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Sunday, June 29, 2003

er paiseh ppl...finally noe wad waiyee was toking abt liao..din get wad she meant at first...k..if the pg gets stuck like at the bottom of the tagboard...juz click the june archive to see the full thing again. paiseh dunno why dis thing happened. everything's in the archive lah. k?

we're hot. 2:48 AM

eh ppl tagboard's up again liao. go tag!!! er dis pink how? can or not? actualli qte yucky lah...but dat previous yellow a bit too bright. yepz. and pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls pls somebody pls go get the other five to join....they veri the S-L-O-W lor...haiZzz. btw notice the cursor? it's a shuttle!!! heh. bbuai.

we're hot. 2:33 AM

k...juz wanna add sth to the bbq entry...yeah..we played dis game dat dae lah...hmm it all started at kap rite? heez. is capt or waiyee start one yeah? k den they started wanting to play the game...which started like dis: one chicken pok lai pok qu pok chu chicken pox. hehe eunice thot it up. paiseh forgot wad the original lines were. yepz. me not another dory thankkew...haha den we tried it out and sort of realised it was missing sth...den somebody added *pok pok keh* to the end so dat it sounds like dis: one chicken pok lai pok qu pok chu chicken pox POK POK KEH. two two chicken chicken pok pok lai lai pok pok qu qu pok pok chu chu chicken chicken pox pox POK POK KEH POK POK KEH. haha...making up for our deprived childhood...*how old are we ah?*hehe. den we had to go round the table wif one person saying one word...den suddenly shermeen and mongoose came along...den shermeen was like holding dis cup of yucky looking choc sundae and stirring it arnd wif the spoon...i mean i see i alreadie want to puke liao lor...yeah den we demo the game to her...and she said whoever make mistake will hafta drink dat cup of watery yucky pukey sundae...yepz so we played. and eunice happened to be dat unlucky person. well i muz sae she veri brave lor...she used a STRAW to suck up the so called ice cream...when suddenly...*tension buildin up*...she jumped up, slapped her hand over her mouth and ran to the toilet! *gasp* and we asked dat horrible terrible incorrigible shermeen...our simply wonderful fantastic senior...wad she put inside dat cup of pukey sundae. guess wad? turned out to be 1)chilli..dat mac sweet chilli. 2)coke. *ewww* 3)ice cream and choc fudge. and mabbe some others dat i forgot. and of cos we were like "WAD???!!!!!!" and shermeen rushed to the toilet to check on the poor eunice. and luckily she turned out alright...if not...shermeen...u die. haha. yeah dat was in kap. den at capt's hse...we started playin again...den they came up wif dis punishment of pouring the water in the watercan over ur head if u make mistakes. well...stoopid me couldn't keep up and i SUPPOSEDLY was supposed to haf 5 watercans rite? haahha...everyone forgot...hehe...but nvm rest assured i got wet too...yeah waiyee...keep on spraying me wif the water bombs...heh nvm i got revenge too..hiax. *strokes chin evilly*k dat's it. lol. tazie.

we're hot. 2:25 AM

Friday, June 27, 2003

oh.. and cindy came for trg today. WHEE!!! finally. haha. welcome back cindy.. we missed u. :) haha.. btw.. SLC= Stupid Lousy Councillors.. haha.. kk.. reli gtg do work. bb!

