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Tuesday, September 30, 2003

boo ppl.. hehe juz had my french exam today. :D haha. so happy... ezy pzy. lol. i love m. yong for giving ez qns.. u rock manz! haha. anyway. 6 days more.. how's revision going ppl? yaya... i shd go study now. :D haha. taz~

we're hot. 8:00 PM

Sunday, September 28, 2003

hheheh. me long time no blog. a wee bit guilty liao. so here i am...lol. g string. i like the idea. muz be bright red too. *evil cackle* ok. exactly 8 daes to exams. *shrieks* oh man...how evilllllll....still stuck doin eng hw now. arghh. somebody save me and my sanity...well well. i shall be guai and get back to work. as we all noe time is precious. ok. tata pple.

we're hot. 4:21 PM

Saturday, September 27, 2003

hahah what u want fer yer b day arz? hm... g string? sexy :P hahah GREAt TEMPLATE! hahaha o man.. i m slackin away.. wagagag hui yu arz den you liddat can play badminton a not.. hm i think PJ also suffer from the same problem.. not sure. hm. hahah hope tht u will ping an wu shi. wahahah! g2g beri hungry.. argh...

we're hot. 2:14 PM

Friday, September 26, 2003

whee. ppl.. juz realised. haha. exactly one more mth to my bdae.. :D hint. :) haha. guess i don needa say anything more ya? oops. O:-) muaha no lahz.. juz kidding.. taz! :D

we're hot. 10:08 PM

hey ppl....... think this template got name one.. haha. but btw juz in case. i'm wai yee! whoohoo.. haha. changed the template.. nice not? haha. cos i sick of the PINKY one. somemore the pic abit the... uh hmm. u noe. :P hehe. anyway countdown ten days to exams.. wheee... ppl scared? zw(capt) we end exams on tues 14 oct. u lucky ass. gah. bah. bah bah. anyway. don think i got enuff time to study finish.. summore me got third lang exam! yikes. haha. :D anyway... there's alot of things u can scroll down below the pic.. try it! its "great fun".. muaha. taz... :D

we're hot. 9:36 PM

Wednesday, September 24, 2003

erm... everyone.. my x-ray results came out... nothing wrong with my shoulder... but... they found that i have scolosis... so i'm going to kk hospital next wed to see a specialist... haiz... reallie scared... coz i dunno wad's going to happen or the treatment... :'( - Hui Yu

we're hot. 9:46 PM

haha so amusing! and for while i thought zw was dear ole moi.. and i was wondering what great thing in the world i did again... turned out to be a GUY. ooh since when did they become so smart. laugh... okay, glad, huiyu, that you finally ended it, hope you learnt smth! whoo. wheeeeee im hyper!!! high on sugar. hmm so sad exams nearing we must um. mug. if theres such a word in your dictionary.. *gloom*... hai. oh i hope our exams end on the same day? mine is friday, 10 oct i think. yup seeya people - sing ying.

we're hot. 9:33 PM

There's an itnerestnig alrtice titeld "Teechr, why do we nee spling lsons?" today in the paeprs. Aoccdrnig to a rscheearch at an Elingsh uinervtisy, it deosn't
mttaer in waht oredr the ltteers in a wrod are, the olny iprmoetnt tihng is
taht thefrist and lsat ltteer is at the rghit pclae. The rset can be a toatl mses and you can sitll raed it wouthit porbelm. Tihs is bcuseae we do not raed ervey lteter by itslef but the wrod as a wlohe.

Brought to u by pIggY ('o')

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Tuesday, September 23, 2003

??? okie i m blur.. The Powerful Junnie

we're hot. 1:46 PM

Monday, September 22, 2003


we're hot. 9:43 PM

Sunday, September 21, 2003

hmm... ok... plan will be carried out tmr... with acknowledgements to zw... haha... :P... let's hope all will go well... thankz zw! (although he won't see this msg... but oh well...)

we're hot. 10:43 PM

hey ppl. :) i rawk. boo.

