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Sunday, August 31, 2003

You're the cheerful smile,the one that's truly
happy with almost everything you do and would
never cahnge your life.

What Kind of Smile are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 4:35 PM

Moon Goddess
Goddess of the Moon. Beauty, yet a sadness lurks
about you at times. But hey, pain is beauty,

What element would you rein over? (For Girls)
brought to you by Quizilla

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 3:25 PM

oh ya. hafta load up the pic of us. hmmm... wait arhz.. :) try to get it done nowz.

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 3:02 PM

hey ppl... me again. wonder wat cindy and the others are doing in pan pacific. muaha. last min cancelled the project.. now dunno wat i doing at home. well. haha. i know wat i'm doing. slacking. anyway....

things we hafta do for nybt:

1 - buy mr wee a prezzie? :)

2 - design the shirt....

3 - u noe u noe.. the *er-hmmm sec 4s thingy*

4 - train for pt. :) muz aim all get top 20 next yr. muaha. oei. not impossible ok.. :P

5 - basically juz improve on skills? hehe.

6 - build up team spirit.

7 - look forward to sept 6

8 - get prezzies for zwing, sin yu and kristy. oh n does june count? muaha. after the cake thingy.. anyway.

9 - pay up $$ to me. haha. n zwing i guess. :) who still owes me taxi fare arhz. muaha.

10 - go n watch walk left walk rite. O:-)

11 - persuade kristy to get a s'pore sim card so we can all call her.

12 - get ppl to start blogging... :P *very hard. sigh*

13 - basically juz bond more? hmm can't think of anymore.. :) oh ya.

14 - the very last one. get huiyu and shaun together. as in together together. u all noe wat i mean.

15 - study for promos!!!!! muaha. lol.

anyway. sigh. pa juz said that we're going to america in starting of dec. so sad lorz. wat if clash with chalet? i will KILL myself. sigh sigh. somemore my sis's prom nite and my sis's grad dinner. anyway. (crosses fingers) muaha. feeling reli bored now. hmmmm......

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 3:00 PM

How random are you?

this quiz was made by alanna

sorry.. kinda lame but... tryin to destress.. sigh. anyway.

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 12:37 AM

Which flock do you follow?

this quiz was made by alanna

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 12:33 AM

Do you cluck or do you roar?

this quiz was made by alanna

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 12:28 AM

No U Turn
You believe in fate. For you, it's the straight
and narrow, and no turning back. If you do
make a mistake, it was ment to be, and you
don't try to turn your life around to fix it.
You believe everyone should live their life
like you.

What's Your Sign?
brought to you by Quizilla

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 12:24 AM

Saturday, August 30, 2003

hmm.. Can anyone organize a sleepover or sumthing? haha.. lolz... i want to get into some fun... if not no time after sep hols coz hafta mug for exams after that...

we're hot. 9:36 PM

You're Sensitive and you'd like to stay that way..
-Sensitive- You're Sensitive, and you'd like to
stay that way. Sorry,listened to a bit too much
Jewel there. You're sweet and very emotionally
charged. You definitely love the person you're
with, and always want to know how they're
feeling so you can make sure they're happy.

What Kind of Girlfriend Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla

muaha. wat do u think? *wink*....

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 9:10 PM

You represent... happiness.
You represent... happiness.
Boy, are you full of cheer or what...? You have a
sunny disposition and enjoy trying to spread
your happiness. You have a tendency to be a
little hyper, but you have the ability to make
your own fun no matter what.

What feeling do you represent?
brought to you by Quizilla

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 8:49 PM


The ULTIMATE personality test
brought to you by Quizilla

*hUiYi ê gReAt*

we're hot. 8:16 PM

*hUiYi ê gReAt*: hmm... its me again! :) haha. i've decided to put my name in front cos.. haha. ego mahz. anyway. so happy. haha. yesterday nite slept for 14 hours. not bad arhz. like baby lidat. :) haha. then go trg everybody else nv slp so well. then i think i was quite irritating. anyway. O:-) cindy's gonna go with her family to the pan pacific. haha. CINDY DON GO LAH. give ur parents a second honeymoon mahz. so mean lor. haha. u shd stay at home and "bond" with ur sausage dog. haha. typical of council. haha. anyway. sorry if i'm stereotyping the councillors lahz. budden.... councillors aren't any better. haha. they also wear coloured bras.. pull their socks low low.. and sms in class. haha. so wat rite do they haf to like.. u noe. anyway. haha. not discrimination. i m very straightforward. :P i don like councillors! haha. don come n kill me arhz. starting to regret putting my name there... haha. :P anyway. haha. so hungry. but don feel like eating. haha. no mood. well. shall stop "haha"ing.. come back laterz... taz!

we're hot. 7:33 PM

Thursday, August 28, 2003

haha... sorrie lah wai yee... but thurs i was juz as pissed as you... cannot believe that he juz went out of burger king like that.. juz bcoz seniors came in.. i was also damn gek.. haha... but oh well, wad can i do? i even went outside of burger king and call wenting to complain... haha... but realli ereallie appreciate your help, without you i won't be able to talk to him on friday.. haha.. hip hip hooray!!! :)

we're hot. 10:39 PM


在你左右 还有多久 怎么样才能让时间倒流 

每一分每一秒都珍重 握紧的手 不愿放松 

十点半的飞机它在等候 不要再让自己的眼泪流 


要记得~~~ 我们的故事真难忘 太多的回忆和希望

不管它有多疯狂 我愿意一生收藏 我们的故事不能忘 

太多的情节要发展 不要放弃 因为有一天缘分会继续

我知道你寂寞 一个人确实好难过 思念是一种痛 

没有你叫我怎么活 身边充满诱惑 不坚定就容易犯错

你是否能看见未来的收获 你愿意在耐心等候

我们的故事真难忘 太多的回忆和希望 不管它有多疯狂 

我愿意一生收藏 我们的故事不能忘 

太多的情节要发展 不要放弃 因为有一天缘分会继续


we're hot. 10:16 PM


argh. i'm scared. of screwing up the blog again. help! :-S...

we're hot. 10:01 PM

i'm reli sorry peeps. if u haf anything that was accidentally removed for eg the links.. pls put them back. thx a mill! *muacks*

we're hot. 9:22 PM

kns. hai.. i think this blog does not like me. it is prejudiced! because i keep changing its skin. sigh. don mess me up lehz. pls....

