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Thursday, January 29, 2004

who changed the blog skin? hui yi is it u? own up now! ITS REALLY CUTE! wagaga i love the elmo at the bottom haha lol but ya no tag board bah. so lazi come in here and blog. lol:P so relief tht today is FINALLY over! *great sigh of relief* one of the most terror combination of tests : math and physics and yes i m preparing to fail it :S gosh but haha i m habbi now! woohoo! cuz its OVER! :D! waahaha! i got no piano for the next whole feb!! cheers! :D! habbi!! haha my teacher gotta go and give birth ouch. poor thing ya her babi premature, comin out any moment :S so dangerous 7.5 mths oni lol. haha opps havent bath mama not veri habbi with me laizo g2g tata! === JUNNIE! :p ===

we're hot. 6:43 PM

Tuesday, January 27, 2004

ello. rmb that donation thing i was screaming about? hmm go visit http://dcfund.org/ - sing ying.

we're hot. 6:15 AM

Sunday, January 25, 2004

whoops. how nice. sch's starting tmr. hehehe. nobody's finished their hw yet. and of cos i haven touched my chem. ahhhhhhhhhhh. anna fu sucks. yepyep. wad a boring cny this yr man. yawnyawn. but guess wad?? my dad won abt 50 bucks while playing black jack. he be banker den he keep banban-ing[geting two aces] and balat-ing[ahbei and ace]. wahahahahaha. i lost 3 bucks. cos i was playing 50 cent 20 cent that kind. hehe. oh well. played mahjong and stuff. hehehehheheheh. won onli 2 rounds out of 7587486692768 rounds. my dad's fave tile is the bai2 ban3. dats like so nice. waha. okieokie actualli i dunno wad to blog abt. was blogging for e sake of blogging. erm. ok. *blinks eyes innocently* and i wanna watch e last samurai, peter pan, and stuck on you!!! oh yeah and cheaper by e dozen too. i need to LAUGH. like HAHHAHAHAHHAHHAHHAHAHAH. ahhhh. oh man im goin crazy. who interested to go watch?? *whispers* i rather watch wif u guys den wif others. heehee. did i juz confess?? oops. hehehe. okie tournament coming in 2 days' time. all the best to sec 4s. and capt!!! jiayou jiayou!! okieokie lets all shout and scream and whatever to show our support okie?? okie signing off now. take care ppppppllllee!! -sinyu *blows kisses*

we're hot. 7:57 PM

hiya...happy new year to all...haha...die...haven finished my work=P...haha...so sad...cant play mahjong...cos they play money one...then my parents too tired to play with me...haha...i guess everyone will get fatter after chinese new year...I ate junk food more than my normal food...tmr have to go back to school...so soon =P...bb...go do work...cindy =)

we're hot. 7:11 PM

Friday, January 23, 2004

woohoo! HAPPY NEW YEAR PEOPLE! :D! haha i m lazi bah. havent even touch homework. lol. have been like watchin tv. comp.tv.food.comp.tv.food.back to comp. then tv again. gosh. i m gettin fat plus on super guilty tht i m not doin mr chan's hw... :S gosh haha how i hate new yr man. make me lose my discipline. suppose to be on serious diet. now overdose of habbi food :S lol hahah but still habbi! :D haha maybbe i will do some hoework tonight :P haha have a great time! tata! ---- JUnnie! ----

we're hot. 5:51 PM

happy chi new yr! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D haha. i watched cheaper by the dozen liaoz! haha.. so farnie lorz. all the kids so cute. and seriously i think its time we took action against HUIYU AND PK. sorry if u're reading this.... budden.. haha. too bad. :D kz? go visit their blog n u'll get wat i mean.. adios ppl! -huiyi

we're hot. 5:34 PM

Thursday, January 22, 2004

HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!! THIS YEAR IS MONKEY YEAR... SO MUZ BE AGILE ON COURT!!! AND TRASH THE OPPONENTS!!! hahaha.. happy collecting red packet money today :P

ok... quite happy these few days.. especially yesterday.. oh man... i was so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so so ( X 1 million) happy... hahaha... :P:P:P... coz went back to pei chun!!! so fun k!!! talk nonstop... then found all the teachers that i wanted to tok to... but brainless ppl had to spoil my day by using a camera to take shots and toking crap... hurmph...

ok... reunion dinner veri nice... the day today is veri nice so far too :p... tmr going tomalaysia liaoz.. wah... quite scared... haven't finished studying for chem test lorz... ok.. better go mug a but now... happy chinese new year everyone!!! -- happy girl hui yu :)

we're hot. 3:46 PM

Monday, January 19, 2004


Legolas Greenleaf

If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Legolas, Elf, a son of the King of Mirkwood.

In the movie, I am played by Orlando Bloom.