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 10:32 PM

sumone finally agreed to help me!!! yes!!! so happy... :) now can settle and end this whole thing that's driving me crazy quickly... haiz... feel that i am the culprit of this whole thing... haiz... sadsadsad... i am madmadmad.... (rhymes, u see... lame...) nvm... hmm... anyway i already thought of wad to do... juz tell zw (zw = X zwing. it's the other one) help me tell shaun any bad things he can think off... like, sae i'm vulgar, erm... throw my temper every 10 seconds... (the most active volcano on earth)... sae that i always cheat in exams, erm... vandalise sch properties, steal... eh... rob, kidnap, extortion... (haha.. thankz to english lessons for telling us the crimes in the world)... anyone can think of anything else?

we're hot. 2:58 PM

Saturday, September 20, 2003

haha...no trg but i had fun doing something else...haha...hui yu...just do what you feel is right...but i feel that shaunnie very ke lian leh...being misleaded into this whole thing...but this kind of things cannot be forced...let nature take its own course...btw...the newspaper is going to come back soon after the exams...haha

we're hot. 12:35 PM

Friday, September 19, 2003

oh yeah and sorry about the hall being occupied, people.. i didnt know! i was asking jeanine, she said yesyesyes its free and look what SHUCHING did... laugh... oh well.

we're hot. 9:30 PM

huh... you mean like huiyu is totally ignoring him? lol. evil girl. just explain. laugh i could do it for you if its really that bad. or just ask the prof waiyee...

we're hot. 9:13 PM

haiz.. having my french oral tom.... :(:( sad sad.. I"M NOT PREPARED FOR IT! ARGH.... :(:(:(. i'm having reading passage and convo. but the convo very the weird! the convo is they give u pic like pic description lidat but u're not supposed to describe the pic. gahgahgah. u're supposed to talk bout sth related. damn. SO HARD. gagagaga. :(

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 8:45 PM

june this is huiyi i dunno wat link this is but i'm juz putting sth here so tt they can click. :)

we're hot. 6:42 PM

haha... i'm also in the library now... lolz.. hope they dun close so soon... :P... haiz... feel guiltier by the dae... should i sms him or not?!! i know i'm veri bad... but i reallie dun wnt my studies to be affected (exams coming!) :(:(:(... haiz.. sad... sadsadsad... :'(sadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsadsad...

we're hot. 5:09 PM

yo ppl.. so sad lorz.. actually wanted to train today.. jian fei somemore.. budden the vballers got frenly match.. then shu ching told them that they could use the hall. gah. so sad lorz. SHU CHING! oops. the lights in the library juz went out guess they're gonna close soon. anyway my pe shirt is still hanging on my shoulders... oh and the vballers are damn zai with their li.. i wonder where the shuttle will go if they smash. haha. and huiyu.. tell shaunnie the truth lahz...............

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 4:58 PM

Thursday, September 18, 2003

oops.. i posted something but didnt publish.. now it'd gone... laugh, who cares. what's the use of this blog, may i ask. and the neo print is damn weird, waiyee please dont *lol* make any changes to any other pics anymore.... laugh. hey! work hard, play hard! MUG. - sing ying.

we're hot. 8:02 PM

You're the smirk,a frown-smile hybrid that's a
little bit cocky and usually associated with
evil or arrogant,but attractive people.You
probably just don't give a damn,but it's
everyone else's fault if you don't because
you're too awesome to have any real faults.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

wheeeeeeeeeee! im on a quiz spreeeee

we're hot. 7:43 PM

haha huiyu... hmm well. do you really like him? if you dont then just bloody explain it to him... he wont commit suicide or anything... lol.. now you know...WaKe uP, GiRl. haha... settle it fast!