we're hot. 8:55 PM

Wednesday, August 27, 2003

wahahaah. been a long time since i last blogged. lets see, sigapore open one whoole week me nv blog, this week crammed full with tests, blah blah. ahhaha steal some time form ite!! ow man! fer the first time i really hate pccg! manz! pregnant woman me?? ow!!! ^&^#&*)@&$^@!$^7 k tht was ment to be extremely valgur. hiax. lets hope mua no need to do the skit! i really don want! NONONONONO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! bah! ow man i will fail the maths quiz! so hard!! :'( sobz ms tan <---- quiz + homework devil! we should haf bought a devil for her teacher's day prezzie! bah. do u think mr shone suspects tht i m bloggin seems like i m tokin a lot though. hee hee ;) oh man i m goin crazy today!

we're hot. 11:57 AM

Tuesday, August 26, 2003

Cheer up, waiyee. Don't be sad...smile!!!

we're hot. 9:39 PM

I am still feeling a sense of helplessness and sadness even though singapore open ended two days ago. Wanted to go singapore open again cause it is the only chance to stay out very, very late with friends. Haha, still remember that we were eating "dinner" at 10 pm and waiyee and tiffany put many straws into the drink and started sucking...so funny loh. Then on sat, the secs 2(june, waiyee, huiyu,eunice and ME) went to eat lunch and we were caught in the rain. we ran back to the stadium and i ended up being the WETEST cause nobody waited for me and i had to wait for the car to pass first before running across the road...so i was in the rain a few minutes longer than the rest of them. Haha, don't know why but i think we had an affinity with rain cause we always got caught in rain like that time during the barbeque. haha, but i think the secs 2 nybters rocks especially cindy cause she was very brave to go up and dance the ketchup dance and the secs 2 + our seniors were screaming like crazy for her. I think we rocked the whole stadium (maybe a bit exaggerated) but anyway cindy won and we were happy like crazy. we also had a lot of fun cheering for the players, Chen Yu and Ronald Susilo although they did not win in the end. Haiz, so many happy memories at the singapore open...oh i forgot to mention that huiyu got to talk to him(u know who lah). Haha, do u know that we are feeling happy for u, huiyu? Haiz, I think i am becoming a bit mad cause when i think of the funny things we did, i would smile to myself...i think i crap too much liao. Okie, i just want to end this by saying that ALL NYBTers ABSOLUTELY ROCKS, especially the SECs 2!!!

we're hot. 9:28 PM


sigh. if u click on the link "touching" on the right side of the blog...... and u go n read it... u'll find that.. actually. its so damn true lorz. :( sigh. i feel like the boy.. only i don haf such understanding parents. hmmph. i wish i had a fence to do that on. sigh. i din finish reading it.. but i got the gist of it. :) its so damn nice lorz. sigh. sigh. hai. some1 buy me a fence n some nails + a hammer for me bdae arhz. :) haha. dunno where to put... sigh. i wish i could get rid of my hot-temperedness.. :( sigh. argh. like thursday nite.. was so damn pissed at huiyu n shaun i started shouting on tiff's phone in the car park of leisure park lorz. then everyone was looking at me. i was like. maniac lorz. screaming n shouting. hai. heng nv wear sch u lorz. ;) so pai seh lorz. wah liao. sigh. u tell me cindy where got ppl go watch s'pore open then go kallang bowl one??!?!! argh. so damn stupid. sigh. hai. waste my thurs nite. gah.

we're hot. 9:17 PM


我的世界 变得奇妙更难以言喻

还以为 是从天而降的梦境

直到确定 手的温度来自你心里

这一刻 我终於勇敢说爱你

一开始 我只顾著看你

装做不经意 心却飘过去

还窃喜 你 没发现我 躲在角落

忙著快乐 忙著感动

从彼此陌生到熟 会是我们从没想过

真爱 到现在 不敢期待

要证明自己 曾被你想起 Really?

我胡思乱想就从今天起 I wish

像一个陷阱 却从未犹豫 相信

你真的愿意 就请给我惊喜

关于爱情 过去没有异想的结局

那天起 却颠覆了自己逻辑

我的怀疑 所有答案因你而明白

转啊转 就真的遇见 Mr.right

我的世界 变得奇妙更难以言喻

还以为 是从天而降的梦境

直到确定 手的温度来自你心里

这一刻 也终於勇敢说爱你

we're hot. 9:04 PM


老唱片听到一半 突然有了灵感

整理之前的混乱 爱原来不难

它存在太多虚幻 终究是古老模样




要给你最传统的浪漫 闪著烛光的晚餐

神奇的力量 打开你平凡认真的心房


扬起白色的风帆 晒一晒久违的太阳

我的求爱复刻版 不用包装


无所谓老掉牙 不需要时髦想法

没创意不需害怕 真心看见了吗

山顶上公园的花 卡片那句情话




要给你最传统的浪漫 吹著晚风到天亮

原始的情感 踏著稳定的步伐在成长


在城堡的屋顶上 晒一晒温暖的月光

我的求爱复刻版 没有包装


要给你最传统的浪漫 闪著烛光的晚餐

神奇的力量 打开你平凡认真的心房

要给你最传统的浪漫 吹著晚风到天亮

原始的情感 踏著稳定的步伐在成长


在城堡的屋顶上 晒一晒温暖的月光

我的求爱复刻版 没有包装


we're hot. 8:59 PM


muahaha. anyway. juz heard from my fren bout sth bad.. haha. bout sec 2s badminton one lorz. hmmm. :( so sad lorz.. me also dunno wat lahz. wat's guai lan? wat's hj and bj? oh man. i think i very the innocent lehz. hmmph. anyway... but dunno whether trustworthy not. hmm. IRC mahz. hmm. :) haha. nvm. anyway. shaun is so guai!!! argh. hmmph.