we're hot. 9:13 PM

haha.. when i went blog and saw that i din end off for the bbq entry.. so.. here i m! haha.. yoyo ppl.. got miss me not.. ok. stop ego-ing.. well... act nth much happened lahz.. we juz found out that we had a deprived childhood compared to capt.. cos we like were clueless about the PUMPS! haha.. still cannot believe it. i nv new u could use the balloon pumps that way... anyway... we basically pigged out and din do any thing.. cos capt's uncle and auntie were bbq-ing everything.. and oh ya. not to mention.. capt's maid. auntie marilyn! hope i got her name rite.. anyway.. it was v fun.. then capt mom was so nice.. keep serving us.. feel so pai sehz... ;) haha.. still v fun though.. haha. the "best" part was when her mom called capt's bro come down. haha. so funny. she said, "sing yang.. u're wanted". haha. cos me n chio bu were bout to knock on the door.. so we were quite shocked.. so we were giggling like.. *lovesick* fools. haha.. anyway.. finally got to see capt's bro... haha.. then after we went back.. i sat eunice's car lahz.. haha. then we entered the car in a very.. UNDIGNIFIED MANNER. haha.. but that was quite ok lahz.. then it was so cold... then eunice's bro/dad help me turn down the air con. haha. so nice. anyway.. i was so pai sehz lorz. cos eunice's whole family was there.. so we called capt and crapped for a while. then hung up. haha. that was LAME. anyway.. then EVERYBODY started toking in hokkIEN! and being the deprived person i was.. i couldn't understand anything. sigh. sigh. sigh. why din any1 teach me dialect? haha.. anyway.. i got home safely.. in one piece.. but wet. haha. don mistake hor. one piece.. not one piece swimming suit. haha. watever.. being lame.. and that was the glorious end of our bbq! yay!!!!! let's cross our fingers and hope for more in the future.. well.. tata! ;) urs truly. lol

we're hot. 9:11 PM

haha... yea yea.. i guess the title says it all.. we went to watch charlies angels!! muahahaha.. sigh. but not full team.. eunice sick. :( cindy n hui yu nv go. sigh........ dunno why lehz.. why arhz cindy? ok. muz go trg tom and ask u.. anyway.. haha. so funny. wah liaoz the cinema damn cold!!! haha. bud before that i think we already very the cold cos of the desserts we ate. muahahhahahaha. i ate sweet corn ice lahz.. then so nice.. but so cold.. summore i nv bring skirt. sigh. so stupid rite? haha.. watever.. then *sum ppl* also don wanna go back home help me bring jacket.. haha.. make me almost freeze to death while watching chio bu until nose bleed. hahaha. i'm gonna kill u. hahah. :P. oh ya.. as i was saying.. hmm. what was i saying? haha. ok.. then.. i juz realised. ALL OF U STILL OWE ME MONEY! haha.. $$$$$.. so money face rite? haha. mommy still owes me.. hmm. $18 + $25.. thats.. $43. whoa.. haha. i'm rich.. $$ anyway.. the show was.. well.. as how action movie goes lorz.. 5/6 u see things exploding.. chiobu jumping around and getting vintage(or is it vantage) pts of.... haha. don say it out. haha. well... the plot was... there lahz.. but during the show like non-existent lidat. well.. budden got chio bu see.. haha. so nvm lahz. but i think the first one nicer. anyway.. after being freezed to death. *hint hint*... we went down lahz. then we were hungry.. so go delifrance buy choc muffin. haha so fattening. anyway... MUAHAHAHA. this is the good part. haha... NI3 YAO4 GEN1 WO3 ZUO4 PENG2 YOU3 MA1? haha. the magic words were spoken to capt. muahahahahah.. then she look so................................................ SHOCKED. haha.. then wenting helped her reject.. cos june was laughing.. then kristy was still in delifrance. then me n chio bu were like.. *rolls eyes*.. *look away*.. and exclaiming.. "AGAIN???!!!?!". hahaahhahahaha. obviously, we have had similar past experiences.. but whatever. haha. then................. kristy came out. when everything was finished.. so she missed the good part.. well anyway.. then we saw the BBS BT hovering around. haha.. then we were wearing team shirt.. they also.. then we were like....... GLARING at each other and stuff... haha. not ego lahz.. but we prettier.. :) i mean.. seriously. hahahaha. then we went home lorz.. :) so fun.. u noe wat's the moral of today's experience? haha. don go places crowded with ah bengs/lians.. or the magic words will be spoken to u. muahahah. evil grin. well.. gtg devote myself to work. (as if). haha.. anyway.. cya! there.. i've recorded this down.. can RIP.. so buaiz!

we're hot. 9:04 PM

Wednesday, June 25, 2003

haha isnt the colour nice... heys someone with nice fonts on your comp change the font that shows on the posts please... this font is the best i can get on mine... ahhhh this sucks. trebuchet ms. bwah... raining now. sighs. lots of homework to do and which i cant do or dont feel like doing. oh sigh. school sometimes is terrible. i wont be able to finish my homework. bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.bah.

we're hot. 12:55 PM

Tuesday, June 24, 2003

haha.. all of you will love me to death.. I CHANGED BACK THE TEMPLATE!! haha... but the poor tag-board's still not here yet.. where are thou chio bu? come save us! ;) lol..