okie. now, that aside, do you peeps want trainings on fridays? until say 430 or so. yup. not the full thing. and can you please check mail frequently, nowadays i might just send stuff thru email... bill gettin high! (8) woohoo! im a hyper!!!!!! oh and mail meaning hotmail. yup. ivle is kinda.. pointless. yup! love ya all... -sing ying

we're hot. 7:39 PM

hmm. then lidat u the very bad lehz.. u string him along.......... hmmm.............. haha. but wat's most impt. do u still like him? if u do then there's hope. :)

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 6:53 PM

hahahaha. lol huiyu. haha hm. okie larz. i think is betta to end it quickly before it.. ya. wise move!wagagag lol okie go do math laizo! buaiz!

we're hot. 4:17 PM

Wednesday, September 17, 2003

haha... muz reallie thank wai yee... helped me a lot... :P:P:P... lolz... sorrie lah... hey everyone, if i say my classmate's uncle's girlfriend's dog (which is the starhub dog... lolz!!!) came to my house and ate my phone, would u all believe?

we're hot. 10:43 PM

haiz... i feel very bad and guilty... but i got reasons...
1. sumhow we juz can't communicate WITHOUT a hp
2. feel reallie stressed up when he is around (dun ask me why... i dunno)
3. can't be myself when he is around
4. my hp bill getting damn high
5. i dun want my studies to be affected by the daily sms
6. he dun understand me, in terms of charcater... he dunno my bad points and i want him to know my bad points!!! argh... he dunno the REAL me!!!

we're hot. 10:37 PM

man? me lovin? wagagaga not bad arz :p ~ The Powerful Junnie~

we're hot. 12:12 PM

You're the loving smile,the one that is entirely
devoted to others,especially that one
person.You really can't get them out of your
head,but then,you don't really want to.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

we're hot. 12:10 PM

hiax. howz? turnleftturnright? or pirates of Caribbean?? wagagag!! man huiyu arz.. hiax. ahha u change yer mind so fast! wahahaha lol. I HAVE A MOVIE OF MY OWN! wagaga I M A DIRECTOR! WAHAAHAH! man who wants to buy my movie rights? ahhaha its cheap! price negotiable! ahha lol. going fer paino exams later. jitters. hiax. wish me good luck. just hope tht i don mess up my scales. hiax. I M THE LAST PERSON OF THE WHOLE DAY! this is bad! lol. the examiner would of cuz compare the candidates before me with me lol. what's worse waga they are all lower grade!! ah!!! :'(! what if i play worse then dem!! AH!!!!!!!!!!! flop. flop. flop!! hiax. i have got 1/2 hr to waste! what... ah! after tht is terror! :'(!! ~The Powerful Junnie!~

we're hot. 12:05 PM

hahaha... eh i also wanna watch turnleftturnright. hehehe. promos aren't much when u think bout sec 4s having prelims now and chs sec 3 ppl having chinese prelims today. hehe. so happy i'm juz an ordinary sec 2-er. muaha. oh yea. forgot one little detail. (must study.) haha. other than that its "been" a breeze? hehe. yayie. and. hmm. bridging worlds song very nice.. been listening to it before i slept these few days. ahahahaha. she has such a nice voice... (of cos compared to junie will be heavenly. :) anyway.) hehe. no more trg feel quite free.. hehe wonder how i'd feel if no third lang. muahahahahahahaha. be careful wat u wish for. hehe. i wish quite a long time liao lehz. sigh. hehe. nvm. french eoy coming liao then don needa go back liao! yippie! hehe. k. taz.. now having ite lesson... :PpPpP naughty ya? hehe. no lahz.

