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Thursday, October 30, 2003

anyway. the sec 2 bt ppl's list of to do things for the hols:




ok.. the rest not impt liaoz.. :D wink. heez juz kidding.. ok.. can ignore item(s) 3. :D muahahaha

4. sec 2 chalet

5. team chalet

6. anyone going choral night?

7. NYAA manz. wait so long liaoz..

8. HOLIDAY HOMEWORK! (viable for dragging)

hmmz.. anymore? :D can't think of any liaoz.. :D anyway.. happy hols everybody! lol..

we're hot. 8:03 PM

whoo hoo!! :) 202 rawks all the way manz.. :D

1. we got MODEL CLASS! :D *sticks out tongue at sinyu*

2. we got CHAMPION for the interclass captain's ball! wheee...

3. we got BRONZE for bez progressed class? :P

yayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyeeeeeeeeeee.. so happy ya rite junnie? ^5 manz. :D muaha..

2/2 rawks and rulez 4ever n ever. :)

we're hot. 7:57 PM

Monday, October 27, 2003

heez... hmmmmmm... yesterday went shopping and bought 3 presents together.. woo.. so cute manz. hehe. but today i forgot to bring all of them to school. sigh. heh. nvm. there's only tom.. hmm. today council elections so boring arhz.... the sec 1s so... i oni voted 2! yay... :D:D:D haha. sec 2s better i think i voted 4? hmm. :D:D:D heez.... 4 more days of being in 202.. hmm.. sigh! haha. or rather.. 4 more days of being in sec 2!!!?!?!?! hmm. not ready lehz. i think i still quite young.. nowadays so sian.. :D i finished huan zhu 3! heez.. now so bored.. nth to do.. looking forward to trg..... :D tom go kampong glam.. sian... bleagh bleagh bleagh. hmm............................. -huiyi.

we're hot. 9:41 PM

Sunday, October 26, 2003


we're hot. 10:19 PM

muahahaha.. i got so bad one mehz.. hehe. cindy if they kick u out its their loss.. heez.. (and the chs councillors') muahahahaha. scarlee u go open door for choral nite again then ka no. 2 fall in "love" with u again. :):):) muahaha. k. i thinking too far ya? today spent around $150 on clothes. :) it's my bdae after all.. hehe. why no1 come wish me happy bdae one.. *sad*. hehe. oni huiyu.. haha. n yj n shaun n jianliang. haha. i sad manz. :) juz kidding.. huiyu.. didya tell shaun my bdae cos i reli don recall telling him ya? :D heez. :) anyway. thx for the msg huiyu. love u gal!! :D:D:D haha. so cute.. i got a "diamond" necklace from daddy from soo kee.. whoa. haha. :D wearing it now.. then a black sling bag and 37d spag from siss' n this cute vibrating thingy from yj. and clothes from qz. haha. that's bout all. oops. i forgot.. hehe. my 7250i from mummy.. then this cute thin silver pair of pen and pencils from mummy and daddy.. and... cake and a treat at crystal jade from mummy and daddy.. and lasagne for breakfast from auntie jing.... and... hmm.... oh yes. a pair of cute earrings from jiayi.. hehe. the rest of u still owe me presents!!!! hahaha. oh ya.. mummy buying bike for me also. YES! haha. :D been looking forward to it.. :D:D oh ya qz got me a pair of earrings too..... haha. and she went shopping for me.. haha. al these people whose names i've mentioned... love u all! ;D haha. *muacks* k.. taz! happy happy.... -huiyi

p.s. i WAN the chalet!! wheee.. hehe. hyper manz..

we're hot. 7:24 PM

Saturday, October 25, 2003

aiyo cindy how can u sae tht? they expel u frm council and we habbi? lol! where got so mean. yer results really veri bad meh. don think they will expel u larz. they wont;) nv heard of councillers( donno correct spellin) gettin expelled. wont one:p I WANT CHALET! YES YES! wagaga! if we cannt book until den mabbe can stay over at soemone's hse ya. haha -- Junnie

we're hot. 3:40 PM

Thursday, October 23, 2003

when will the chalet be? i think if we book it b4 the primary school holidays would be a much more possible idea...haha...so fun...next mon elections...die liao...my results very can...may get expel from council...guess all of u would be happy...esp wai yee :P

we're hot. 11:23 PM

memememememme!!!! i mean. me wan chalet for sec twos onli. juz imagine the craziness that we'll create. hiax. wan wan?? capt i'm sure u noe that i wan... but e others leh? anyway. well. results. erm capt? when? for potato to see izit? wah liao. suck him lah. im sorrie im realli feeling pissed off. by myself. as u can see its 1.43 now. argh and i cant slp.anyway. tata. stay cool babes. love ya all, sinyu.

we're hot. 1:44 AM

Tuesday, October 21, 2003

hey uh could everyone bring five bucks for bt fund nxt trng... and. who wants chalet... just for the sec twos. if no one's answering then i wont do anything... oh yes i think you'll have to pass me your results soon... laughs. and kristy where the hell is your photo............. its approx. two years late. oh wow. -sing ying.