we're hot. 7:25 PM

Monday, June 23, 2003

haha.. pai sehz ppl.. stop halfway.. cos i was at my neighbour house n had to go home.. to eat lychee. (rather incredulous expression). haha. anyways.. where was i? haha.. ok.. i think i haven started. hmm.. rite? ok dokey.. anyway.. we left at 4. haha. norm we leave at 5!! ooh lala. ;) anyways.. as i was saying.. THE CHICKENS WE SAW ON 74 were so ermz.. dud. haha. ok. that's beside the pt. anyway.. we reached capt's house in one piece (thankfully) and HER DOG IS SO CUTE!!! tisa tisa tisa.. haha. then this dumbo bimbo aka leong sin yu kept calling it BOY. so dumb rite? hahahaha. she was like "here boy.." and "good boy".. laff until can see my.. wat's that arhz capt. wait i go ask. sigh. din get the chance to find out. anyway.. it's that thing hanging at the back of ur throat. yup.. then she said it was ultra disgusting.. then i :D and continued laffing. hehe. who cares. i'm a barbarian. ;) hehe. then yup.. the food was so yummy!! :)

we're hot. 8:38 PM

Sunday, June 22, 2003

co-nie-chi-wa!!! haha. lame spelling. watever. ;) haha. so happy about the bbq!!! and.. juz to make this clear. i M NOT interested in capt's brother. muahahahahahaha. hahahahahahaha. hahahahahahaha. even if he's ....'s senior. or sth. watever. muahahahaha. nvm. ;) the BBQ so fun!!! ah!!! then somemore wenting got come in the end. hahahahahaha. budden.. sigh.. sigh.. the UNGRATEFUL one nv come. sigh. and june also. cos... (i hope u don mind me saying this out) she got cramps. sigh. so only got 7 of us. haha. u wan me give detailed account? can.. budden... ok. nvm. i muz sacrifice for the gd of this blog. muahaha. so wei da. muahahaha. don laff lahz. i v the nice one lehz. show patriotism. haha. yong chi bu dang. watever. anyway.. back to the main topic. BBQ! arhz.. SO FARN ARHZ.. for those who haf nv been to a bbq before. u lousy arhz. ;) watever. anyway..

we're hot. 9:45 PM

Friday, June 20, 2003

haha.. its ME again! bonjour tout le monde.. i betcha sum of u out there might think my title weird.. but.. lemme tell u. normally i haf nth.. absolutely NOTHING against food.. but today.. sigh. pissed me off like s*it lehz. wah liaoz. capt was there. she shd noe. cos we were like deciding wat to eat lahz.. then of course so big grp (there were 7 of us) then take very long to decide rite? then we were at bishan junction 8 the food junction.. standing in front of the tepan yaki stall.. then we were quite indecisive lahz.. well.. we are gals.. haha.. O:-) haha. then THAT GUY.. lemme put emphasis on THAT GUY.. was so.... "ungentlemanly" like lorz. wah liaoz. kek me until half dead arhz. oh ya. btw when i say THAT GUY it meant one of the shop owners.. ( i guess.. if i owned the shop i wouldn't hire him to work for me..) yah.. then he had this tattoo on his arm. then was like quite beng and stuff lahz. then he was like.. already dishing out the things for us liao.. and we haven decide yet. sigh. sigh sigh. he noe how to do business one or not?!?! then was like in the end.. only 2 out of the 7 of us.. (me and capt) decided to eat there lahz. cos pai seh wat. then he was like insulting the rest of us lorz. saying wat "bu4 gou4 peng2 you3" kinda stuff. wah liaoz. if i not wearing sch u i sure tok back one. :@ k*n*S. sigh. watever. then it was like eunice also quite pai seh then come over join us lorz. then thru out the whole meal i was like... [though the food was quite nice. muahaha. O:-)] BLACKED-FACE. sigh. so kek at him lorz. then when we finish we left.. then after that we dunno sit there wait for chio bu to finish her fried rice then he walked past us.. then said sth i couldn't hear.. well as all of u noe i got hearing prob. haha. but i am positive.. well. even 100% sure it was nth gd. muz go ask eunice wat he said. hmmph. then make me so angry. i think it was like (in chi lahz) "nv eat here still sit for wat".. well.. sth along that lines. wah liaoz. KEK MANZ.. haha. sigh. shall not waste my time on this kinda of ppl. anyway.. I CAN GO FOR THE BBQ!!! ahhh so happy we're gonna haf a blast.. too bad wenting can't come.. nvm she'll be in our thots. hmmph. not like some ppl. always we go out she not there one. hmmph. STUPID>>> shall not reveal her name here. but i'm sure u all noe who she is. hmmph. so angry at her liaoz. sigh. :@ nvm.. we muz learn to tolerate and understand each other. but i still can whine rite? ;) haha. STUPID SLC. STUPID SLC. STUPID SLC. hmmph. so there. vent my anger.