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 11:59 AM

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

wagag friday arz? do we have trg on sat? o btw congrats *shakes hands* wagaga if we have trg on sat. then we go on sat. if not go on fri. lol i think go on fri betta! yea. wahahah
The Powerful Junnie :P

we're hot. 6:31 PM

muaheha.. finally finished. can breathe a sigh of relief liao. :):):) so happy muahaha. can slack the nite away. (hehe not reli lahz act got lotsa revision papers to do, but helping my dad do sth for his exhibition thingy..) haha. but.. all i can say is.. YAY YAY YAY YAY! hahaha.. so happy.. eh peeps congratulate me lehz. hahahahah. anyway.. happy bdae delphine! :D feeling in a great mood now so wish u happy bdae. muahahahahahahaha. oh yea. any1 wanna watch pirates of the carribean on fri? :):) or turn left turn right...
*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 6:17 PM

You have an entrancing kiss~ the kind that leaves
your partner bedazzled and maybe even feeling
he/she is dreaming. Quite effective; the kiss
that never lessens and always blows your
partner away like the first time.

What kind of kiss are you?
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ooh.. who wans a kiss from me? *looks around* haha. :) none of u shall get any. :PpPpPp hehe k muz reli go do work. WORK! [trying to convince myself. obviously it ain't working ya? O:-)] taz!

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 5:34 PM

Yes, you're a zombie. But don't look so glum for
being boring. You have two heads and three
eyes(or whatever limbs you find) so, that's a
plus. You superzombie you.

What type of freak of nature are you?!
brought to you by Quizilla

ermz pplz. if too disgusting don blame me arhz.. juz hope u haven eaten or anything. hehe.. at least i'm not a vampire *meaningful look* hahaz k muz go do lit draft or will murder myself.. taz! :) *hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 5:23 PM

ooh. i'm normal. :) yikes!

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 5:15 PM


-- Personality Disorder Test - Take It! --

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 5:15 PM

Monday, September 15, 2003

i want to vent out my frustrations... FRIDAE AT SEOUL GARDEN WAS A TOTAL, I REPEAT, TOTAL FAILURE. i ended up sitting NEXT TO SHAUN (thankz to wai yee :P)... then, u know wad? he keeps looking at our food... then make me so stressed up until i cannot eat... haha... but the prawn there veri nice.. ok.. back to subject.. aniwae, wai yee go and ask me if i have gave zhenwen the badges, then i was stepped on her feet HARD (oops. sorrie wai yee.. didn't mean to step so hard one.. but u gave me a shock by asking that question so loud then summore shaun was besdie me... sorrie...) then, i went over to visit wenting they all.. haha... at least there more peaceful... abt ten times more peaceful... then.. u know wad? i went back to my phone.. one msg received.. opened it up.. and it's shaun msg.. asking me if i was angry... then u know wad, we began msging (waste of money... next time i shall adopt wai yee's idea... save money...) and that is like so bahoohoo since we are onli like, 10 cm away... then after that, he LEFT WITHOUT TELLING ME... ok.. he did tell me in terms of sms.. but i was talking on my hp.. then nv see msg until he was gone... hurmph... then after that, zhenwen and anyuan left shortly.. argh.. haven't even play games lorz... conclusion: friday at seoul garden was a disaster!!!

we're hot. 10:22 PM


we're hot. 10:10 PM

haiz... let's see... my phone got "confiscated"... haha... when will it "be returned"? i dunno... maybe never... :P:P:P... oh yah, wai yee thankz horz... for doing me THE favuor :)

we're hot. 9:48 PM

wahaha! me half way thru me lit assingmet! *claps!* wahahah gimme 15 more ins me can finish! wagagag k what the hell me doin here now! wagaga lol.. low concentration power *bleagh* hiax. GET BACK JUNNIE! ~~~ The Powerful Junnie Blogged~~~~

we're hot. 9:38 PM

You're goin' down! FOR MURDER!
Please rate if you liked!

