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Thursday, April 29, 2004

i am damn pissed and i dun dare to blog this onto my own blog... so here i am...

to the hell with ppl who's hurting ppl who's hurting my godbro! i hope that person stop it if not that person better not blame me when i use the f word on that person... idiot... moron...

and cindy.. if u see this, dun tell pk anything... i dun want him to know... that's why i blogged here... or else

ok.. tmr i can go out! not i gtg log off! bye!

we're hot. 10:46 PM

Wednesday, April 28, 2004

heh. just an observation fer the last 5 blogs also me and sin yu bloggin oni. darlings pls pls blog. :D

we're hot. 4:18 PM

haha sin yu u called tht a long blog. lousy!! haha. britney sucks, she cant sing and she's fat. i hate her. her music is gettin from bad to worse is pratically hurting my ear drums. serious. i never thought she was tht bad when she first came out wif her album. lol but she just... argh.. nothin to say. today is a darn hot day. i just came back and i m hiding in a air conditioned room i m pratically melting away. mwhwha i feel loser today. i missed 3 852 buses or is it 2 852 buses. lol all because i left mine wallet in the physics lab!! scream. hahaha hey hey peeps so what u all wanna go out on friday??!! watch tad hamilton? haha and also u all want to play badminton outside school? my mom can get free courts for us. yeah cuz i think we are not goin to have trg fer quite a while. next tuesday napha and next friday napha also. haha. feelin rather tired today but i have got homework sobz. lol but this week is a happy week cuz i finish all my tests. lol. no strength to type nemore wanna go conk off in bed. shall go bath first. lala! bye!

we're hot. 4:18 PM

Monday, April 26, 2004

ttsssssssskkkkkkkkkk. this is horrible. this blog is going dead. cannot cannot cannot!!! eeyer. at least tag lah yeah. and how i love britney. heheheehh. june waiyee and all britney-haters dun puke. math test today i think i did okay!!! lol. u see, after every single test i wld normally go, oh shit, im gonna fail. but now i think i did ok!! heeehee. BUT. right after math i got bio. and hence got back bio test. and i failed by one mark. eeyer. one mark makes all the difference. sighhhh. i probably wont even pass my overall bio mark. hohoho but somehow cant imagine tuition in bio. so weird. what can the tchr possibly do? wahhahaah. anw. been having lotsa mood swings these days. my that thing just over lehhhh. omgawd i published that online. aiyahh. heck. mmmm im trying to type a long long entry so it wont look so erm. yeppppp. ok. shall continue. btw. did i tell you britney rocks? hahhahaha. she really does. lol. ahhh im darn tired. told myself i wont go online tonight but here i am. im even BLOGGING hohoho. k lah. shant spend too much time online. haf lotsa things to do and oh shit. i juz rmbed ss tutorial. and i din bring home my notes. ahhh. oh well. cya dears. and BLOG TAG ANYTHING!!! hehehehhe. juz keep it going lah. byebye.

we're hot. 11:11 PM

Wednesday, April 07, 2004

haha bloggin to keep it alive and goin! haha lol finished all my hmewrk!!! believe it or not! i m powerrrr!! haha lol. for the first time so focus. lol i think i shall practise piano later. got the whole night to bang on it. lol. nv practise fer long long time must make up fer all my slackin. haha but for now. i deserve to skack fer a while!! mwhwhahah! :D :D haha tonight got AMI! yeah! cheer! lol lookin forward to tomolo, can skip classes plus see c div play. have faith in them tht they will fight as hard as they did the last time. you can do it babes. not easy. but man u are NYBTERS nth is going to stop u ;) ahah. hear my mum opening the gate. lol she's back! haha g2g tata!

we're hot. 6:24 PM

Thursday, April 01, 2004

heyo dearies. currently feeling very sad. dunno why. maybe cos of not being able to go for slpover tmr lah but not entirely on that. ahhhhh. its so darn irritating. even 98 degrees and britney cant cheer me up. oh well im supposed to feel happy i noe. c div got into top 8 and our trick worked so brilliantly. wahaha. but im stil feeling so. darn. down. arghhh. oh well american idol on now gonna go watch. be happy dears byebye.

we're hot. 10:09 PM

April fool! haha sorre my darling if i was mean.. mwhaha. had to be. cuz april fool is once a year only. lol. i guess huiyu must be super geked, so was vowin not to fall in2 my trick. however.. lol haha hui yi and cindy also must be damn geked. i deeply apologise but lol! the idea also not me oni! got capt sin yu and wenting, lol go find them!! haha lol shall go makan! tata! --- apologetic junnie :P

we're hot. 7:25 PM


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