we're hot. 10:36 PM


we're hot. 10:11 PM

hi! =p

we're hot. 10:09 PM

Thursday, June 19, 2003

haha.. why like only me posting.. haha. nvm. then i shall talk my fill... ;) don complain arhz.. :P haha.. i went to watch JU-ON!!! and i survived. muaha. ;) 详情请�我询问。muaha dunno whether u all can read or not.. but it basically says... want details? come ask me. haha. actually.. it was pretty scary. haha. n a few parts here and there were quite disgusting. haha. shall not try to act "macho" and say it was no big deal.. later sum1 come laugh at me. muahaha. ;) oh.. and i watched FINDING NEMO too!!! ahh!! so nice.. haha. that dory so damn cute.. got dunno wat short term memory loss.. u all better go and watch! it rox haha.. that darla so farnie. haha. insult to me n all ppl wearing braces man. muahaha. hehe. ;) kk.. shall not blabber on and on and on and on and on and on and on... will bore u all to death. well.. be back soon.. nitez!

we're hot. 10:44 PM

Tuesday, June 17, 2003

haha.. yay... 3 cheers for capt.. we're gonna haf a bbq at her house on sat! grinz. hehe. plus we'll be having cream+water+coke bombs! woolahlah! hehe.. rubs hands in glee.. are u thinking what i'm thinking? muahaha.. anyway.. hope everyone will be able to go.. i hope i m allowed too! hehe. anyway.. we're having chicken wings.. [duh of course] marshmallows.. hmm.. n finger food! whao.. so exciting! [...] haha.. kk don be lame liaoz.. ;) hehe. 0_0" hehe. sigh why r there oni 4 ppl on this blog? pPL.. don u check mail one?? hmm.. scratches head. weird ppl. muahaha. ;) haha.. anyone gonna watch ju-on? hehe... i heard it's not bad.. like dark waters lidat.. haha. ;) hehe anyway.. coming back later... cya! :)

we're hot. 7:12 PM

Monday, June 16, 2003

yooo.....me person no 3 here...yaayyy!!!~~~woooowwiiieee...lahlahlah...goin bonkerz..dun mind me...heee....juz realised our dear capt veri the cute rite??!!!! hehe..reminds me of dose squealey excited lil kids when they go for excursions....*wink wink**nudge nudge* hahah...no offense k?? juz saying dat u veri cute...hahahehehoho...will be back..taz. ur dearest sinyu.