What Would You Go to Jail For? (Many outcomes)
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*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 9:05 PM


?? Which Of The Greek Gods Are You ??
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*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 9:02 PM

o man, i m so bored sianz + on boliao to do those lame quizzes. wagaga man. i married to a woodchuck? LOL! i want EDISON! no want woodchuck! wagag least beeter then tiffany she eats people. lol pls stay away from her. hahaha u nv noe, u would be on her dinnerplate. wagagag! me = mean. hahaha. i m supoose to be doin lit!! terror! i m gettin distracted! man this is bad. distracted by a comp. lol if huiyu is distracted by * u know who* is understandable but me! man! i m goin to destroy the comp! wahahaha! okie i MUST get back to work! MUST! ~~~~ The Powerful Junnie Blogged~~~~~~

we're hot. 9:01 PM

ooh lala... sigh. so sian manz... 14 days more to french eoy and 20 to promos... sad sad.. still so slack. gah....

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 8:55 PM


what's YOUR deepest secret?
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we're hot. 8:54 PM

You are a joyful and happy person and an optimist
which is good!

~*~*which song do you represent?~*~*
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we're hot. 5:01 PM

Sunday, September 14, 2003

ooh. hehe ppl.. bridging worlds rock. if u din go.. its ur loss. :) hehe. *mean* anyway. managed to get rid of most of the tix except one. and e 3 free ones so kindly *donated* by the barker ppl. (thankfully i'm not feeling mean or i'll call them dogs. hehe. O:-) ) anyway.. bridging worlds was better than i expected.. it was great! hehe. :) the songs all very nice.. esp because the singer is also called wai yee. :PpPpPpP hehehe. :):):):):):):) so farnie lorz. hehe. somemore she sing so nic.... i bought the cd!! hehe. $5 only.. though there's only 2 songs (one with lyrics one w/o) but i think its worth it. :) hehe. so nice.. then felt hungry after that so went kap with qz to eat. hehe. mmmmmm..... then today. hehe. did 2 projects! feel so proud of myself (not reli). hehe. anyway.. trying to finish history now.. cos found out its assignment and not ws. anyway. lit thesis draft and assignment gonna do tom.. home econs not tom.. so can do tom. hehe. :) if i got time then i do.. but don think haf.... still got wat arhz.. haiz. can't think of any liao. the most i'll juz die (which i think i will) tian ah jiu jiu wo ba.. sigh. slacked the hols away.. ok. not reli. shall phrase it in a nicer way. i was bz the whole hols. doing slack things. hehe. :) got difference eh.. ya? hehe. but i'm a good gal.. no 1's gonna do my work for me.. (hehe mainly because no one offered) hehehehehe :PpPpPpP anyway. gtg.. taz! :) *hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 8:25 PM