we're hot. 8:53 PM

Sunday, August 24, 2003

wad can i say? this year's singapore open veri nice!!!
1. well, first muz thankz all my teamates for helping me create chance with _ _ _ _ _ ... lol... especially wai yee... even sacrifice her webquest time... in the end muz hand in late... haha... :P... ok... i came to one conclusion... _ _ _ _ _ is cute!!!
2. helped sumone too... haha... you all should know who right? :P haha... the one with very very sweet smile one :P
3. I saw sumone (haha... u know who you are) piggy back anyuan!!! ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh.... so cute!!! SO CUTE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! everytime i think of it i want to laugh... oh man... too cute for wprds lorz... agree with me sec twos?
4. Ketchup dance!!! cok... i suggest we have a sleepover in pan pacific hotel if cindy doesn't mind... wad do u sae cindy?

we're hot. 10:43 PM

muahaha. finally finish webquest. *claps*. haha. gtg. buaiz. muacks.

we're hot. 9:01 PM

s'pore open

cindy u rock manz. haha. :) u go gal! nice dancing to ketchup song.. now we've earned a one night free stay at the pan pacific! woo hoo!! 3 cheers ppl.. ;)

we're hot. 7:33 PM

Saturday, August 23, 2003

drowning in tears of sorrow. n regret. - huiyi

we're hot. 10:06 PM


如果有一天 我回到从前

回到最原始的我 你是否会觉得我不错

如果有一天 我离你遥远

不能再和你相约 你是否会发觉我已经说再见

当你的眼睛眯著笑 当你喝可乐当你找

我想对你好 你从来不知道 想你想你 也能成为嗜好

当你说今天的烦恼 当你说夜深你睡不著

我想对你说 却害怕都说错 还喜欢你 知不知道

如果有一天 梦想都实现

回忆都成了永远 你是否还会记得今天

如果有一天 我们都发觉

原来什么都可以 无论是否还会停留在这里

也许可是让我想得太多 也许该回到没我

梦里和相遇 就毫不犹豫 大声的说我要说

当你的眼睛眯著笑 当你喝可乐当你找

我想对你好 你从来不知道 想你想你 也能成为嗜好

啦~ 啦~

我想对你说 却害怕都说错 还喜欢你 知不知道

啦~ 啦~

we're hot. 9:33 PM


爱昵 忘了苏醒

我情愿闭上眼睛 任凭此生此世长睡不醒


爱是绝境 幸福的人不远行



不让你的眼睛 再看见人世的伤心



看着你的眼睛 有太多太多泪不停



we're hot. 9:28 PM

[男]半夜睡不着觉 把心情哼成歌 只好到屋顶找另一个梦境
[女]睡梦中被敲醒 我还是不确定 怎会有动人旋律在对面的屋顶
我悄悄关上门 带着希望上去 原来是我梦里常出现的那个人
[男]那个人不就是我梦里那模糊的人 我们有同样的默契
[男]用天线 排成爱你的形状 Ho~Ho~
[女]    用天线 排成爱你的形状 Ho~Ho~
[女]在屋顶唱着你的歌        让星星点缀成最浪漫的夜晚
[男]        在屋顶和我爱的人      浪漫的夜晚
[合]拥抱这时刻 这一分一秒全都停止
[女]在屋顶唱着你的歌        将泛黄的夜献给最孤独的月

[男]        在屋顶和我爱的人     最孤独的月
[合]拥抱这时刻 这一分一秒全都停止[男]爱开始纠结
[女]让我爱你是谁  让你爱我是谁  怎会有动人旋律环绕在我俩的身边
[男]     是我~    是你~  动人旋律环绕在我俩的身边
[女]让我爱你是谁  让你爱我是谁  原来是这屋顶有美丽的邂逅
[男]     是我~    是你~  这屋顶有美丽的邂逅

we're hot. 9:06 PM

*Love me* - Colin Raye.....

I read a note by my grandma wrote

Back in 1923

Grandpa kept it in his coat

And he showed it once to me

He said,'Boy, you might not understand.

But a long, long time ago...

Grandma's daddy didn't like me none

But I love your grandma so

We had this crazy plan to meet

And run away together

Got married in the first town we came to

And live forever

But nailed to a tree where we were suppose to meet

Instead I found this letter

And this is what it's said


If you get there before I do

Don't give up on me

I'll be there when my chores are through

I don't know long I'll be

But I'm not gonna let you down

Darling wait and see

Between now and then

Til I see you again

I'll be loving you

Love me

I read the note just hours before

My grandma passed away

We were walking pass the church

Where me and grandpa stopped to pray

I know I've never seen him cry

In all my 15 years

But as he said these words to her

His eyes filled up with tears


Between now and then

Til I see you again

I'll be loving you

Love me.

we're hot. 8:54 PM

Tuesday, August 19, 2003

haha. going for e s'pore open tom onwards till sun. except on thurs cos i got stupid piano. juz found out that there's afternoon session for s'pore open!!!! ARGH. bleagh. then i'll be missing tom n thurs afternoon session. sigh. :) anyway. hmm. can't wait to go again. i can still remember last yr we were acting like paparazzi. :P did i spell it rite? :) anyway. this yr cannot liao. sigh. :( SIGH. cos muz go home early. sad. sad. sad. sad. sad.