we're hot. 8:52 PM

Saturday, October 18, 2003

hmmm.... second day of earning money.. wheee. someone gave me $1000 note.. heehee.. scare me.. then i had to return him $960.. who... 18 $50 notes and 6 $10 notes.. hahaha... anyway.. changed the template again.. not bad ya? orange.. so prob u guys will like it.. anyway.. cya guys in sch.. haha. take back papers.. scary... :D -huiyi

we're hot. 9:14 PM

Friday, October 17, 2003

hey...i wonders how training today...haha...dint go cos got speech training...all of you will surely enjoy the performance by my class with me acting as elvis presley :P ... i am sure all of us will be looking forward to it...piggy ('o')

we're hot. 4:15 PM

Thursday, October 16, 2003

ooh!!! i got a new phone!! :) yippee... 7250i... :D hehehe.. better than 7250. :D happy happy.. for my bdae.. i upgraded.. so cost me (my mom) $468... :D hehe. yippee.. so happy ya? anyway.. earning money the next 3 days.. so.. hmm ya. not going for trg? :D hehe. :D k lahz. buai!. hehe.

we're hot. 8:04 PM

Wednesday, October 15, 2003

hey people! hahaa watched The Italian Job today.. not bad was a nice show haha lol my dear cap is not just about bread and tai tais o ya and i m callin the person i/c okie? heehee i think i will be away on from thursday to sat so don think comin for trg.. wagag goin genting!! woohoo!!! hahaha i very habbi today!! lol!! don ask me why!! woohoo!! g2g buaiz!

we're hot. 8:47 PM

Tuesday, October 14, 2003

oh hey. friday. training. ten to one singtel. - singying.

we're hot. 7:47 PM

Monday, October 13, 2003

huiyu-- i think you mean scoliosis... is it bad? and for those... its an abnormal lateral curvature of the spine... means that her spine is growing curvy wurvy side-ways, not the curling-up ways... laugh im suspecting miss wong of having it... or is it fong...? oh well you get my point she's that pretty young geog/home ec teacher... sigh. well, huiyu, hope it doesnt worsen.

oh anyone interested in chalets... besides the one we're already having, that is... lets have more nights to go mad around a bit... -mutter- work hard for your last day people, altho i dont see how you can read this by tmr when im expecting you to be sleeping now... grin.

oh yes training will be either friday or saturday... relax. mr wee is gonna murder me oh sigh. shrug. we shall. see.

oh junnie wants to suggest something we might be able to do as nyaa... nyAA.... some charity thing... about bread and taitais... laugh. oh well. seeya.

- sing ying.

we're hot. 10:37 PM

Sunday, October 12, 2003

hiax. :'( all that's swimming in my head nowz is all da ciyu.. hiax. going to xplode soon.. sobz.. tuesday seem a long way to go. man i m going to fail math.. really plus sci eng chi and history!! :'(!! oh no.. how? what if the sch wont even allow me to go in2 com4??!! terror! lol that's what i dreamt of lorz.. mdm mak telling me.. :" june you have done terribly this year. and the sch admin and all your subject and form teachers have decided that you shoud be expelle frm nanyang.." ah!! lol hiax. my dream ended there. hiax. if it didnt i would probably continued dreamin of me going to find mrs heng and then.. nvm.. must go back and study alreasy! junnie you can do it! NYBT JIA YOU!! JUST 2 MORE DAYS!! YES AND WE WOULD HOLD A CAMPFIRE TO BURN BOOKS!! WOOHOO!

we're hot. 3:35 PM

wah... no one blogging... haiz... ok... 3 more days to merdeka... or 2 days... if you want to count from the day that we finish our maths paper.. i feel so depressed... like freedom will nv come like that... my heart is.... i dunno... can't wait for freedom so much that it seems to be "bleeding" like that... haha.. touchwood... juz an expression... then decided to take break from studying HCL (higher chinese, not hydrochloric acid)... haiz... oh well.. jiayou then everyone... i already resign to my fate that i going com 3... no hope of going to com 1 liaoz... :(... haiz.. when we get back to training... i juz can't bear to think... my smash, drop, lift, tap, lob, flick, net and everything will be lost... haiz... nvm... nevertheless... jiayou!

we're hot. 1:22 PM

Friday, October 03, 2003

haha...wonders how everyone? ...oh man...just cant imagine that exams are coming so quickly...haha...just a story that i want to share which Mrs Lim told us during history lessons...wonder if she told this to the other classes too...hehe...oh...she was telling us about his classmates during secondary...this guy was top in level so he was very good in his studies...he can practically mug for three days without sleep (cant believe it) and he practically knows the book at the back of his hand...if you ask him a question...he can even tell you which page you can turn to to find the answer...he is just like a computer which stores all the notes...so it was finally the day of the history exam...during the exam...he was writing and writing and writing and writing...flipping his papers everynow and then....he was so happy that he knew all the question...he was so happy upon completion of the exam paper...but u noe what...when he got back the papers...he was RUDELY shock...guess what happened...on the exam paper...he wrote nothing but just lines and lines of pages of his name...he wrote his name over and over again...why? wad happened...it was because dunno what happened to the brain which affected the message passed...he thought he was writing the answers but it turns out to be his name...this is because he did not had enough rest and the brain was unable to read and store in the subconscious mind...wad happened to him in the end?...he was so shocked upon receiving the paper cos he got zero and the fact that he wrote his name when he knew the answer...he was then sent to woodbridge i think...becos of this...he had to retain and since then he became essentric...he can sing and sing during class and jump up suddenly out of his sit and say goodbye to the teacher and walk out of class in the middle of a lesson...sad...a top student going mad...so haha the moral of the story is to have enough sleep and rest...got to sustain your energy all the way...dun tire out yourself too much...jia you everyone...gd luck...:)piggy('o')

we're hot. 9:22 PM


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