Saturday, September 13, 2003

wagaga lol me din go fer trg today.. lol feelin guilty. gah but not me fault! :'( rash was damn bad. went to the docs. got a jab. lol butt still hurts from thr jab. man stupid doc. lol don like me also no need like tht rite. wagaga! but lol rashes how come still itch! argh! lousy doc! hiax. i m damn sianz! wahaha today my babee cousin ONE YEAR OLD B DAY! wagaga! me still at me uncle's hse bloggin. waga eat until damn bloated! ahahha! lol me getttin reallllllly fat. man. i must go on diet! must! jai you Junnie! wahahaha. donno how is y e at bridging worlds? lol she beri poor thing ya. hiax. :'( I M REALLY SORRE WAI YEE! not tht i don wanna go.. sorre deary.. cause me mama really damn uptight bout my xams. ya. really sorre. :p wahaha me shall go try to put pics on this blog :p waga cya!
~~~ The powerful Junnie ~~~`

we're hot. 10:14 PM

feel so sian now... don feel like doing hw... but still got lit assignment to do

we're hot. 10:05 PM

Friday, September 12, 2003

*sarcastic laugh* 13 tix - 2 extra. 3 for shaunnie. 8 for bt. end up? 3 going. subtract? $(13*10)-$(3*10)=$100.
dunno. don care. forget it.

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 10:48 PM

ahhh.. lazy blog everything.. juz now program hang... then muz retype. hehe. juz wanna say sth. today's "meeting"... <<>>. muaha. nvm. but we took successful neoprints! 2 somemore.. click jieying's pic gallery to c. :) at the back. and we enjoyed ourselves w/o them... hehe. :) yay!. crap. k lahz taz.

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 10:12 PM

Thursday, September 11, 2003

You are Jasmine from Aladdin!

What Disney Princess are you?
brought to you by Quizilla

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 5:04 PM

booo.... feeling lame now. anybody come ease my boredom. sigh. :) sian. feeling tortured too. haha.
*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 4:59 PM

holding hands
hand holding - you like to be in constant physical
contact with your special someone but you don't
want to take things too quickly.

What Sign of Affection Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

sigh. sian.. slacking.. so went did this quiz. hehe. see how? u r welcome to try too. :) hehe. gah. muz muz muz start on hw. k. taz!
*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 4:49 PM

~ The powerful Junnie~
o man i m feeling guilty! i m slackin! :'(! lol. hiax. hahaha man. i m feeling so knowledgeble nowadays.. wagagag been readin a lot of poems. o man. <--- see how bored im. hahaha but quite nice. i see if the "poet" would gv me permission to post it here. it is not written by a full fledged poet, wagagag by a amature wan. lol. hhaha oya the sec one has a new blog, is linked here alresy. go see. man. i think they done a good job. *jealous* haha. :P

we're hot. 4:18 PM

sigh...... oh yea. on tues me n sinyu scared everybody. haha. cos we said we wanted to WALK to wm. hehe. can u imagine? haha. and those "gullible" "innocent" "silly" ppl actually believed us. *laugh*. hehe. no lahz. we were juz walking to the next busstop along the chs side of the rd. hehe. anyway. they were flabbergasted. ok. anyway. then we reached west mall. and because the primary schools in that area had this great idea to haf sch outing or sth lidat.. we had to queue like dunno how long to get tix to watch pirates of the carribean. and cos it was already 1 plus and the show started at 1 30, i went to buy popcorn. sigh. then i finished buying sin yu also haven. then guess wat. PIRATES OF THE CARRIBEAN WAS SOLD OUT!! #*&^#$&*#^$% gah. anyway. then we had this pile of popcorn, time to waste and nth to do. sigh. so pathetic. ok anyway... we went down to find some seats away from the crowd to "devour" the popcorn.. then.. gave up. u noe how big it is? bah. haha. then we gave up then went food court to eat. well. sin yu ate i kop. haha. anyway. then.. being the good ny gals that we were.. and still are.. we went to the... *drumroll* LIBRARY! hehe. then stayed there for like 1 hour ++. sigh. then finally got to watch legally blonde. comments: ok lahz. but first one was nicer. hehe. :) then sinyu went home and i went ly's house to bake cake for xy!! hehe. i think i haf good culinary skills. is it counted? ok anyway. stayed there until like 830 then went home.. sissy also went.. but she went at like. dunno. hehe alot earlier than me. anyway. THE CAKE SO NICE!! haha. juz tried it today. think june did too. though the choc and marshmallow were chao chao chao sweet.. (wanna make xy fat u c. muahaha) but the cake very nice. YUM. hehe. ok... and that was the end of tues. hehe. :) *hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 1:44 PM