Who would you be?
Zovakware Lord of the Rings Test with Perseus Web Survey Software

wahahahhah im legolas!!!! yipps. heeehee. but seriously speaking. legolas doesnt look so shuaiiiiii here. look carefully. his mouth looks too weird. wahahahah. oh well. he still looks damn cute when he smiles anyway. woohoo. -sinyu.

we're hot. 9:31 PM

Sunday, January 18, 2004

EVERYONE CONGRATULATE ME!!! i finally rmb my username for this account.. sorry... long time no blog... hmm... i am com illiterate... but i try to link this to my blog k? muz go see... veri veri nice one... background abt badminton :D... hmm.. let's see... lots and lots of work to do... haven't finish... then the stupid sch expects us to do well in a chem test that's RIGHT AFTER chinese new yr? haiz... nvm... muz work hard...


we're hot. 8:02 PM

haha. woo! taking a break from my physics worksheets :S going mad. now all i see is cones and cones of lights. all i m thinkin of is double or triple reflection blah blah. haha why don they just give us the whole week off. lol still gotta go back to school on monday. no fun. let me sleep more. lol haha nevertheless in A HAPPY MOOD! WOOHOO! cuz is CNY! YEAH!! ahaha glad to see the holidays coming. lol recently everybody in a weird mood. all depressed suggest tht we all go swenses and order two big earth quake and eat! haha guess tht all low on happy food shld go and replenish. woohoo. o ya really lookin forward to tuesday! then we can go out! i started saving money last week figured out tht we would spend a lot of money. lol dinner.. team bag.. movie? neo print? haha very hard to get the whole team ard. if we never take neo print i will cry man. woo! haha i m mad. better get back to my phy worksheets laizo! buh bye! ~~~ Junnie!~~~

we're hot. 11:53 AM

Monday, January 12, 2004

oh hey people... could ya do a favour, and all who visits this blog... go visit this webbie. hmm i think RI really needs help, no? talk to your parents, whatever. at least think about it. and help to pass the message too! no harm... yup. here ya go. http://dcfund.org/ greatly appreciated. - sing ying.

we're hot. 9:48 PM

yoz! sigh.. it seems that everyone is depressed. u noe.. the worst thing about being depressed is that.. NO ONE BELIEVES THAT U R DEPRESSED!!!!!!! don laugh. it happened to me. don believe ask dawnie. she's so irritated with me liaoz...... sigh. i tell u arhz.. my family is damn complex can... how would u react if u went home with a headache at 7 in e evening and tons of hw ahead of u and ur mommy calls ur frens liars? go figure.. sigh. then ur daddy asks u to EAT AWAY UR DEPRESSION and u can't drink ur soup cos he took ur spoon. HA> HA> HA> wtf. i think i've a attitude prob.. sigh.. gosh god pls help me.. though i'm not sure i believe in u... :(

we're hot. 7:56 PM

woo! passed my depression state. now in a post depression state. going insane. don even fell like touchin homework! I DON CARE IF SHIRELY TIEH IS GOING TO KILL ME FOR NOT DOIN HER WORK!! i m mad. lol i will still do it. outta fear :S haha lol gah.. got to go piano soon. lol havent practise like fer 2 weeks. gosh. this is super bad. my usually mild teacher will transform miraculosly into a great big dino and come after me. madness. should go write novel got vivid imagination. wahaha o ya. and right the reunion dinner thinghy.. eunice papa offering bbq! woohoo but is on a saturday ( third day of chi new yr) we are proposing to go to seoul garder on tuesday ( celebration day) and also watch school of rock blah blah and peter pan yea ;) handsome guy :p haha yea so vote! majority wins man ;) tata go piano already! ~~~ Junnie!~~~

we're hot. 4:13 PM

Sunday, January 11, 2004

ARGH POST, PEOPLE, POST!!!! but ohkays not like i post much mmmm?? lol. still. POST, DAMMIT, whoo baby. - zw

we're hot. 9:52 PM

oh lol. if mr chan takes over im changing cca, dude. im serious. gahh. uselessness. maybe lets change school. barker seems like a supportive school, oh WOE nanyang sucks. ohkays lol. im not too mad today, june lol. just chilling and amazed that i finished my homework. well considering those that i REMEMBer. so well, you never know. oh and hey i finished my bloody commonwealth i dont care i missed the word limit it can go die oh yay im rather vulgar today oops... sHHHHHHH. zwing loves all, as always... :X

we're hot. 9:44 PM

Thursday, January 08, 2004

heya ppl.. :D sec 3s liao arhz? lao liao lahz... haha... *cackle*.. cca orientation in 2 days. but we oni need 5 ppl! hehe.. haiz.. sec 4s n sec 2s muz muz muz muz jia you kZ??? or not later mr. wee will resign... CAN U IMAGINE IF MR CHAN SAYS HE WANNA TAKE OVER?? omg lorz... *speechless*... muz muz muz jia you arhz... tiff n ting yu n yi ning r working reli hard... :D whee...! jia you guys.. we can and we WILL make it.. won we? -huiyi

we're hot. 8:14 PM

Sunday, January 04, 2004

hi...so how was it at wai yee's house? I guess you guess had fun...or maybe your eyes went sooo tired after the whole thing...haha...I had to sleep on the floor last night...then woke up at 8 and left at nine plus...came home to sleep until 4...haha...brought kiki there and she was running around the whole night...in and out...haha...so frustrating last night...cant even sleep...have to keep my eyes on her...keep moving about last night...don't want to sleep...then went she came home...she slept like a dead pig =) ... cindy =P

we're hot. 8:09 PM

Thursday, January 01, 2004

heya peeps! got miss me notz? been MIA for like wks liao. sigh. stupid immune system. anyway.. happy new yr to all of ya out there... if i din send a greeting to u.. don kill me first... listen. :D i lost my phone again.. so u all muz tell me who u all r when u sms me kz? muackz. :D anyway... i think i'm great.. i finished all my hw this morning and went orchard in the afternoon.. *cacklez*... huiyu don bish me.. hehez. cya ppl at trg tom! buaiz! -huiyi

we're hot. 8:59 PM


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