we're hot. 10:34 PM

anyway. this entry is not relevant to nybt lahz. juz wanted to get this out of me. skip this entry if u wan to. its juz a way of venting my feelings. sick n tired of complaining to some "unfortunate" victims that always listen to my whining and sick n tired of struggling to keep it all in. anyway. cindy. sorry :$ i dunno why i exploded juz now. hmm. mite be pms. anyway. cos i couldn't stand it anymore. i mean. not u not going out with us lahz. budden its like u're always bz w/ council stuff n blah. n then u nv like.. try to contribute to the team. ok i noe this sounds bad but i dunno how to put it in milder words. n then mabbe its the guilt of not making the sec 4s prezzie properly which adds on to this. i think i'm a total failure. sigh. when i got back math quiz today was kinda stunned. its the first time i failed anything concerning math. but that day when we were doing the quiz it was like my mind was a blank. couldn't concentrate. i scanned the qns. and thot to myself. who cares? i wanted to hand in bai juan tt time. but i noe i won dui de qi zi ji. so i tried. n i couldn't stop thinking bout things.. well ppl that were reli affecting me at that time. so i did reli badly. sigh. i regret!!! but its too late. i found out that i could do both the qns today when i got back. wanted to do sth drastic. somemore lim yuan brought knife.. haiz. temptation. haha. i noe i sound reli screwed. but. u noe.. stretch a rubber band too far n it'll break. n who'll it hurt? the person who pulled it. well. there were many things that were "pulling" at me. haiz. anyway. haha. i promise i wouldn't cry over anything anymore. :) esp ppl who r out to hurt me. deep. haha. i'm glad i could stick to my promise. i din cry!! :) i think i so wei da. :P ok. *shh* well i did cry once lahz. but it was juz once. muahaha. :P anyway. u noe. i dunno who reads this blog.. but i'm juz gonna say wat i think lahz. but i'll leave names out. i'll use alphabets. this way no link lah u c. A.. this is wat i think about u. u're scared. SCARED of ppl looking down on u. so u try to go to extremes to make them like u. furthermore. u're fake. u always criticise ppl. but like. u're doing it TOO! so looking at it another way u're criticising urself. n u're "evil". not evil in the very worst sense. but u noe. making frens for the motive of showing those around u that u r popular isn't a very good way of keepin ur frens when u've made them. frenship is fragile. as we all noe. also. don use ur frens. why do u hafta blackmouth ur frens? if u don like them, don be frens with them. be like suelynn(no offence to u my dear.) if u don like them. don pretend that u do. show them u don. well. not exactly show. but don be fake ms little sugar dripping saccharine sweet honey. its disgusting. i'll rather u be honest with me than to spread bad rumours bout me. not that i'm not used to it. but it hurts coming from sum1 u tot u cld be lifelong frens at first. reli. i'm not saying this to hurt u. but i juz wanna get it out of my system once n for alll. so i can concentrate on wat's impt too... --> the exams. anyway. moving on to B. u're slightly better. well. haha. mabbe lots better compared to her. budden its like. u noe. if u don agree with her. juz speak up! i mean like. its better than keeping it all in and tolerating sth that u don like. well. that's pretty much all of it. so u can see the large extent. i'm not trying to say anything mean. i juz think that. u noe. mabbe it seems ok to u. but u may be ignorant of ppl's feelings at time. we LIVE LIFE only once. so why not go thru it with sincerity n trust? that's the best thing any fren can give to me. and to all my frens out there. whether past present (or future?).. i love ya. i LOVE ya lots! whether i've lost contact. or don wanna speak to u. but in my heart. u're all my frens. i wish u all the best in ur life. take care.. :) muacks.

we're hot. 8:28 PM

wahahah man! i Video editing! wahahah i can make fang xuan pick her nose over and over agian! wahahahah can make it slow motion! like da matrix! FX! WAHAHAHAHHAHAHA hear me laugh!! :P okie i know i m beng mean. cant help it. ;) u were suaning me thw hoel day. a little revenge :P bah. still gotta go fer chinese remedial!! manz! i failed just by one mark! kek!!! man. out of 17 words u get 4 wrong considered u fail! :'(!!! sad. hiax. don feel like doin any thing right nowz. don feel like editing the damn video.. is like we see it a thousand times lorz. bah!! im sainz! i got nothin to say!! o man! I LOVE JAY! but i m not goin to qiang frm wen hui or fx lol. cat fight me don wanna get involve. shall reslolve to being faithful to edison! ;) *muackz* love him!!! :P k mark shone is wondering why m i typin so much alreasy. buazi!

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Monday, August 18, 2003

u noe.. haf u ever felt that feeling of being all alone in the world? no one cares.. no one even bothers not to care. its then when u've reli experienced the black side of life. crying doesn't help, nothing does. and everyday u go back home wondering. what's wrong? why r ppl ignoring me? scrutinizing every gesture u haf made or every word u had said. wondering whether there was sth u did that made sum1 so angry at u. but the bleak truth is. u did nothing at all. NOTHING absolutely whatever to incur the wrath of people. its juz that they kan ni bu shuang. and start spreading rumours and gossip. this is the evil side of human nature. so its sad when u get to see the dark side of life. cos it ain't rite for anyone to live thru this. so live thru life sparing a thot for others. the worst thing u can do is to be self-centered.

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Sunday, August 17, 2003

Yes, as Defense Minister of Japan, i have decided, yes, to lead Japan to war. For full report of my reasons on why should Japan goto war and kill millions innocents pls refer to Miss June Tan Yi Lin's full report on it. mwhahahahaha!! i finish the most impossible taks!! i completed my history assingment! *pls clap!* *muackz* love myself! wahahahahaha! spent the whole day on it!! now i must remind myself that i m still singaporean and not a Japanese lol. bwah. g2 draw my costume! buaiz! ;)

we're hot. 8:48 PM

juz came back from lunch at jack's place. guess who i saw there? not my bf lah duhz. i noe wat u all thinking. :P and i don haf a bf anyway. hmm. i saw LILIBIRD!!! haha. she went there w/ her family too.. then she ask me why i go there.. i said dunno.. cos my sis wanted to go.. then i asked her why she was there.. she said her bdae! argh. nv tell us.. anyway.. happy bdae lilibird! give u flying cum cyber kiss. *muack*. haha. then i so full.. we had soup w/ garlic bread.. followed by seafood salad.. then i ate t-bone steak.. then had tea.. then ordered banana split.. ( i share w/ sis) haha. so damn full. :P anyway.... now muz pia hw. haven started on webquest yet. kns lorz. :( taz.

we're hot. 3:52 PM

Saturday, August 16, 2003

sigh. ahh! sec 4s farewell party today. so sad! :( almost everybody cried. i din. but i think i'm gonna cry real soon. :'( i feel like digging a hole n burying myself alive in it. so bu hao yi si n guilty! sec 4s treat us so damn nice.. we nv give them their prez today. :( we r so mean.. somemore they sang so nice songs for us.. yu hui also brought her guitar.. argh. gonna cry liao. be back tom. nite. *sniff*

we're hot. 11:30 PM

hahaha... finally finished. :P so late liaoz... :) nvm. nite.

we're hot. 12:22 AM

Friday, August 15, 2003

hmm. scanning again. i don believe i cannot do it. :P haha. juz hope it won disappear again. :)

we're hot. 11:00 PM

wah liao.. i scan the pic.. summore scan so long!! then when i save n close there's nth!! argh. does this mean i hafta do the whole thing again? bleagh. gah. bah.

we're hot. 10:47 PM

anyway.. m finally getting around to scanning the pic that we took in j8 in the june hols. haha. don kill me horz.. cos i finally learnt how to use my scanner a few days ago.. :P.. well.. wait for it!