Wednesday, September 10, 2003

baaaaah. slacked another day away. i'm gonna diediediediediediedie....... *hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 9:54 PM

bah. bored. *hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 9:47 PM

ooh btw i'm *hUiYi ê gReAt*..

we're hot. 8:50 PM

hahahaha..... back again! got lotsa things to crap... wait. arrange in chrono order first. haha. later forget.

1. CIP (slack for 5 hrs still count)

2. Tues trg cum Kristy's bdae.

3. today! :)

ooh.. haha. sat was so fun... we went down to padang and it was so nice!! ok. mabbe not the dinner. :) hehe. but anyway. slacked thru trg.. then went kap for lunch. haha. then started trend for taking balloons.... laoz tiff took like 6 at first... haha. then i only took one lorz. haha. see so guai. then took 171 to supposedly src. then met this grp of reli reli reli reli reli reli reli reli reli reli reli reli reli barbaric guys(and gals). GAH. soooo irritating... sigh. wat is this world coming to........ insult our sch. :( sad. then cindy.. (forever the "guai" councillor)[remember SLC-scandalous little councillors?] anyway. she tapped one of d guys on the shoulder and went like "can u don talk bad about our school?" hahahaha. so prim n proper.. but anyway. i heard they juz stared at her. sigh. cindy's so appealing!!! haha. don drool u ppl out there. anyway. then CLEVER miss little cindy made us stop at pan pacific(bad memories/no memories) cos we din noe that was the last stop and we had to like. run all the way to padang cos we were late!! ahh... *bish bish* haha anyway.. we went there.. then SRC swimming pool so so so so so so so so nice!! haha. wanna go swim... anyway. gah. so "angry" lor. cos me and capt went together to try and sell the tix rite.. then i kept asking ppl lorz.. then keep getting rejected(that shd say alot about my appeal haha.) budden they managed to give me reli guilty looks(haha. mabbe s'poreans are juz.. stingy) then when capt went back to the booth a man juz bought 5 tix off her without her even asking!!! wah liaoz (ok the guy was old. anyway.) JUZ BECAUSE HE LIKED THE NUMBERS ON HER BOOKLET. GAH. then.. sigh. nvm. so in total BETWEEN us we sold 7. or was it 8 tix. haha. anyway.. then after that we basically juz slacked and tried to learn some linedances.. haha. so fun. then i got sick of following and began choreographing my own!! haha. so fun. then.... *tick tock* we learnt a proper line dance from this instructor who kept calling us white ppl (not cos we in sch u but cos we're helpers then they gave us a white polo tee to wear) haha. bud me feet don wanna listen so... u noe. haha. then me went cindy there help dispatch newater!! haha. so fun.. :) then had dinner.. (not v nice.. but.. we doing cip rite?) haha. but the apple was big and juicy. YUM. haha. then we went citylink mall to guang.. then found out that huiyu won 2 prizes... a dunno wat perfume thingy and a PORTABLE DISCMAN! argh. i so kek. why i nv put. anyway.we went (was it?) raffles city basement to get drinks/ snacks.. haha. then went home. hehe. not bad... :) though was quite tired cos got trg then had to walk around.. but fun! hehe. and that concluded our 5h cip. k. shall post now. come back later to say the rest. taz!

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Tuesday, September 09, 2003

lol, hiax how come no one blogging? so sad. lol! sinyu! the cow thinghy beri farnie! wagagagagaa! hahaha :P haha just went to but bra today. bah. I M A C!! ahahhaha so habbi! i grew!!!! wagagaga so fun! lol my sis still at b.. lol doubt she will ever catch up wif me;) o man i being sick.. this is a open blog.. bwah. but nvm. i doubt guys would understand lol even huiyu might not even understand *no offence* u are too innocent darling. wagagag very easy will let other take advantage arz! must be careful.. hee but shaunnie would come to yer rescue! woohoo. *k sorre :P* i m slackin! man my mum would slaughter me!! hiax.! i must concentrate! just a few more weeks oni! then EOY wahahhaah man i would be so habbi! :P is there a way to put pics up here? wahahha then i can show u all wad i cooked! man it is beri delicious *mamamia!* hiax. but i think my home e course work gonel laizo hiax. cause i didnt noe if nv hand up by week 10 is 10 % of every day u are late.. bwah so 10% off 100% 10% off 90%..lol i prob would get zero.. :'( hiax. argh doncare. k i must start concentrating!!

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The Powerful Junnie Blogged-----------------------------------

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Thursday, September 04, 2003

o man! for got the blog below is blogged by the <----- THE POWERFUL JUNNIE! :D