we're hot. 6:02 PM

Sunday, June 15, 2003

hahA.. i seem to haf lots to say today.. ;) nvm. since everybody says i tok too much.. then i shall posts my *words* here... then nobody can complain. haha. the most.. don read lorz.. hahaha.. ;) ok. i muz stop being lame. SCARLEE BECOME CRIPPLED!!! oh no!!! *shocked expression*.. we don wan that to happen, do we?? muahahaha.. ;) kk.. stop for real now.. :P i'm a nice gal. haha. naive and innocent. (well, at least that's wat i choose to think) hahaha. our camp SHO fun!!!! but... sigh.. too short.. somemore wed got chi camp.. so sad lorz.. cldn't go barker train.. haha.. don xiang wai wai.. there no shuai one.. haha (kk hui yu don bish me..) mabbe... the Sweet Handsome Adorable Understanding &Nice guy.. haha.. bud anyway.. reli veli sad. :( haha. kk.. sidetracking.. :) well.. camp was totally FUN!!! firstly.. the reason why i wrote ^trg^ the way it was.. was cos.. actually.. we din do much trg. haha.. at sum pt in time i almost forgot it was a trg!! hehe.. hilarious, isn't it? :P well.. if you enjoy sth.. u won think its a chore.. so.. ;) (mabbe i enjoy trg too much) *evil laugh*.. watever. ;) but anyway.. it was fuN! :P on the first day we had friendly with barker. haha. i totally enjoyed that. ;) not the c-ing part lahz.. but the *wedding march* part. muahaha. that was totally hilarious.. for those of you who were there.. it was a gd laugh.. for those of you who weren't... i'm not gonna say anything.. *lalalala* later i get beaten up.. sigh.. spoil my ^beautiful^ face. hahaha.. i betcha lotsa ppl r roflmao at this.. but.. sigh. haha. who cares. ;) haha.. then.. on wed nite.. we watched THE OTHERS.. haha.. it was such an enlightening experience. haha.. ;) no lah jkjk.. budden.. the expressions on their faces when they all screamed when the curtains opened were like.. priceless. haha. kk don be so mean.. but it was so fun!! haha.. then ms tay also v nice.. let us watch.. i noe of sum teachers who wouldn't like hesitate to switch off the comp in our faces.. kk.. sidetracking again.. then when we finished it was like 11.15pm. 45 MINS to June BDAE!! haha.. and june hadn't a clue what we had in store for her.. ;) *evil smirk*.. haha.. bud we were all nice people.. ;) haha. at 12 midnite rite.. then all of us sent a happy bdae msg to june.. altogether.. so fun.. then we woke her up!! haha. she quite ^dumb^ lorz.. ;) cos we were like toking among ourselves quite loudly and she jing4 ran2 FELL ASLEEP!! hahaha.. so pig rite.. then we pretended there was a fire drill.. woke her up. but it din work. sigh. cos cindy's watch was like so soft.. haha. for ants fire drill then more appropriate lahz. ;) well anywae we woke her up. haha. so fun. then kristy and me messed wif her hair. so funny!! ;) couldn't forget that part. :P haha. then...... everybody went to sleep.. oh.. n btw.. this reminds me.. CAPT SNORES!!! haha.. not v loudly lahz.. juz a fact. haha. bud.. she snored into my ears.. so it's like.. :( not v gd for me. haha. nvm.. then me and chio bu played bounce on wenting's phone.. managed to learn some new tricks.. and i BROKE the high score. so it was like.. wao.. haha. :P then.. we went zzz.. so tired already.. ;) then.. the next morn dawned. and when i say dawn, i mean dawn. i woke up at 5.15 am!!!!! sick rite?? dunno why lehz.. (but it wasn't capt's fault) haha. then capt was also awake.. so i told.. or rather informed her that she snores.. then.. we went back to sleep. haha. ;) lame manz.. :P then.. it wasn't long before we woke up. then. this time it was capt's turn to laze around. :P hahaha.. so pig. ;) bud anyway.. it was a nice nite. haha. no *ju-on* or *ju-one* or anything. muahaha. ;) then.. the sun rose.. the chickens crowed.. (tt part add for cindy one.. ;) shh..) and we woke up!! haha.. sigh. thurs. june's bdae.. and the last day of CAMP!! sigh sigh sigh.. nvm.. tian wu bu san zi yan xi.. so.. haha. that was the day we had friendly with chickens. sigh. and we ended up wearing the same shirt!! arrrgh... wat a stupid coincidence.. sigh. then there was this reli irritating sec 1 called donald. (if his mom knew he was going chicken house why name him after a duck?!?!? i so totally don geddit.. kk don be so mean.. ;) i'm a nice gal) sigh. don talk about him. wa liao.. sigh.. lets juz say he was a mei you feng du de nan ren. hahaha.. then.. pretty much nth happened.. ;) the day passed in peace.. and we broke camp. sigh. :( haha. being sentimental.. haha. bud nvm.. next yr our turn to organise camp!!! we muz make longer! jia you!.. ;)