we're hot. 9:47 PM

sigh. how come it's like i've been slping in chi lessons the whole of this wk? i mean like.. somemore we haf 4 lessons out of 5 days lehz. :( feel so guilty lorz. sigh. :( anyway. sigh. haven started on webquest yet. OH MAN i'm dead. somemore tom bz whole day with bad. stuff. *bad=badminton and not bad.* haha. anyway. sigh. arghz. keep sighing. haiz. anyway. k lahz come back later. anyway. sin yu i did not run away lorz. i was like opposite there n i called ur names u din hear.. then i call ur names + surnames also nv reply.. then finally i say nybt then u all reply. haha. gd to noe that u all put nybt before ur own identity(self) haha. good team spirit. anyway.. sorry lahz. cos i promised sissy i go out w/ her liao mahz. :( anyway. sorry lahz. hmm...

we're hot. 9:23 PM

anyway. u noe why cowards are also called chickens? check out tchs n u'll noe why. no offence to the better ones. juz toking about specific people like.... u don wanna noe.

we're hot. 7:44 PM

heehee. i so thick-skinned. nvm. yepz. i saw it too. wenting u realli veri the farnie lor. hahahehehehoho. she called me and went, sinyu, i haf veri interestin news. can u see the moon? there's dis star near it rite? dats mars leh!!! dun wan u to cuo guo dis ji hui to see mars. hehehh. yeah. its a bit reddish brown...so interestin. yeah. well.erm sometime ago i read in newspaper dat siad to look out for the moon someime these daes cos it'll be the closest that mars has ever gotten to earth and the moon. whoa.....~

btw...todae me wenting and cindy went to jurong pt to get more ideas for sec 4 prezzies. and saw a certain person who goes by the name of THAM WAI YEE. who called us and who walked away when we tried to catch up!!! shouted my name so loudly in jp and refused to tok to us after dat!!!! hmph...nvm. u got ur piano lesson. haiz. oh yeah...we got a new idea!!! well. basically its juz to buy those kinda slippers, plain ones. den we design the slippers ourselves. as in write thier names and stuff. can rite? so unique. special. different.... ok crap. well its juz a suggestn worth considerin rite? so juz give all ur comments!!!

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Thursday, August 14, 2003

Those of you who can see the moon from their windows, do u notice a bright star near the moon?
That's the planet, Mars (according to my brother). I believe it is true cause the star has sorta of a reddish light coming from it and it is brighter and clearer than most of the stars. If u all don't believe me, then go and ask sinyu cause she also saw it!

we're hot. 11:21 PM

vic says im wuliao. frowns. oh laugh hahah. uh. some one tell me what im supposed to bring for the farewell....

we're hot. 2:54 PM

heh.k shall not comment on the colour then. but. yah. yah. ah!!! just flunked my sci! please clap!! 1 mark to fail. hiax. shall be a good gal frm now onwards and not blog so much online so much and watch so so much tv. ow man the bell! k g2g buazi!

we're hot. 12:33 PM

Wednesday, August 13, 2003

er-hmmm. btw if u haf any comments about our blog.. pls feel "free" to drop by the tagboard.. but do NOT.. i repeat. NOT comment on the colour. haha. :) anyway.. it doesn't look like shit ok.. don be mean. haha. its chocolate lorz. :P haha. cannot accept reality.. O:-)

we're hot. 12:03 PM

Tuesday, August 12, 2003

come see!! haha. :) spent almost an hour on this. don u dare criticise it!! *shakes finger.* haha. enjoy!

we're hot. 10:05 PM

Monday, August 11, 2003

haixz ppl i think u all owe me big lorz. its always me who does up the blog. :( i think i so wei da. muahah. jkjk. but seriously i like spent 2 hours since i on the comp which was like 7.15. so... haiz. anyway.. i saved a copy of the html form. so if any1 screws up we'll haf back up. i'm sick n tired of having to redo everything. anyway. i think i'm gonna fall aslp in 5 min time. YAWN. big one. last nite oni slept 5 hours so ke lian. but can't wait for s'pore open n bbq. we rawk. k. zai ci gao bie. bb.

we're hot. 10:33 PM

hmm. why is our blog so UNIQUE!!!??? why can't it scroll to the very bottom??? arhz.. argh. argh. so kek. tried every means of getting it to work. n still haven touched work. shoot. :(:(:( so mean. haiz. all spoilt cos cannot scroll down. then wat's the use of seeing us blog? argh. bleagh. gah. can sum1 pls solve this prob.. i'm drying up all my brain juices thinking bout this. n i haf TRIED EVERYTHING. EVERYTHING lorz. still can't work. sian. :(

we're hot. 7:59 PM

Time flies and our nation's birthday had also past. This year had been a memorable year with so many things happening around us like SARS, terrorist attacks and the Iraq war. All this events had a great impact on our country and bringing our economy even lower. Lots of retrenchments and pay cut have since been exercised by more and more companies and getting more and more people to be affected. However, we should not be disheartened and should still be positive about the prospect of our nation. This year, strangely, less homes are putting up our nation's flags outside their homes. What does this show? Less people feeling towards Singapore due to the economy crisis we are facing or what is it?

Also, let's not forget about caring for our love ones and to buy them presents (hint hint). Especially for their birthday. Let's not forget about sharing the joy and be positive towards our nation. More news at www.chanelyou.com.

we're hot. 7:55 PM

k my darlings, present!! da sec 3s haf already made thier t-shirts so we have to abandon tht idea, the last time we did discussed a few ideas shall we adopt one of them??
- the small t-shirts( super mini small those tht are fer deco oni no one sane would try squeezing into tht, right)
-felt heart tht we sew ourself ( man!! time!!)
- Wire names
- badges
-eh i cant remember what was the last one. hm someone remind me k?
next thing! DARLINGS!! remember we need to but the stuff fer the bbq!
- June <--- Butter
-A Y E <---- Honey
- Sin yu <----- taiwan sausage
- Hui yu <---- otah (80)
- Kristy <----- Fans! (try to borrow) (dun buy) (this is optional)
- Cindy <----- Charcoal
- Wen Ting <----- Fire starter
- Captain <----- Charcoal , Wire Gauze
eh is eunice bring ani thing?? i donno lez! man it shld be right! okie remember to bring!! muackz! i help ya change liao(cindy)

we're hot. 6:29 PM

Sunday, August 10, 2003

laugh and oh i tell you i love my science test and i hope i score well... something to be proud of...

