by our cls. mmmm i shall study hard for bio. and of cos for all the other subjects too lah heh.
oooh bloggers qte cool now. shall play around with fonts later. and colour wahahh. hey ppleee visit this blOG more often man. tag if u dont wanna blog. i think the pple who actually visit this blog are only me captain and waiyee. sometimes huiyu. HUIYU. got your own blog neglect ours. tsktsk. aiyah nvm just try to visit once in a while lah yeahh? ermm. sth weird, i mean really weird, just happened. ahhhh man gonna sign off now. byebye dears rmb to visit more often!!

we're hot. 8:42 PM


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