we're hot. 9:18 PM

haha.. we juz had our badminton camp from 10-12 june.. and the last day was camp was...... junnie's bdae.. so we like. bot this reli huge (2kg) CREAM cake for her... ;) and then... hahaha.. this is the fun part. ;) sorri june but it was reli farnie. haha.. as u noe.. gals.. especially ny gals.. are FRIGHTENED to DEATH of getting fat.. so then the cake was in the shape of a human face.. (oni tt june wasn't as SWEET.. muahahaha) then the hair part was all cream. so we like pretended to scoop it off and like said it was going into the bin.. then act no 1 suspected anything.. haha.. then we SMASHED it into junie's face!!! muahaha.. so farnie.. her expression.. haha.. then she not happy lahz.. then go shove cream into capt's face also.. ;) then they both zao yang.. ;) haha.. heng i nv get splashed.. then... haha.. junnie went wash up. then i cut cake.. (me-->cake-cutter) then like i cut v nice. hahaha.... *ego*.. kk.. sidetracked already.. then.. the leftover cake.. we din noe wat to do with it.. so we haha... decided to cream someone. first it was.. *drumroll*.. chermaine!! then she kana until like.. ;) haha kk don be so bad.. then next on our list was.. pai kia. :P haha.. she din stand a chance. muahaha... she looked like some cream ghost or sth.. haha. anyway.. this is the bad part. i got INVOLVED!!! sigh.. all that sylvia's fault.. come running to the toilet.. sigh.. then.. i got cream (thankfully) on my hands.. but none on my face.. so i was quite lucky. haha.. ;) but all in all.. V FUN!!! for all those out there who hasn't tried this before.. eggs do pretty well too.. *evil laugh*.. haha...

we're hot. 8:47 PM

haha.. capt has gone mad. haha. mabbe she has turned into a cow. *evil laugh*.. well.. muahahaha... mabbe she took a leaf out of cindy's book. ;)

we're hot. 12:03 PM

bwahahahahha. okay nvm thats lame. ehhh... bleah. go kazaa search 'couch potato' by weird al. parody of lose yourself by eminem. funny. eminem didnt give him permission to release the mtv coz the original song was bout smth too serious to him. lol. anyways im trying to find it. yay! i rule!!

zwingie pie.

we're hot. 11:53 AM

hi! my first post on any blog. i rule!!! bwahahaha.

we're hot. 11:39 AM

Saturday, June 14, 2003

ok.. haha i think i better lay the foundation for this blog.. haha ;) sound so CHEEM rite? got it from dunno where from anne frank's diary.. THANK YOU FOR E INSPIRATION! ;) haha. kk stop being lame. well we're NYBTERS.. and if u dunno what's that.. that's what i'm here for. muaha.. *palindromes*.. kk wat rubbish. well.. hmm.. *bites lower lip*. where to start? ok.. better start with our coach. MR WEE!! he is a great coach. a lame one at that. haha.. sorry if anyone of u out there disagree with me.. but.. haha.. ;) its my blog and not urs rite? so scram. haha :) well.. tom's fathers day. & i'm thinking of asking the others whether they wanna get a card for him or something.. show our appreciation for him. see i so nice rite? june stop laughing. haha :P well... NATS are coming!! in two wks time. haha even though i'm not gonna play.. still nervous. haha ;) weird isn't it? well.. i'm sidetracking.. anyway.. there are 9 of us in sec 2..
(1)Capt - Zwing aka Pang Sing Ying..
(2)Chio bu - Sin Yu aka Qian Ru..
(3)Councillor - Cindy Chng aka pai kia/C cube.. *haha*
(4)BBT "lover" - Hui Yu aka the ungraceful one.. haha no lah jkjk ;) don come *bish* me arhz..
(5)THE DiRtY one.. - Kristy aka the disgusting one.. ;)
(6)the KIA SI one.. - Junnie aka the POWdERFUL junnie.. :P
(7)the lazy one... - Wen Ting aka wingdings. muahaha ;)
(8)eUnicE.. - muz come for more trgs!! haha aka yew qin?! haha
& of course.. there's
(9)ME!!!.. - Wai Yee aka huiyi/aye/hawaii. muahaha. ;)

well that's about all for our names.. haha. can't think of what to say now..
well.. shall end off.. saying.. NYBT ROX!

we're hot. 9:21 PM

hello people.. me wai yee here.. ;) having a jolly *fun* time (not) trying to figure out how to use the blog. haha ;) but anyway.. what i have is time.. so i guess i'll be here a long time? anyway.. tata for now.. will be back later..

we're hot. 8:30 PM


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