and oh i so love my art. yay! my room rocks yeah? for those who have visited.

and yay someone get me jay's ye hui mei!!! bwah. bu la ge guang chang is so nice and yes junnie darling i finally downloaded and heard dang ni gu dan...

oh. someone please tel me when's the farewell thing.

laugh... as for ite, im doing FOOTage fetish... laugh.

acks im like stuck in the middle of tons of homework... i hate sundays.

hey next year lets go ndp together. lol. i'm rambling. so much to say and i type bloody slow. the topics are jumping all around too!! yayyyyy

and well, something disturbing happened lately in my gep batch. wont tell till im ready. sigh.

oh well. yayyyyyyyyyyyy someone tell me i rock!! yayyyyyy laugh laugh...

the above is all thus classified as nonsense. well, wai yee told me to blog. woohooooooooooooooooo :bowling:

ciao. zwing loves all.

we're hot. 8:25 PM

hmm. so sian. can't seem to accomplish anything today. :( sad. haiz. muz be all these ppl getting to me. anyway.. can't seem to find anything today either. sigh. failure manz. wanna put song on blog but can't find my html notes. so horrible. hmm. muz find. then can play my fav song. anyway. i wish wkends would go on continuously. then can slack. haiz. help. bleagh. muzn't let anything affect me already. else can't study. so all u baddies out there... STAY AWAY!! or else... *evil cackle*. ok. enuff nonsense.. anyway. friday was. fun..? in the morning.. we sang our hearts out.. hmm. not a very correct word. we shouted/screamed our lungs out wld be more correct in a practical sense. haha. wah liaoz. by the end of the session i couldn't scream lorz. haha. but that was after the nybt got together. sad to say... 202 wasn't that enthu. however.. we had fangxuan.. whose behavior had us clutching our sides in hysterical laughter. muahaha. u can imagine. anyway.. we tried a 202 wave.. oni it din work cos ppl din wanna try it. haha. left me n fx there jumping like dunno wat.... mentally disturbed patients. but was ok lahz. then we found NYBT!!! *eyes shine*. haha. act was cindy pulled me n june to sec 4s there.. (wai san chermaine n ailin).. then we spread out and started pulling ppl along.. haha. all e sec 2s except kristy(we couldn't find her) and most of the sec 3s and 4s. sec 3s --> not v enthu.. had to pull shu ching and ask her to gather the sec 3s. bud in e end was quite successful. haha. proves that shu ching is a gd captain? haha. anyway. janine.. so unenthu. hmmph. :P haha. anyway. most ppl were there. oh ya. i forgot the sec 1s. dunno what they doing lahz.. haha. then we went to the back of the quad. and started screeching everybody's ears off... haha. u can imagine. then i was like. out of tune lorz. ermz well. not out of tune lahz. is horrible-ly out of tune. O:-) then my voice was hoarse.. haha. then capt was looking at me with a disgusted expression on her face. sigh. :( so mean rite? capt.. why u so unenthu.. well.. then we went over and dragged yuhui.. then she.. another unenthu one. hmm. i think capt's haf some secret code w/ each other not to participate madly in activities. haha. anyway.. then i made her sing. haha. i think she sang juz to get me ( the horrible-ly out of tune person) out of her hearing range. haha. :) but it worked! so in the end we enjoyed ourselves tremendously. haha. oh. n. bernice and jia shee!!!! muz be more enthu also!! oni u all not singing.. :P haha. muz sing k? *encouraging smile* no need to be shy.. next to me u can sound like britney spears. haha.. *i'm a slaaaaave for u.* anyway. it was so fun.. bud too short. haha. then most sec 2s went to eat breakfast b4 trg n lame kristy got off a stop early and had to walk there. haha. anyway. then we saw ch bad. team. hmm. not gd. esp when u're eating breakfast. haha. k lah don be so mean. no offence arhz. if u're seeing this.. anyway... we trained.. then was so tired.. from *vibrating* in the quad to bouncing in the hall. haha. like some molecule. anyway. mr wee so nice.. *3 cheers for mr. wee* let us forego pt cos we too tired.. haha. so nice rite? haha.. then after that.. the rest is history. (refer to entry on ndp eve)

we're hot. 8:03 PM

sorry.. sth happened to the template.. THERE WAS NTH THERE!! so i had to reset everything again.. its not my fault. haha. :) so sin yu pls "revive" the tagboard k? n sum1 change the colour of the font again cos i dunno how to.. :P kk.. btw june.. nth happened. :D hehe. n cindy.. we do not need to noe about some united starlet. haha. :) oh. and if anybody has anymore links pls go edit. that's all i noe. unless... hmm. don wan lahz. u ppl go edit k? i will go find out more. :) kk... muz do hist ws. haha. bb.. *wave*

we're hot. 6:16 PM

I don understand both of you. man very cheem.what's goin on??

we're hot. 1:55 PM

Saturday, August 09, 2003

I was not targeting at anything or being against s'pore...i was just trying to state the fact clear so that u wont mislead the audience...thank you...btw...you do owe me a treat k...

we're hot. 11:32 PM

Watford have postponed their First Division clash with Coventry because it is believed striker Jimmy Davis was killed in a car crash earlier this morning.

The 20-year-old had joined the Hornets on a year's loan from Manchester United this summer.

A statement from Watford read: 'Watford Football Club wishes to clarify the reason for the postponement of today's game against Coventry City.

'The club was advised by the police that a road traffic accident occurred on the M40 this morning arising from which a person was killed. The police have informed the club that they suspect it to be 21-year-old Jimmy Davis.

'The reason for our delay in this further announcement was on police advice - in order for Jimmy's next of kin to be informed.'

Davis went out on loan to Swindon last season, making 15 appearances for the Second Division club and scoring three goals.

He made his solitary appearance for the Red Devils in a Worthington Cup defeat to Arsenal on November 5, 2001.

Following his loan spell at Swindon, he returned to Old Trafford and was on the bench for the Champions League clash away to Deportivo La Coruna in March.

He signed professional forms with United in July 1999.

United boss Sir Alex Ferguson said: 'You could not meet a nicer and more bubbly character than Jimmy Davis.