we're hot. 10:12 PM

wahahha finished first draft! me and hui yi dancing tomolo! come and support 2/2! ;) wahaahha see the graceful side of the powerful junnie and the great hui yi (pukes) hahaha cindy! so long no see you! i teel u all u all must write yer name after you blogged. so would noe who. if not gotta come all the way into blogger the type message there to see wahahaha. aw man donno did i write too much for my first draft a not. bleagh. i wrote like 1000++ words! o man i m too lor so! hiax. don care. i must pass this up on time now. i must be a good gal!

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Mid-autumn festival celebration is tomorrow...ready for loads of fun...how about our dinner?

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Sorry that the papers had to stop publishing due to the severe spread of SARS again. Now that situation is better, papers will be slowly coming back to normal.

Exciting things had happened on the bridge between The Chinese High School and Nanyang Girls' High School today afternoon at 2 pm. There were a lot of people on the bridge that make any single movement by anyone causing the bridge to be more vulnerable and it seems like the bridge is going to COLLAPSE at any moment.

So what's happening down there? The thing is that Mediacorp Radio FM 933 is promoting the new movie entitled 向左走,向右走, starring Takeshi and Gigi and so free movie tickets were given out. The criteria is that movie tickets will only be given out only when they are in their school uniform and boys have to walk from one side of the bridge to the other side of the bridge and girls start walking from the opposite side and reach the other end. The purpose is to let them walk past each other.

It created a commotion in that area and students can be seen rushing out of their school to get the tickets. A teacher of NYGH, Mrs Chan witnessed the whole process and was very unhappy about their girls making so much noise and blocking the way. She said,"I feel that this should not be done here and I am going to make a complain to FM 933." Then she was seen pushing her way through to find the DJs. The vice principal of NYGH was also around said some of the students. A lot of students were very disappointed because they couldn't get the tickets and the happy faces on those who got the tickets.

But why at the bridge? Was it on purpose to suit the theme of the movie? Was it because a girl school and a boy school happened to be at two opposite ends?

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Wednesday, September 03, 2003

wagagaga online report! *terror!* bwah. don dare to click the link. :'( what would all the teachers say!! o ya darlings pls rememeber to print out the last page of the progress report:p ya

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Tuesday, September 02, 2003

i blew it... i blew it... i lost my temper todae... argh... months of resolution down the drain... :'(

we're hot. 10:06 PM

hey darling huiyi is there a way to show who blogged the entry? cause i read hor a bit luan cept fer urs ya. and i tottal agree the 14th thing to do!!! wahahahahahaha lol!! is beri impt. o manz my ma just warned me that i cant go out so much during the weekends laizo. and i still havent told her that i have cip. and is 5 hrs??!! gosh. she is going to slaughter me i must be now a good gal. lol *use wenting that zhao* ahahah don go out!! wagagagaga. ask u arz sept 11 is what day. hope is a trg day. then can go watch the left right bwah donno eng title. bwah. can bluff my ma that i having trg. o man! i feel guilty! but for jin chen wu! i would do anithing!!!! wagagagagaga!! u say mr wee was at singapore open? huh what do u mean huh hui yu? u mean he saw u wif shuannie? o man. tht's bad. wagagaga. o man what com did u all choose? what humans? haix. fan!

we're hot. 1:57 PM

ehehehe...................... hahaha. why??? which day. haha. at least he hasn't mentioned this to anyone.. rite? hmmph. oh man.... anyway. cindy eunice n tiffany got to take pic with xia xuan ze. gahgahgah. sigh. so tired.. look like panda lidat. somemore this morn got drenched.. so damn cold.. haha. but fun. haha. ppl ready for marshalling? *evil cackle* 5 hours of cip. can u believe it.. we rock! :) muahaha.

we're hot. 1:35 PM

Monday, September 01, 2003

eh.. wai yee arhz... i dun agree with the 14th thing that we have to do lehz.. lolz... :P
well.. anyway... i have some bad news for you all...

we're hot. 11:07 PM

happy teachers day to all teachers out there! u rock the world! :)

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 12:47 PM


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