'He was a player with real potential, that's why we sent him to Watford this season. At 21 he had great promise. We are all really sad. It's terrible news.'

A further statement from the Red Devils read: 'Everyone at Manchester United is devastated to hear about Jimmy's tragic death. We send our sincere condolences to his family and many friends. He will be sadly missed.'

The accident on the M40 happened in the early hours of the morning in Oxfordshire.

The footballer's grey BMW 3-series was in collision with a DAF lorry as both vehicles were travelling southbound just before 5am.

Davis was pronounced dead at the scene and two lanes of the carriageway were closed while investigators examined the scene.

At 12.20pm Hertfordshire police issued a statement confirming the fixture had been cancelled and advised fans who had already started their journey to turn back.

The driver of the lorry was uninjured and a spokesman for Thames Valley police believed there was only one occupant in the BMW.

Police were continuing to investigate and called for anyone who witnessed the accident to contact them at 1800-hi-again. More news at www.chanelyou.com.

we're hot. 11:24 PM

sorry cindy. i was pissed at sth/sum1 just now.. :( don be mad at me k? sorry... i buy u drink next trg. ;-)

we're hot. 10:21 PM

btw cindy. they did say they adapted it or sth in the credits. u juz din c it. and why can't u be as supportive of s'pore as u r towards NYBT? pls lahz... where do ur loyalties lie badminton player... plus that was juz my personal opinion... its ok for ppl to haf a mind of their own u noe... btw i think it was from "children of heaven"..

we're hot. 9:28 PM

I dun agree that s'pore has outdone itself on this movie cos this movie is a direct copy from another movie which was produced in some other countries which i forgot. The story line is all the same as of that movie. The movie has been shown in s'pore before during the arts fest. I watch it before twice. :P

we're hot. 9:19 PM

a highly innovative and moving story that plays with ur emotions... that addresses issues... like the water issue... n alot about facing & meeting life's challenges... highly inspiring... not to mention tear-moving. s'pore has outdone itself on this movie... more like a work of art. a masterpiece. this movie also has a sense of humour.. it's also better than "i not stupid"... not gonna encourage u guys out there to watch it.. cos if u don... its ur own loss. i've watched it. i wanna watch it again. mabbe even more than the 4 times i watched "i not stupid". hmm. p.s. if u're feeling lonely, down, sad, or any emotion related to giving up.. pls go n watch it. personally, it reli did a lot for me. :)

we're hot. 8:37 PM

hey. when the whole population of s'pore is watching the parade on tv or live.. poor lonely lil me is here... quite pathetic. but nvm. as the sec 1s say... "life of the tormented n pathetic souls".. or is it the other way round? dunno.. dun care... anyway... no trg today. feel so down... eh.. be back later.. taz.

we're hot. 8:26 PM

Friday, August 08, 2003

hey ppl.. juz woke up from my "nap". haha. finished eating dinner... now still so tired. *yawn* but today so fun! even though there was no PT[:-(], i think all the "singing"(screaming) and bouncing around was equivalent to that. :-) haha. so fun!!!! haha.. budden celebrations a bit the too little.. only 2 hours.. haha. but managed to get the most out of it. anyway... today we watched jaws at my house. haha. so stupid lorz. :P we swear we won go into the water anymore. :) haha. then we played cluedo. :):) so u can imagine.... we were quite bored. anyway.. tom no trg. hmm. good/bad? haha a bit disorientated now.. so if u dunno wat the crap i'm toking.. bear wif me.. i wanna go back to slp. *yawn* can't even open my eyes.. all cos sum1 kept me up till the wee hours of the morn. haha. i even fell asleep on the phone lorz. so pathetic. anyway, haha!!! juz remembered. today i was praised on my piano-playing skills!! haha. by none other than the..... Sweet Handsome Adorable Understanding & Nice guy. haha. so heng nv play wrong note lorz.. else will be very the malu. :) oh. haha. n tt reminds me of the 'wedding march' i played when they came over for frenly. haha. according to dear huiyu.. "everyone turned around n stared".. haha. but heng piano hidden sumwhere backstage(dunno why. :P hint) then nobody could c me. haha. n huiyu.. juz tell him that my house is NOT big. it isn't reli.. haha. compared to capt's one. :) 16th August 2003... sec 4s farewell bbq at maplewoods fanny's home.. hmm. sigh. 天下无不散之宴席.. so.. we hafta say gdbye sooner or later.. parting is such sweet sorrow.. hmm. especially when u're going and no1 gives u a present. *hint*. ppl we needa get a prezzie for sec 4s!!! ahh!!! we haf exactly a wk to do that.. how do u propose we do it?.. welcome to all ideas from everyone.. 天呀,救救我吧.. haha.

we're hot. 9:47 PM

Thursday, August 07, 2003

haha...nvm lah...last year my monitress like forgot dunno how many times liao and what the clerk says is its your class again...so since this is your first time dun take it so hard...dun target Shir Li...you are so bad...haha...

we're hot. 8:58 PM

hiax. man. today we took back out history paper!! *eyes wide open!!* nope no way i m not tellin my marks nowz.yea.no. but its alright. i m not comiting suicide. don worry!! but lol. xiao tong cired. this is bad. i hope she is alright. Don take it too hard darling!! hiax. our class highest??!! man she is no human!! Shirli!!!! i shall beat u in HISTORY!!! WATCH OUT!!!! WATCH!!! mwhahahahaha. and i m still slackin here! man. that's a fat hope. hahaha. k second thing!! lol!! PE!! WAHAHHAHAAHAH!!! man. huiyi. u don mind if i tell them ritez? wahahhaha. yea. don care. we were playin a modified version of rounders, yea and it was hui yi's turn to bat. man!! *hilarious!* oh man i cant continue! can u imagine our overall team score was less than 10! we were beaten flat!! oh man!! :'(! this is sheeshed!! wahahahah! hiax. this could be the most unlucky day of me life! hiax. first i forget to return keys to the GO ( fer those who donno its the General Office) hiax. had to call them up to apologise. next i left the donation $$ in a envelope tht i handed in to Tiffany( 2/3 one ) for the Grad mag. !!!! oh man!!!! what m i doin today!!! *beats self* hiax.. goin mad!! junnie!! wake up!

we're hot. 6:33 PM

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Rumours have been spreading since last week about the possibility of cUtE BoMbInG today and the police force has also since been increasing the security level around the nation. People believed that its today because it is the activation date of cUtE BoMb's broadband internet access. Truly enough, the terrorists still got to bomb the wOrLd oF oUr oWn again and this time more accurately into the main building. This bombing at the centre is the second time and the first time was the time where the bomb hit the fountain. This time was also more serious causing the death of 8 and 1 to be injured. They were all found in the centre. Fortunately, due to the last bombing, less people went there and it was during off-peak hours. Now, clearing up process is taking place and the relatives of those who die in the bombing are told to come and recognise the bodies. The police force are still now finding the hiding place of the terrorist but to no avail. More news at www.chanelyou.com.

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Tuesday, August 05, 2003

hmm.. well.. being in one of the *eLiTe* schs is no easy feat u noe... we haf to slog like snails. sigh. anyway.. exams coming in like....... exactly 2 mths time from now!! argh.. so scary.. muz work reli reli reli reli hard.. at least do better than last yr.. slack thru the whole end of year exams. sigh. so bad rite? haha.. anyway... cindy.. don sad liao lahz.. i can even let u cont "cute bombing". O:) its ok when u don meet ppl's standards sometimes... don be an overachiever.. i haf a sentence for u.. "take life easy.. no one ever gets out alive anyway".. don cry liaoz k? though i noe janet's voice is horrible-ly loud.. i m sure i can do better. haha. so juz imagine that i'm crapping in ur ear as usual. :P it works. :) first time i've seen u cry.. let it be the first n the last. hmm. well.. mabbe.. second last. haha. i can "allow" u to cry when we're parting from ny. haha. but that's in 2 yrs time. anything can happen.. haha. m i crapping? hmm.. anyway.. juz don take it too hard.. it isn't like *SUM1* dump u rite? haha. the blank is for u to fill in urself. i also dunno.. u nv tell me.. nvtheless.. (see i so chim.. sick of "anyway" liaoz) nybt will support u! even if u noe i don like council alot.. well.. mabbe not at all.. but... even when u r down in the pits n need support we will support u!! haha. we r forever loyal.. *hint hint*... we won ignore u like......... haha. leave it to u to think. even when u say u're not part of nybt n u're ONI in bball n council.. we tolerate. haha. :) we so nice rite? hmm..newae.. (this is diff from anyway O:]) we love u.. haha. don sad k? :) oh. and lastly.. pls wash ur knees before its too late.. its even blacker than the ny corridors.. i beg u.. u won regret it. :) hmm. that's bout all.. now muz reli go pia liaoz.. so much hw.. act is i slack the past few days.. but newae.. tata..

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muahahaha.... yoyoyo ppl.. :P i'm back. anyway.... so sian!! later muz do pt.. sigh. all because we help bballers.. haha. hao xin mei hao bao.. anyway.. yay... sec 4s farewell "party" (bbq) coming... haha. the shirt how? i think sec 3s already done everything liaoz.. for their shirt.. sigh.. then us how? aiyah.. stress coming... exams confirm starting in exactly two months.. *rub hands in anticipation* i can't wait. ha. my big toe arhz. anyway... mark shone's son is sooooooooo cute!!! haha. don worry. he's juz 1 1/2 yrs old.. no danger.. muahaha.. anyway.. gtg.. muz edit video.. sissy look so... cute n funny.. haha. :)

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oh my. the it teacher look so fierce. man. this is bad.. fx once again asked me to tell the whole world tht mark shone is very handsome. gosh she is mad!!!! siao za bo!! sian!! my video very nice!

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Monday, August 04, 2003

Sorry wai yee!! i didnt mean it must be type too fast. i m double checking every thing i m typing nowz.. lol taking a long time!! k who agrees with the colour of the blog nowz!! rise yer hands!! bwahahhaha!! i m just so lazy to do anything at all today! argh!! guilty! WAHAHAHHAAH Cheong wen ting! or hor..!! *wags finger* ran away frm malay culture lesson arz!! notti!!!! bwahahahha me shall be a good gal and have lotsa of moral courage! stand up fer justice!! yes!!! i shall report to teacher! bwahahhaha :P I M SO BORED! and nowz dey forced me into deleting kazza! :'( no more songs *waves good bye to all 800 ++ songs* shall be noe and forever more a good gal and oni buy cds!! o ya FX still wanted me to post tht mark shone is very shuia *earth to FX*

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Sunday, August 03, 2003

sigh. open house reli sucked. there were like this measly few ppl walking around.. sigh..... anyway........... yesterday was.. hmm. welll... BORING. anyway june... u spelt 'beautiful' wrongly. so now u're BEATIFUL. wow.. and i'm not THEM WHY YEE. that is a gross distortion of my name!!! i protest....... :P..... that's even worse than hawaii lorz.. how can lidat??? (A) i'm such an angel... i mean like... i'm so guai lorz. :) haha. juz read this lame mail that june sent. so stupid lorz.. bout ACS(I) guys. haha. how true manz.. where's suelynn arhz.. muz tell her. haha. too bad don haf her mail... :) hmm. anyway.... enough crapping.. anyway.. tag the tagboard!!!!

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Friday, August 01, 2003

hiax hiax. june, *puke puke*... -_-" hehehehhh...okie geddit? hahah...now the blog has becum veri interestin...hmmm gd progress...btw. i add tagboard okie? but i dunno whether there will be the problem of the pg getting stuck below the tagboard again...sIaNzzzz.wanna change layout. but since my taste not exactly considered gd, i'll not touch the template other den adding the tagboard okie? okie. hmmm. wad else to write. seems so short lyk dat. there. crappin all the way now. yay. nanyang open day tmr. not realli involved in it. hehehh. badminton board half-finished. "eternal love......Mr Wee" hahahahahhahhehehehohohoho...well photos weren't exactly great. erm. shan't elaborate. okie. sch's so hellish now. and i haf absolutely nth more to crap liao. tazie.

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Can I, June Tan Yi Lin, age 14, sex F( very sure of tht) status: Beatiful right nowz, please change the backgrd colour of our now extremely ugly blog( cuz it is plain, ya). Suggestions welcome! And darling if u send me the pictures i can put on the blog. And one more question u all wanna change the templete of the blog? ( a better lay out) ya.

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